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Metabones lens speed booster adapter, focal reducer
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  • Ok so I shot a short film with the GH3, Samyang primes and a Speed Booster. At first I received a faulty Speed Booster, but the 2nd one worked great. It feels solid and well designed, although there is a little 'play' on the camera mount side. Nothing to worry about though. It makes my lenses wider and better. There is some purple fringing though at low light shots when pointing at a light source, but this is only at very large apertures. The lenses are perfectly usable at high apertures in 'normal' situations with the Speed Booster. It didn't hold me back while I was shooting with it, so that's great.

    To answer a previous question. The Speed Booster works great with the Samyang 16mm f2.0. It acts as an 11mm FOV and there is no vignetting! (well I do have some vignetting, but that's because I use a variable ND filter with a smaller filter thread that the one of my lens)

    Maybe you guys are interested in the short film. It's a short comedy film (5 min) and is, with a few exceptions, shot with the Speed Booster.

    Here is the link:

    Would like to hear your opinions as well :) Hope I could help. Thanks!

  • @Stab Very funny. Like the scene where dude is chilling in hot tub with girls. Well done.

  • @Stab Really liked the short. Well done.

  • @gameb : I'm in Germany and I bought it directly. You'll have to pay some custom plus VAT, but it's worth every cent.

  • Just received my nikon to mft speedbooster.. It says to turn the aperture ring to 8 when attaching ring only goes up to 7?

  • Mine goes to 11.

  • Great film..

  • @itimjim I had to loosen the screw and rotate the rear element to achieve infinity focus on my FD set. Older lenses tend to 'drift' a bit with time.

  • Thanks guys!

    I have 1 question. Still I can't wrap my head around it. How does the Speed Booster affects the depth of field? The SB is in front of the camera's sensor so we can conclude that the camera's sensor size is affected, not the lens itself, right?

    So the GH3 (with a 2.0x crop) becomes a 1.4x crop camera. And lenses mounted on it act accordingly, as if they were on an oversized s35 sensor. Still correct so far?

    Example: I have a 35mm 1.4 lens. With the Speed Booster it would act as a 24mm. But the DOF is deeper at 24mm, if I stand on the same place and nothing changes. Correct? It's only when I move close to the subject to get the same framing as I would with the 35mm as a normal adapter that my DOF becomes shallower. Simply because of the camera to subject distance.

    Is this correct? Or is the DOF of the 35mm with the speedbooster and without, exactly the same while keeping everything else the same?

  • Test shots (stills) with GH2, FD SpeedBooster and new FD 20/2.8. Pretty pleased.

    Sample from link:


  • Quite like the bokeh on this combo.


  • Anyone have a working link to the infinity focus adjustment for the speed booster? This link: seems not to be working…

    Or if someone could tell me which screw exactly I need to loosen to adjust the back focus, that would be awesome! (I think I know which one it is, but want to be sure before I start adjusting things.)


  • Here is a photo of my Minolta MD to m4/3 Speedbooster. The single arrow shows the screw you need to loosen in order to rotate the lens element as shown for adjustment.

    1) Loosen the screw. 2) Take note where the lens element is in its rotation. 3) Turn the lens element to move it closer or further from the film plane. 4) Tighten the screw. 5) Check infinity focus. 6) Repeat until happy.

    Good luck!

    1920 x 1381 - 1M
  • Great, thanks!

  • Hi, I have a question that hopefully someone here can answer.

    I own Zeiss glass, both c/y and zf mounts, and I shoot with MFT. I am keen to invest in Metabones SB, but getting two adaptors is simply too much at one go. I was talking with a friend and we ended wondering if this workaround is possible:

    Adapt all the lenses to EF mount, so C/Y to EF, and ZF to EF, and then using EF as a base mount, get an EF to mft SB (that's if Metabones has one in the first place)

    Is this a feasible solution? Can I still get focus to infinity? cheers

  • @Stab

    A SB on your Samyang does not quite give you a 11mm FOV. It's 16mm x 0.7 x crop if I am not mistaken

  • @nobbystylus could you upload same sample with vivitar lenses on SB? it would be great, I think that an extra stop on vivitar 28 f2 could improve its performance :)

  • @kazuo- I believe that would work, but the EF to m4/3 Speedbooster is still in development; has been since they announced the Speedboosters. I believe the delay has to do with figuring out (or licensing) the electronic protocols for EF or m4/3, as the adapter is supposedly going to let you use electronic EF glass as you would a native m4/3 lens (so, control aperture from body, IS, AF, body can read aperture for priority modes, info is recorded in EXIF data, etc). I wouldn't count on it coming out any time soon. Hopefully they will do a "dumb" version (no electronic contacts) if it takes too long, as that's all you need.

  • Hi guys, any reason to believe the speedbooster wouldn't work well with my Tokina 80-200mm f2.8? I haven't heard much about it's peformance with big zoom lenses.

  • I have FD and Nikon G glass. Anybody knows of a Nikon G to FD adapter that controls aperture? That way I would only need the FD speed booster and put FD adapters on my Nikons. There's a 4.5 mm difference in flange distance, but maybe that's too little to get a lever working?

  • 4.5mm is more space than a Nikon G -EOS adapter so I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. I don't think anyone has made an adapter as FD hasn't been a native mount in a long time and most wouldn't double up adapters as it increases the chances for something to be loose or out by a fraction.

  • @aldolega

    Thanks dude, that means I would still have to wait. No quick fix in the interim.

  • @kazuo - why not get a relatively cheap c/y to Nikon adapter from somewhere like fotodiox, then all your glass is a Nikon fit

  • @mrbill

    Dude sounds like a good idea except

    1. Don't all Nikon adaptors come with a lousy piece of glass. I hardly use Nikon bodies, but I have noticed friends who buy adaptors to fit manual glass onto their Nikons, all the adaptors seem to come with glass, much like the SB. I was told it's got to do with the Nikon flange or something. Unless the C/Y to Nikon adaptor does not have a piece of glass?

    2. 2 fairly thick adaptors - c/y to nikon, then nikon to nikon? Can I still get focus to infinity?