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Metabones lens speed booster adapter, focal reducer
  • This is 0.71x metabones focal reducer located in the lens adapter.



    • Magnification: 0.71x
    • Maximum input aperture: f/1.26
    • Maximum output aperture: f/0.90
    • Lens elements/groups: 4/4
    • Objective lens mounts: Canon-EF, Nikon-F (Leica-R, Contax C/Y, Contarex and Alpa planned)
    • Capabilities, Canon-EF version: Electronic iris control, AF and VR
    • Capabilities, Nikon-F version: Manual iris control of G type lenses
    • Camera mounts: Sony NEX, Micro Four Thirds, (Fuifilm X planned)
    • Length reduction (Sony NEX, version): 4.16mm
    • Length reduction (Micro Four Thirds version): 6.17mm
    • Dimensions Sony NEX version (diameter x length): 69mm x 27mm (with tripod mount removed)
    • Weight Sony NEX version: 194 grams
    • Tripod mount: Removable type with Arca Swiss compatibility

    • In reality it is EOS to E mount adapter with glass

    • Price for Canon version is about $600
    • Price for Ninon G to m43 is about $400

    See more at

    Philip Bloom made big mostly like marketing text (and it is, as it is present) full of inline advertisment (almost as text volume), as this thing will have issues anyway. So, wait and do not jump.

    You can check early topic on reducers

    744 x 541 - 67K
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  • HUGE NEWS (even with some possible issues)

    I've just mail metabones some questions on micro 4/3 version and availability, will post as soon as I have the answer.

  • So, goodbuy Fullframe cameras ?! It's about 600$ for the Sony E-mount version, which also has AF, IS and electronic aperture support.

    Sounds too good to be true !

  • I'm so glad we're nowhere near April Fools Day.

  • Autofocus function it's very limited and only works in photo mode, no video

  • @leonbeas cool, would be interesting to have an official word on MFT support! On the Metabone web page are only NEX and Fuji X (!) versions. Does the MFT system has lost the "war" or is it just easier to develop for NEX and Fuji X?

  • On that page it says:

    "Other mount combinations will follow shortly afterwards. Leica R, ALPA, Contarex, Contax C/Y and Nikon F (with aperture control for G lenses) will be supported, as will Micro 4/3 and Fuji X-mount cameras. Support for other mounts will be added in the future."

    So, what would this mean for Voightlander and Noktor lenses?

    • Voightlander 25mm F0.95 --> 18mm F0.67

    • Voightlander 17.5mm F0.95 --> 12.5mm F0.67

    • Noktor 12mm F1.6 --> 8.5mm F1.1

    Am I correct in such calculations? And what about the fish-eye effect? will it be there?or will it be rectilinear?

    hmm...but isn't $600 a bit too pricey for what it is?

  • @Alex since there is no simple electronic adapter to date for EF / MFT, yes it´s very likely it´s easier to develop for X and E mounts.

    Personally, I´d be interested to try out a high quality focal reducer/adapter for contax c/y or m42 mount..

  • @kronstadt Voigtländer and Slr magic 12mm are designed for m43. What would you adapt them to? nikon 1?

    A corrected 20mm full format lens on a m43 (gh3 / gh1 f.i) would have the same FOV as on a full format camera and be twice as bright, unless I´m mistaken. The same lens, corrected for aps-c would be half a stop brighter, roughly.

  • Only FF and 'some' APS-C lenses will work with mFT sensor. Essentially, the native projection coverage of the lens needs to be larger than than the sensor it is being reduced to.

  • @RRRR ah, I was thinking something along the lines of IF there was such an adaptor made that would go m4/3-to-m4/3 ...but then, yes there's no point. I guess it couldn't work for those particular lenses.

    So, basically this would be primarily for non-m43 lenses. But then, it would mean that you would have to choose one mount type and buy all your lenses to be of that mount type, while I have 8 lenses of 8 different mount types, each with their own adapter that never comes off. But at least this product gives a chance to BMC and GH3, which I did not even consider given their ridiculous crop factors.

  • As long as you don't mind MF, then there'll be no problem with using the mFT to EOS version (when/if it comes) and then buy an EOS > X adapter. You can still adapt a lot of glass to EOS.

  • The joy of using a m4/3 is that you are free to adapt glass of almost any mount, even obsolete ones. This metabones costs $599 each, how much must you spend to adapt an arsenal of lenses from different makers?

  • I'm not sure I got it right, if you use a 50mm FF lens on a GH3 with this adapter, the resulting focal length should be 50x2x0.71=71mm, right ?

  • @kazuo as I said above, there's a tonne of glass that can be adapted from EOS. There's only FD as the only significant omission that I can think of. So you buy one mFT to EOS, and then adapt from EOS to X.

  • @lenuisible it all depends, and it's all theoretical for now, as there isn't a mFT version yet. What's to say the mFT version won't have a stronger condenser lens?

    Either way, it will give a wider field of view at the sensor.

  • Guys, you're over thinking this. The m43 focal reducer goes right on the camera, giving you a slightly more protruding m43 pie hole than before to which you mount all the cheap Chinese adapters and MF lenses you ready have. I am intrigued by this adapter but the miracle cure tone of the early blog PR gives me pause.

  • @Shaveblog that's not how it works at all. A slightly more protruding m43 mount would totally screw the flange distance and ability to focus accurately and to infinity.

  • @Kronstadt: "But at least this product gives a chance to BMC and GH3, which I did not even consider given their ridiculous crop factors."

    It won't change their "ridiculous crop factors", it will just let them use FF lenses with a wider angle, faster f: stop and, theoretically, better IQ...

  • @Paddy . Being pedantic does not signify, theoretically, a better IQ. Those who read it the way I wrote, understood what was being meant. Those who didn't, theoretically, need to have their IQ checked.

  • This is a good news, hope the will make a Nikon to m4/3 adapter too ...

  • @Kronstadt: By "a better IQ" I meant "a better image quality" since, "theoretically" by basic laws of optics, the original lens definition and aberrations (coma, astigmatism, etc) will also benefit from this x0.7 image size reduction

  • cool, would be interesting to have an official word on MFT support! On the Metabone web page are only NEX and Fuji X (!) versions.

    Check PDF on the first post. They have MFT info in it.

  • If a 0.71x wide angle is possible then it is theoretically possible to make a 1.33x Anamorphic using similar technology

  • This is very interesting, it makes me think of DOF adapters for camcorders :-) Off course the optics used here is different story. Anyway I'm very excited ...