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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • cjdincer i am not sure but i figure its just a simple as matching the original format and codec that the camera reads but iam not a expert in that field

  • Another short comedy, shot with T7 thank you guys the best camera community!

    Still needs a lot of editing and there are huge scenes missing but great patch all together

  • - with the wonderful GH2. Shot using moon T7. Thanks @driftwood !

  • @studio2010 I have one for 2.35:1 Just put the file on your card and go to the picture viewer on the gh2. Just make sure you don't have any files with the same name.

    4976 x 2800 - 264K
  • @cbm3222 i tried that way before but it didnt work but will try again

  • Make sure you put it in the DCIM folder with the other pictures

  • @pchristoph that looks amazing!!really like the grading..

  • Hey guys;

    Here's another music video I worked on... once again using the DREWnet T9 hack. Unfortunately for this one I bunged one of the settings for 60p (for some reason it didn't come out 60p at all, and it was very low bitrate) and so the fight footage is a tad... yuck, quality wise. Still, this is a fun video... and if you like your metal you'll like this!

  • @pchristoph congrats! great work. if you can give us some info, most appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

  • opps I didn't see the other topic, The Beach.

  • @studio2010,

    What you have to do is take a picture on the GH2. The file name will be named something like _1050386

    Make sure the 2.35 jpeg is in the sub folder within DCIM (eg the sub folder will be named 105_PANA). Then make sure you name the 2.35 jpg as _1050387 for example. Then it'll show up on playback. I Just tried this and at first I couldn't see the 2.35 jpeg because naturally I named it "2.35.jpg". Once I did what I've just outlined, it showed up.

    Many thanks @cbm3222!

  • @cbm32221 it works just hand to change the file name thanks

  • @davjd I know you already got a god answer from @BurnetRhoades, so let me just weigh in with a couple additional thoughts on this.

    • Don't worry about the color differences from the different matrices in some of the hacks. They are generally subtle, if even present at all. One rare exception to this would be CM Night - there you might notice a bit of difference, depending on the colors in what you shot. Either way, I definitely do not think it would be worth it for the FilmConvert guys to do an additional set for the hacks.
    • Do you tend to use the FilmConvert profiles with additional grading and are you mixing footage from multiple cameras? If you are mixing from multiple cameras, then "exact" accuracy may become more important, but if you are shooting everything with the same camera, in the same way, then biggest question is how to set it up to get the look you like. I often grade the FilmConvert footage after the fact so I'm not especially worried about getting it contrasty right out of FilmConvert.

    @tihon If you look at the examples shot with RED vs the FilmConvert version on their site, you'll see that they tend to desaturate the reds a bit, among other changes. If we look at skintones (especially pre "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" digital grading) for film vs. digital footage, this makes a certain amount of sense.

    But for me personally, I shot almost all of my FilmConvert footage with -2, -2, -2, -2 and liked the results. Part of the reason is that the GH2 has a fairly limited dynamic range. The second is because I exposed the scene with grading in mind. Whenever I apply FilmConvert (or other film emulation products) I've noticed that my shadows tend to move down a few shades or go higher contrast (depending on how you look at it). Thus I tend to do my original exposure based around three questions: 1) How much detail do i need to preserve in the shadows? 2) Have I avoided over-exposing the face to the point where I lose color? 3) Are any areas clipping in an unintended fashion?

    With the GH2 you want to shoot as bright as you can without creating problems (such as clipping or losing color) and then bring it back in post. When using this approach, noise levels are minimized because you get the most noise in underexposed areas. This especially helps skintones seem smoother in the shadows, for instance. When you shoot using this approach, it will generally look slightly washed out during shooting, so histograms and and indicators are your friend - just make sure to avoid clipping.

    Now I don't have FilmConvert in front of me at the moment, but I seem to remember there's an exposure control in at least some of the user interfaces for it. I would try messing with that before you mess with anything else.

  • Yes, there's exposure, color temperature and an analog for the LEVELS corrector effect, with black, mid and white point controls plus RGB histogram.

    They've since added a tri-wheel corrector and are trying to position the tool as a full-blown correction tool, at least for primary/tech passes, giving all of the controls at the plug-in level that their standalone has, with improved GPU acceleration. Their standalone, while impressively fast, isn't really ready for the job they're wanting it to do, IMO.

    It should also be appreciated that their conversion tables are based on ideal exposure so importing footage that may or may not be at this reference will mean it's definitely not a fire-and-forget plugin. It makes me also wonder if they offset the exposure for their GH2 reference to reflect 18% gray not registering as 50% on the GH2's meter. One would think so.

  • gf3&gh2 drewnet t9 part 1

    for my grandmother,To commemorate the dead relatives, love of memory . 心=heart.

  • Related to @studio2010's post about crop marks, is there any way to get the vertical manual guide line to switch to horizontal? I imagine it would be somewhere in the firmware, just not sure if it's actually possible.

  • @powderbanks I would like to know as well. Having those two horizontal lines would be much more ideal than the tape that's on my screen. Probably nothing a little tinkering around in the firmware couldn't fix.

  • Yesterday run a quick test BMPC, GH2 using moon T7

  • *** Driftwood News ***

    Hi guys, been very busy of late. Lots of film/editing work. Some great looking footage I see above. Congrats to all.

    Just like to mention, moon T8 is under development. For improved reliability for 50i/60i/HBR & 80% modes plus improved 720p60. More news soon.


  • moon T8 Lol! :-))

  • "in other words pleassse be true" :)

  • Here is our entry into the 2013 "Down to the Wire" 24 Hour Film Race in Wichita KS. We used Moon T7 on the shoot. We placed in the Top Ten - and screened at the TallGrass Film Festival!

    The required elements for the Competition were:
    Theme: Stolen Identity
    Prop: Car Radio
    Action: Slap
    Dialog: "You can't stand up in a Cadillac either."
    Camera: GH2 - Driftwood Moon T7
    Lens: Roknon 35mm f1.4, Rokinon 85mm f1.4, Rokinon 14mm.
    Grading: After Effects, ColorGhear

  • Shot on Moon 7 the entire thing.

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