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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • @MRfanny Yep, it does indeed. One of my more expensive lens caps at $49 -- although it's only $39 at B&H for the next week.


  • Just got an email notification from B&H: THE BMCC MFT is in stock! Wow, now the soccer moms who were hoping to get a Scarlet, before the price went up, can walk into B&H and come out shooting RAW! But seriously, this is big news that BMD is delivering in quantity!

    Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 2.40.00 PM.png
    724 x 1069 - 244K
  • @CFreak mine is arriving tomorrow morning here in LA. Very exciting! Anyone have a MetaBones Speed Booster they have tried out on the BMCC yet?

  • @collierlandry I haven't heard of anyone here with one. I know Kholi has had a MFT version for a bit now but he doesn't have an adapter.

  • There is some BMCC MFT Nikon Speed Booster footage in the Nikon G Speed Booster thread.

  • @collierlandry Here's a quick test with my BMCC MFT and Speed Booster with a variety of Nikon lenses.

  • Seriously good this

  • Having fun with my BMCC MFT camera. Using the Voigtlander f0.95 25mm lens.

  • Wetpixel member Peter Mooney showing off the new Nauticam housing for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in Sydney.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I just got an email from Grant Petty stating that the BMCC (EF and MFT) price has changed to $1995 from today.

    Maybe the topic title could be changed!!

    Snippet from Email:

    Blackmagic Cinema Camera Price Reduction

    We have worked very hard over the last year to be able to build the Blackmagic Cinema Camera at a lower cost so we can reduce the price and allow access to digital filming to a wide range of cinematographers and photographers.

    We have done it and from today the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT models will be reduced in price to US$1,995. This is very exciting and is one of the proudest moments of my life to be able to do this!

    I think people will be able to use the savings to invest in some exciting lenses and rigs to really boost the creative possibilities. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is a fantastic design that's now well proven. The advantage of the 2.5K sensor is it has enough resolution to eliminate the bayer resolution loss of a HD sensor, but when shooting RAW it produces files that are too not to big to store and work with easily. It's a fantastic solution.

    All orders placed that have not yet been filled, can be reduced to the new lower price.

  • price reduction by BMD to USD 1995,-

    today's email by Grant Petty :

    We have done it and from today the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF and MFT models will be reduced in price to US$1,995. This is very exciting and is one of the proudest moments of my life to be able to do this!

  • From the same email -

    There are some new features in the software for the Pocket Cinema Camera. You can now focus by pushing the focus button when using an active MFT lens. This makes it very easy to accurately focus. The focus peaking feature is still there and you enable it by double pressing the focus button. The focus zoom feature is enabled by double pressing the OK button.

    There will be an update for the 2.5K Blackmagic Cinema Camera soon that will also add these features, plus new de-bayer processing that will improve the cameras sharpness when shooting non RAW files.

  • That is a crazy price reduction! I think if you can now get a BMCC MFT easily that will reduce a lot people's cares about the BMPCC being on time (which I think it is kinda on time, but the question now is.... at what volume?).

    I personally would still go for the BMPCC, the greater crop factor and less resolution isn't such a big deal.

  • This is brutal. I am anxious to get a cam in my hands. I have the BMCPC on order, but the thought of having the MFT mount for $1995 (NOW HALF THE PRICE) is almost more than I can handle. Especially, thinking of having it next week! First world problems...

    I can only imagine the teeth gnashing of the people that have already gotten their MFT & EF mounts...

  • Wow this is great news. This actually makes the Bmmc cheaper for me than the pocket when factoring in getting wider lenses and what not.

  • Ordered. Didn't even have to thing about it. Adorama gives you better handles than B&H plus a free copy of Sony Vegas Pro Suite or something like that.

  • Ordered. Adorama's $1995 package overnight. Thanks for the tip!

    I haven't felt this good about buying a camera since my last Arri. I'm so tired of fiddling with DSLR's. To me, this is the only company right now that "gets it." The only company that seems to give two cents about my business reality and profitability. I'm kicking myself for not buying it sooner now. It was a bargain at $2995. (But at this price, it's like dating a stripper! Not a long term solution, but its going to be fun and exciting next year!)

    Damn. I wanna go shoot something now! I haven't felt like that in a while!

  • I've never seen a group of people as angry about someone lowering the price on a product as on the BMC forums today. Some of the people are acting like Grant Petty personally walked into their house and took a big steaming dump in the middle of the living room floor. I'm pretty excited, myself. 2.5k for under $2k is nothing short of amazing.

  • That's because you are not in their shoes. Imagine that you get your bmcc tomorrow for 2k and the price drops to $1000 the next month. I think you'll most likely join the complaining chorus. Btw, I think this is not a good time to invest in professional video camera if you're a hobbyist on a budget. The tech is just moving too fast and your investment depecriates quickly. It's better to get a HDSLR like the 5Dm3 and shoot beautiful videos while observing the technology race in the video scene and waiting for the techs to stabilize.

  • So has anyone had one ship at this new price? I ordered one first thing this morning from Adorama next day air and haven't heard anything? Bueller?

  • @Vicharris

    Hot Rod Cameras has a hand full of MFTs in stock, in Hollywood FYI.

  • @kholi Thanks man. Good to know. Wishing to save some sales tax to put towards ssd's but maybe this is a safer bet.

  • It's tech. It always moves fast and depreciates quickly. Those "good old days" of classic gear are never coming back. Unless you are into dusting museum pieces for a living.

    If you are connected and skilled, you can use this stuff everyday for money, and it's an absolute money machine. If you want to build your skills, for the price, this technology is a lot cheaper step than years at USC or NYU. If you only shoot three or four projects a year, then nothing here is a good investment. If you want a good investment to sit on, buy bonds.

  • BM dealers in LA have them in stock at the new price today.

    I just saw the post here and ordered the far better deal at Adorama. I called and they confirmed BMCC EF units in stock Friday morning, $1,995.