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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Thanks for your explanation. Tomorrow I will post a shot with moon T7.

  • @driftwood another thought on my motion problem may have come from not using the latest version of ptools, as you mentioned above.

    just ran across this, This didn't appear while shooting, but playback on computer revealed this...once again this is from a setting with old version of ptools

    1/50 extel

    vlc is giving a strobe effect, YouTube and Win media player do not, when I get a free minute I will upload the original clip and let you try in VLC

  • @driftwood You are absolutely right the DREWnet T9 720p is gorgeous. Also 24p is superb. Unbelievable in fact. And this with Panny lenses. My question - the HBR mode is rather soft and in comparison lacks much of the zing of 720p and 24p. Looking at the description it seems quite low in the bitrate department. Is there another setting that has the same gorgeous 720p and a better HBR. I have project where I need to shoot 720p for sports footage and player greenscreen at a higher res. I am thinking I will probably shoot 720 on it's side anyway but it would be nice to have the extra res that 1920x1080 image size would give especially when the camera is one it's side, giving a height of 1920.

  • Moon T7 test, hope you like.

  • @puru THAT was with a 14-42???

    what are some of the settings?

  • @driftwood Just tried DREWnet T9 on GH2 and hardly saw any artefact in debloking. Amazing work!! I also tested it on GX1 and everything works perfectly. Do you have any fine-tuning suggestion using DREWnet T9 on GX1 (or G3)? Does GX1 use Intra 8x8? Could we replace the 1080i settings by 24p ones for GX1?

    Anyway, you are brilliant!

    @rsquires I looked into DREWnet T9 and found that 1080i(or HBR) uses the same scaling matirces as 720p does. In principle both modes should provide improvement equally.


  • @driftwood Thank you for Moon T7 24frames setting, It works great amazing details, footage can be pushed well in grading. grades like almost RAW. finally GH2 is getting digital film standard.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup Settings: Moon T7 sete, ISO160, 1/125, -2-2-2-2 Smooth, 24H & 720p60

  • @driftwood - The AQ parameter was developed before the custom matrices were, so at the beginning it was the best way to affect quantization as the AQ parameter automatically takes bitrate into consideration..

    Basically, you can accomplish the same result by modifying matrices that AQ does - but with more control (and more work as well), so it's a more precise way to do it. I assume that's the conclusion you came to - right?

  • @cbrandin Yes. And the AQ routine is still very good - don't get me wrong. But the ball is still out on the exact role of Quantizer for 720 modes and what it is doing. Here, in these settings note, it is set to 30. Initial; is set to 30. 1080 quantizer is set to =3. Whether 1080 quantizer is controlling 720 modes (which it looks like it is under these settings) is a question you could look into. But it only works with B frames switched on. With 720 on i/p only (encoder setting 1 = 2) the theory goes to mush. So maybe Quantizer for 720 modes is actually something to do with B frames. Incidentally, the matrices are based on Canon 5DIII's unused hidden matrices from its firmware.

  • @maya 8bit doesn't even grade like 10bit, so how does 8bit grade almost like RAW? I know what you are trying to say and it's more or less possibly even sarcasm, but we do need to keep things realistic to some degree.
    Has driftwood made the gh2 quite possibly the best 8bit camera (the ML canon stuff doesn't count)...I would say so, or its a damn close call. c300 and c100 also should not count in this contest lol Canon knows for a fact those cameras should have been 10 bit, or they just assumed everyone would use an external recorder/monitor anyways

  • @Maya "finally GH2 is getting digital film standard."

    Right? I continue to be impressed by the footage coming out of my little $600 camera. I've never seen any of my footage look so much like film, especially with Film Convert added. I'm loving being able to 'shoot on Vision 3 film stock'.

  • Hi, I have been following for awhile now.. am an amateur as just started out a year ago and have been a fan of Quantum V9b, then Sedna slapped me round the face and now Moon T7 has knocked me out mate!! Just amazing, congrats to you @driftwood ...what work and research.. T7 is just what i've hoped to happen. Thanks Nick.

  • My sleep is never quite so splendid as when it is preceded by the stellar footage of someone's lusciously detailed backyard shot hand-held and in semi-focus on Driftwood's quasi-RAW settings... zzzzzZZZZZ

  • @lovefilm82 what lens u used and what was the profile?? footage looks good,..

  • @driftwood what about Moon T7 does it performs over 5D mark III ?? (i dont have a Mark III to compare footage thats why i am asking this)

  • @driftwood Moon T7 SetD is it really 24 frames? see screenshots here its 23.976 only. i cant get 24 frames output out of it. when i tried the audio was muted more over every software i tried in this process showed it in a different way. please let me know what i should do to keep it always in 24frames from camera to conversion to fcp.

    after convertion.jpg
    1390 x 1440 - 441K
    Before Conversion.jpg
    2560 x 1440 - 825K
    while converting.jpg
    2560 x 1440 - 1M
  • @Maya

    what about Moon T7 does it performs over 5D mark III ?? (i dont have a Mark III to compare footage thats why i am asking this)<

    I appreciate and empathize with you on your enthusiasm about the Moon T-7 patch, but I think you are going little overboard. The 5D Mark III with ML is a full frame camera that is basically shooting raw! There is plenty of footage on Vimeo that will illustrate just how good it is. I apologize if I am coming off the wrong way but I really don't think that it is fair comparison.

  • @driftwood what is idynamics and how it helps in low mode on 24p?? what about iR mode??

  • No. No. No. We're talking about the h264 codec in the 5DMKIII. Guys rest assured the GH2 encoder is much better than the Canon 5DMKIII (and other Canons) and with the Cluster X settings even better. Magic Lantern RAW is an entirely different thing. I am currently looking into ways of improving the 5DMKIII h264 - just needs different approach.

  • @azo If you look at the Canon 5DIII raw footage it still looks not good. Hate that reddish tone on Canon cameras. And you are right, there is no point comparing these to camera because they are in two different worlds.

  • I disagree, ML RAW when handled correctly (workflow thru ACR/After Effects and straight out export ) is very good. Its the DNG import implementation in Davinci Resolve that is not 100% compatible with Canon ML RAW reading incorrectly. There are numerous RAW2DNG / RAWmagic / other apps appearing which is improving the debayer. Indeed, the ML fellas are busy writing their own MLR wrapper.

  • The news from GOP3 expert, Katsu, AKA @bkmcwd is that 'Spizz T6' is beginning to look really sweet :-) Can't wait for his final setting.

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