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What is your favourite music?
  • Tell us.

    Just note that widely known pop groups/divas does not count.

    I'll start from

    • Apocalyptica
    • Lacrimosa
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    • José Gonzalez
    • M83
    • Wulyf
    • Xxyyxx
    • Mum
    • Aphextwin
    • Apparat
    • Menahan street band
    • The notwist

    And Many others ill complète later enjoy if you didnt know any or some!!! Love

  • I've been listening to Bach lately, some Vivaldi, some Biber (Heinrich, not Justin), Buxtehude and some 17th c. Scottish music for lute. The Buxtehude has a very special, personal style. The Biber has this amazing texture with contrasts between the strings and trumpet. The Vivaldi is half display, half serious composition which is a nice blend if you like a more shredding style, and the Bach is complex music at its best.

  • There is definitely no favorite, but today I've been listening to:

    Toru Takemitsu: How Slow the Wind for orchestra. Here is a live version with some very cool projected video work:

    Mr. Bungle: Retrovertigo from the Album California:

    Olivier Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time (mvmt. 5)

  • I'm hardly a classical aficionado, but this movement from Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 knocks me flat every time:

    And for something a little more contemporary (and experimental), here's an epic orchestral rock song that really caught my attention and became my favorite song of 2012:

  • Frank Zappa, in my lifetime so far! I think some of his work on his first album is even more relevant today than it was in 1966.

  • Zappa on Saturday Night Live, years ago. Epic.

  • Led Zeppelin (especially live)

    Rufus Wainwright, Beethoven is my favorite but a bunch of Classical too.

  • Wow - tough question. I like classical, rock, pop, rap, r&b, and techno. In each of those categories I have a ton of stuff I like so couldn't pick a favorite. The exception is for techno where I think Orbital is a clear favorite of mine. Check out their album Snivilization.

  • Bob Wills - at his best in "For The Last Time" without his original Texas Playboys

    Georges Moustaki (RIP) 1934-2013

  • Just few things that strike my mind first.

    • Bark Psychosis - album Hex from 1994
    • Jonny Greenwood (from radiohead) Bodysong soundtrack. Masterpiece.
  • @OSGondar mate this band was sooo good, but it ain't live. The camera work and audio is too too good to be live. (Aren't we lucky that James Page from Epson didn't study biology !!) The camera flahes and portable cameraman are props. Just sayin. Cheers.

  • My two favorites itm:

  • @Haberdasher lol that's ridiculously silly and i am shocked you think that. Where do i begin with this crap? A band that does their BEST WORK live, you put in question the live stuff. lol. IT sounds great because it was professionally filmed and recorded. First of all from the same concert :

    at ten seconds you see robert clapping with the crowd in the same shot! not cutting to the crowd. How in the world do you think this is fake? cause it sounds good?

    "The Historic show at the Royal Albert Hall, professionally recorded and filmed but shelved for several decades. Released on the 2003 official dvd." Just want to throw in... I own / owned many of the bootlegs that made that very dvd! and a ton that didn't. This DVD: It was a big deal he was going to master and release much of the best bootlegs being traded and passed around. I bet you are a studio fan, which is a damn shame. They are a live act, their best stuff is live. At least realize a lot of the bootlegs sound amazing, right off the soundboard. So this was one was remastered for the dvd, sure, so the quality is a bit better than straight soundboard but Its recorded form the soundboard just like any live show i filmed myself. Which is what most bands would mix for the video etc.

    They were at Royal Albert hall for a number of days. Another track from this show "i cant quit you" but from a different night, well before this dvd came out made it on to CODA. Their last album with all living members.

    I m starting to LOVE your opinion. Its too good, this cant be real. Brilliant =) At first i was shocked you don't know a live acts, live stuff. Studio albums they made are great but they are a live act. Collect some bootlegs, especially in LOSSLESS FLAC quality, their best work is live. Some of them are damn pristine.

    When Jimmy page started releasing some of the best bootlegs i hoped the following would make the list, it sounds amazing so it would not have needed much work to get it to release standards. Either live film or video or just on the cd. As long as i have you it starts at two minutes and goes on for 18min just hear the first bit if anything:

    keep in mind i have it in FLAC and sounds much clearer than the youtube crap. It never made it to any album not even the bootleg remastering dvd, or accompanying live cds "how the west was one" . A shame, easily one of my favorite things they have done live. Since he is remastering stuff again, i hope it makes the list this time!

    Check it out! The double disk dvd

    DVD 1: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1970) (you just saw i cant quit you above and if you have the album CODA you heard one or two tracks from this show already.) 1969 - 3 titles from Danish Television (31 min Stereo) 1969 - "Communication Breakdown" Promo - Paris (9 min Stereo) 1969 - "Dazed And Confused" - Supershow (7 min Stereo)

    DVD 2: 1972 - Immigrant Song - Splodge Edit Live (4 min)

    1973 - Madison Square Garden - New York (24mn) - 4 titles not included in the film "The Song Remains The Same" <--- The first official live dvd not every track made it. So its nice to see they made the bootleg collection

    1975 - Earl's Court - London 49 min - 6 titles <--- THIS is a damn shame. I have the 3 hour DVD of this one. Had hoped for the whole thing getting remastered.

    1979 - Knebworth - Angleterre 52 min - 7 titles 1970 - NBC interview with the band (mono) 1972 - Rock N' Roll + interviews from Australian Television (4 min Stereo) 1975 - Interview with Robert Plant - BBC Old Grey Whistle (4 min Stereo) 2 clips : "Over The Hills" and "Travelling Riverside Blues" (4 min)

    They baked some old tapes and all sorts of things to save the not so great bootlegs. However the song you put in question, that bootleg always looked and sounded amazing.

    READ THIS: It seems that Jimmy page is up to it again remastering bootlegs for official release. Again i hope my favorite track makes it!! but if you heard it yourself "as long as i have you" it already sounds great. It could have been on how the west was won and i wouldn't care if he didn't touched it up or fix it at all. I would have discovered it a year sooner at least.

    There. Stop being ridiculous. Either you are trolling me are REALLY off base for a zep fan.

  • I never expected to fall in love with Hawaiian music, but one slack key vamp did me in.

    Now I travel to O`ahu at least once a year and provide a home away from home when the guys tour northern California.

    Ledward Kaapana and Mike Kaawa:

    Me and Ledward hiking the hills behind my house:


  • Ok, I'll try to name one favorite band per letter in the alphabet, to not exceed the posting size limits: :-)

    • 16 bit
    • Apoptygma Berzerk
    • B-Zet
    • Corvus Corax
    • Dead Can Dance
    • Extrabreit
    • Front 242
    • Goldfrapp
    • Hallucinogen
    • In Extremo
    • Jean-Michel Jarre
    • Kraftwerk
    • Leftfield
    • Mesh
    • Nitzer Ebb
    • Oldfield, Mike
    • Propaganda
    • Qntal
    • Rabenschrey
    • Strassenjungs
    • Theatre of Tragedy
    • Unknown Territory
    • Valravn
    • Wolfsheim
    • X-Agenten
    • Yello
    • Zeltinger
  • @OSGondar after looking at the clip a couple of more times, I'm still confidant that this song "Can't quit you babe was performed to an empty house". At approx 1min 25, 2min16, and very close to the end when the camera pans off I don't see any audience. If I'm wrong I stand corrected and apologise.

  • @Haberdasher That is ok, you are entitled to your opinion. However... What you are suggesting is that they edited in clapping during the awesome solo or towards the end of that song.. lol. Its not an empty house, only early in the show. Second song. That's one of their most famous performances and is released in its entirety from beginning to end, approx 1h 42min. It was certainly a full house just not by the stage area for that song yet. I cant quit you is only the second song of the entire show. I promise the clapping is real and not an empty house. The legendary show to an empty house? lol. come on.

    It simply wasn't as crowded by the stage for the second song of the nearly 2 hour set. This is a huge dome with over 5200 seats. Consider a huge dome with only the stage lit for that song. That is why you don't see anything else, the stage isn't crowded yet and nothing but the band is lit. "bring it on home" shows a clear crowd but then again there are a ton of spot lights on the audience for that one and is much later. However it got crowded at the stage just a few songs in. Then there is the issue of a filler shot here and there while someone changes the roll of film. None the less a great full concert has been remastered and made available, watch the full thing!

  • Hi guys, very nice music in here :D
    At the risk of sounding pedantic, without a doubt, the music I enjoy more is the one my friends play (sometimes I can even contribute with some noise). Among them Andre Tasso the one person I personally know which loves music widely and wildly - here's some test with did together. :P He has no records, yet, and he's very lazy and kinda sluggish to upload stuff. here's some sample... though he is lightyears away from the time we recorded this

    Then I like live music from people I've known for long time, case of crazy Donatello, Francesco, 30, Miguellangelo & Benjamin

    Then there's the other{s} music :P
    This is the latest song I was pierced by; of course the effect was vastly multiplied by substances, exhaustion and most importantly FRIENDS!
    Alexi Murdoch's The Light (Her Hands Were Leaves)

    also liked this video with his soundtrack


  • I like the following.

    • Deadmau5
    • Skrillex
    • Bassnectar
    • Flux Pavilion

    Ironically my dad always said that my kids would hate the music I listened to. The four artists above are from both mine and my son's playlist. We like the exact same thing.

    How many other parents out there listen to the same thing as their kids?

  • Songs I love right now:

  • I listen to a variety of music, but my favorite styles are classic, jazz, rock, progressive rock, nueva trova.

    I love Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Rush, Tool, Led Zeppelin, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Bela Fleck, Spyro Gyra, Serrat, Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes, Joaquin Sabina Fito Paez, The Cure, Tear for Fears, The Police. Stone Temple Pilots, Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Bob Dylan and anothers.