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  • @rockroadpix Any of those dates are OK, but as I am in the process of moving, I can't say for sure until a few days before.

  • Alienhead:

    I would like to meet GH2 and GH3 and others users in NYC too. And an extended version of the meeting in progress, I would propose a meeting with an agenda that would include:

    • An indoor location to share a live screening of the attending users' works. Who doesn't want to see his/her work on a big screen?
    • To share the stories of the making and behind the scenes of their on-screen footage.
    • To have a warm feedback from the attendees.
    • First hand interchange of experience with gear, including lenses, adapters, etc.
    • Experience with different types of patches depending on the genre being filmed.
    • To open the door for local collaboration
    • As Alienhead has said, "to open possibly temporarily exchange of equipment or rent from to make the most of resources." which in NYC has been impossible for me to find a rental facility that rents the GH2 ether GH3. However, I rent them from LensRental, outside NY.

    Others subjects can be added to the above list.

    For the occasion Jeremy, another GH2 user can provide the location, and we will share responsibility providing the below equipment list:

    • A Blu-ray player
    • A 39 feet wide screen or a 72" (5.8 feet wide).
    • A 720p projector, available now, or to rent a 1080p for the occasion for those with 1080p footage. It would be better if one of the attendee can provide the 1080p one to avoid the rent.

    The date can be accommodated depending on the numbers of people, time and studio schedule.

    Location is in Broxville, NY. Easy access through Metro North from Manhattan or upstate NY. Address and direction by car and other public transportation would be provided as a follow up accordingly with users interest.

    Best regards,

    Willian Aleman

  • Guys, you can always make survey about date at , it is easy.

  • I'm a GH2 user and would love to attend a meeting of GH2 & GH3 users. I'm out of town the weekend of July 6,7. I could attend a meeting on June 29th or 30th or later weekends in July. If unable to attend first meeting would love to attend in the future. I've a loft in the East village that might serve as a future meeting place but no large screen for viewing or a projector. No air conditioning in the main space but good cross ventilation if not too hot.

  • I would like to came, and Union Square could be a great place, as it was mention, lot's of places for food and Coffee, including the Whole Food Market that is right there.

  • @OSGondar, I'm good first weekend in July, at the moment.

  • I would love to go, but I will be shooting (with my GH2 Sanity 5.1) for my documentary about tabletop board game design

  • I cant do the first weekend in July. Ill be in Ohio for two gigs maybe a third. The third weekend in July I am free but understand majority rule.

  • @rockroadpix been real busy that's why you didn't hear from me. 7/7 sounds good to me I'm there for the NYC meet-up.

  • @rockroadpix thanks for the mention. Was not aware about this. i'm down to attend... you guys come with a date and i'll be there (if i'm not working of course)

  • Once you guys have a firm date, if I can make up from Philly I will.

  • I can make either 6/30, 7/6 or 7/8. Also, if you meet during the M-Sat schedule, the Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza has a great meeting space that comfortably holds up to 30 people and has a huge projection screen that you can hook up a laptop to with access to the internet. You'd have to reserve it in advance & make the meeting open to the public but hopefully that's OK. Contact: Info Commons (718) 230-2491

  • Also, it's pretty confusing which dates are working for people. If the lead organizer wants to set up a survey on Doodle ( ) no one needs to register to weigh in on what days work for them. The organizer just needs to propose several days/times and post the URL so that anyone who wants to attend just lists which days they can make it. It's super simple.

  • I can make the NYC meeting the first wkend of July 7/6 or 7/7. I'd really like to meet other GH2 users (esp Mac based ones) before July 10 when I head out to India.

  • Hey All,

    If this is tomorrow, 7/6, then I can make it for a bit. Anyone still in?

  • I'd have to leave by 4pm but I think i could make it. Presumably to Union Square, not even that got nailed down. We could meet in the eating area of whole foods since it's air conditioned?

  • @all Hey guys so please sound off! I vote Sunday at Union Square steps
    @alienhead has to leave by 4 so i say we meet as early as 2pm

    Who else is coming?

  • Sunday would be better actually, but I don't want to dilute our sudden momentum...

  • I think sunday is better too, i am free for the afternoon, Who else can make it?

  • I'm in for Saturday midday but leaving for several weeks on Sunday. I'll check tomorrow a.m. and if I miss you all, let's try to exchange contact info and be in touch. Happy to have folks to my Brooklyn backyard for beers in August.

    • Nic / Dancing Camera
  • @OSGondar

    Does it resulted in something definitive? I mean data, tima and place.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Yes =) !
    Would you like the details?

  • @OSGondar

    It seems like you changed post.
    It is public forum and public event, so not only I want all details in most acessible form.
    Check PM.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev sorry ok im about to update the info, i just remember you told me to make private pm to attending members so i stopped posting here and we talked in inbox.

  • i just remember you told me to make private pm to attending members so i stopped posting here and we talked in inbox.

    I mean to PM them as not all are tracking topic :-) And all will get email from PM.