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  • @bkmcwd Hey! Sorry it took me so long. Got a bit of time to mess around with Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO3 BETA2 setting and it was spanning in HBR mode no problem. The only occasion when it has stopped recording was when the battery ran out of juice. But I guess no patch can prevent that :-) I recorded about 145 minutes of non-stop footage (~59GB) before the battery died. I was using DREWnet before but the only problem I had with it was that it would stop spanning in HBR mode at random points: could be after an hour, could be after 20 minutes or so. I know Valkyrie 444 and Spizz are similar settings but different from what DREWnet is, but my priorities would be: reliability/spanning, then quality, and then file size. Thank you!

  • @driftwood First spanning test of 'REDshift' Version 1b in HBR25p mode and it stopped recording after 46m22s. (SD 64GB 95MB/s card) Update: Second recording stopped after 31m17s

  • I shot this promo for an up an coming artist and her label with the moon 5 hack. Unfortunately I used smooth instead of nostalgic, but I now know the perfect settings for low light.

  • @Gardner So are you saying that Nostalgic is best for low light shooting? If so how?

  • Do the test in a low lit area, switch between smooth and nostalgic at iso 800. Nostalgic has a slight warmer look but gives you a little bit more exposure in the shadows.

  • Was recording a live band with multiple cameras and with Drewnet v8 I also experienced skipped frames when spanning at 24p. Using a sandisk 64gb 95MB/s card.

  • You know that you have to merge the MTS files before you drop them in your NLE??

  • Each new file (spanned clip) is missing several frames (3-4) from the start. I have to offset each new clip on the timeline in Vegas by 3-4 number of frames in order to match footage and audio from other cameras which were still recording uninterrupted over the same period of time. If I don't offset each new spanned clip, the cameras are out of sync. The cameras only ever go out of sync with one another right when there is a break on the gh2 footage from spanning. Only the GH2 goes out of sync.

    Without a doubt, when it spans, its missing a small amount of time (ie 80 to 150 milliseconds or so) of footage and audio. This is Drewnet trial 8.

  • Has anyone ever seen this? It's Moon5, transcoded to ProRes422 via 5DtoRGB with the same setting we've all been using via Shian, then ran through Lock and Load on next to nothing settings. It doesn't matter how drastic LL settings are, it still does it. On the other hand, it's fine in Motion and Smooth Cam. Cut in FC7.

    Password: heatwave

  • @jdenkevitz Once again: You need to merge the MTS BEFORE you import into your NLE to avoid dropping frames. It has been discussed already:

  • A small clip out of the SD card, recorded with the "Redshift 1b". Best image quality I have seen so far in a long GOP patch in 50i @35MBps (saves a lot card space). Smooth -2,-1,0,-1. Sandisk 32GB Extreme Video HD 30MB/s card. Panasonic Lumix 14-45mm lens. Thanks sir Driftwood, excellent settings as always. I think this will be my regular patch for paid jobs, after I make sure that it spans and that doesn't have any issues on other modes too (720p, 24p). Press Download.

  • @Meierhans I've never had to merge MTS files prior to dropping them on the timeline in Premiere CS6. I've only had this issue with drewnet T8. Can you, or anyone else for that metter, confirm that using the technique you linked to a merged drewnet T8 file is free of dropped frames on a PC?

  • I've never had a problem with merging files till Moon5 either. Thought I was the only one having these issues. Boom, AN and IV never skipped a beat regarding this. I'm going to do some more testing on Thur with Moon5 to see if it happens again.

  • I rarely shoot long takes that require spanning.I remember running into the same problem once when recording a live performance about a year ago and merging fixed the problem with missing frames. Maybe just test with two files??

  • I don't believe I encountered this before when I was using Moon. Im using Vegas Pro 12. I'm going to see if this occurs with Moon T5 which ive since reloaded.

  • Short vid made with Drewnet V8, very pleased with the results. Slightly graded using ColorGHear for AE. All Leica Summilux 25 mm f/1.4 lens.

  • I recorded a school play using DREWnet Trial 8. The clip spanned about 10 times for the 1:15:00 show. There are no glitches or missing frames when the media is brought correctly into Premiere Pro. My guess is those missing frames are due to operator or NLE error, not the actual patch.

    • I don't know if someone has already reported that. If you work with multiple GH2s don't use different patches, it messes everything up in post (at least in Premiere pro). For example : If I record 60p on both cameras I wont be able to get slow mo in post on both cameras, one will be OK and the second one will look like 23.976 @ 40%.

    Moon T5 does look very very nice and is very stable except when I use my 12mm f2 @ f4 (for better sharpness) in 720 60p, @ f2 it is stable.

    I'm still looking forward to the new BOOM with 720 60p !

  • If youre getting merge problems then you have a workflow problem.

  • hello,

    since we are talking about spanning,,,

    I have been trying to get an intra patch to span without much luck...

    anyone have a great intra frame spanning patch in the works?

  • I was shooting today with Drewnet t8 1080p24h. The camera was set to standard profile(-2,-2,0,-2) mostly at ISO 160. About 10% my shots have this terrible artifacting. The image seems to disintegrate into pixels. Often it seems to happen when the camera is moving but not always. The image will break down and then come back together and then break down again repeatedly.

    Is this a problem with the hack, the camera or the memory card? Has anybody experienced this? Any ideas what is going on? I shot yesterday using Drewnet t8 same settings as above but used the 1080p24L settings and didn't have this problem at all.

    Here's a link to a 15second clip on youtube:

  • I'm shooting with a Sandisk 64GB 95MB/s card.

  • little experimental film i shot a month or so ago using Moon T5.

  • @driftwood

    I've been doing the same thing since my first patch: shoot, transfer MTS files to backup drive, import in PrePro, drop on the timeline. I have never had an issue merging two files from a spanned take in the past, they've always played seamlessly. However, with Drewnet T8 I am missing a few frames of the spanned file resulting in a slight jump cut.

    If what I've described above is NOT the correct workflow, could you please advise without linking to some other thread?

    Thank you kindly, much appreciated.

  • @jorgecuevasjr, nice work! I really like the location and the grade you gave it. How'd you pull off the tracking shots?

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