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Wireless Follow Focus with Monitor from Wondlan
  • Hi guys,

    I just got lucky and received this new Wireless FollowFocus Monitor system from Wondlan a few days ago. So far so good and the system is reliable enough for what it should be doing. I have not tried it with our BlackMagic Cinema Camera setup yet since the SDI-HDMI converter is still on its way.

    More details as per video here:

    Do let me know if you want me to discuss anything about its features as I might have missed some of it through the video.


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  • Mechanical part is the same as older wireless FF?

  • @ Vitaliy_Kiselev Not sure as I didn't get a chance to use the older version (the one without the monitor). It is a bit noisy but I guess you will need to adjust the speed to compensate for the noise. And external recorder is definitely needed for this application.

  • Is the motor still noisy? It's a cool set up and if I weren't in "gearing up" mode for the BMPC 4K, I'd be interested.

  • If you crank up the speed to the highest, the noise is noticeable. But below half of the speed ratio, it is reasonable I would say. I mean, is there any other brand out there that is totally silent? I haven't got a chance to try anything that is silent so far.

  • There are plenty, but they are $$.

    Arri, Preston... Redrock has one that is much cheaper.