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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • @dado023 Yes it was designed that way! Try it and report back before doing any major projects with it. Thanks.

    @Jim_Simon Thanks Jim,T6 is very experimental at the moment, please report back with some clips or screenshots which detail your explanation.

    @all T6 should NOT be used on any important projects as we go into further research for a conclusive T7. If you want to use moon on anything urgent project wise - use T3 to T5! Thanks.

  • @belzeruf what is a v frame?? @driftwood how can i help u developing something great out of this 3 T6 patches?? please tell me what i should do and what i should submit?

  • @driftwood thanks for the heads up on moon. I'll be switching back to drewnet for the weekend.

  • @driftwood Redshift
    "read error please check card" 720 50P smooth -1-1-1-2; exSH Card (45Mb/s) Re-checked card by loading Sanity 5v1 & FM 2v02 in turn.
    Reloading Redshift results in a repeat of the above error message. Have looked at the various settings via a spread sheet and must admit that I expected redshift to be pretty safe. Note rec quality shows exSH as opposed to SH in sanity or FM

  • @driftwood Should have added trying to playback clips in camera produced the error message. Clips played but error displayed at the ending of each clip. Hope this helps.

    Edit: Now tried 2 additional 45Mb/s sandisk cards. Initial test is repeatable. No 95Mb/s card to test with

  • Quick test, using t6 candidate B, so far so god. Thanks for the new settings!

  • @jhonnyskulls

    Great test! :)

  • Driftwood Cluster X Slipstream 3 vs. GH3. btw the purpose of this video is to compare color. Looks amazingly close but not perfect. Not graded. Could easily be matched in post. Nice job, Nick Driftwood.

  • deleted comment

  • Testing Driftwood's "Redshift" settings at 720p. Looks great in my eyes, excellent option for long recordings. Further tests must be done in other formats, but so far looks lovely. Well done sir!

  • @sakattaq76 must say i liked your video :) also redshift seems quit good, ...did you test HBR and 24H?

  • @sakattaq76 what card did you use? I had no problems on record or on a timeline after downloading. My problems occurred on playback within the camera, but then all cameras will have slight differences in their performance envelopes. nice video btw.

  • I used Redshift last night to shoot an hour long performance. Overall the image quality was excellent but there are a few times where the entire image disintegrated into blocks and the audio was thrown out of sync. I was shooting with a SanDisk 64GB 95MB/s card.

    Is this an issue with Redshift or is it a faulty card?

  • @raizman what rec mode was used - 24p? Was the problem occurring on the spanned set? Was it workflow related (importing incorrectly?) etc.

    Guys please be more specific when stating problems.

  • @jhonnyskulls Awesome music. What is that?!

  • @all and @driftwood

    just a quick question, slipstream 1b or redshift at 24H, which one should give better video quality overall?

  • I was shooting 24p. The problem occurred during a spanned set. It was one continuous 75 minute shot. The problem began at the beginning of the shot within about 5 minutes of the start. I transcoded the files in FCP. I haven't run into this kind of problem using this workflow before. I also checked the same clip by rewrapping the original file in Clipwrap and the problem was there in the original mts file.

  • @driftwood Redshift Testing PAL smooth -1-1-1-2 ; 1280*720- 50P;1280x720 50P ETC also 1920x1080HBR 25P & 1920x1080 50i. Rec Quality set SH but dropped to H for ETC mode. Redshift would not play back in camera without reporting a card error on 45Mb/s cards Have now borrowed a 95Mb extreme and Redshift now plays back in camera. I have the Ptools settings listed on a spreadsheet. Bearing in mind sanity5v1 & flowmotion2v02 work on 45Mb/s cards with my GH2 the only significant change appears to be 720p width/height settings which have gone from 1280x720 to 1920x1080. New to the GH2 having only 3 months usage, but hacked immediately to get from NTSC to PAL. A well run forum and a pleasure to read.

  • @dado023, @callan, thanks! I used the "Sandisk 32MB Video HD 30MB/s" version. So far it is the best "compatible" less expensive card. I didn't have time for other recording modes, but I shot just one clip in 24H and I noticed some macroblocking artifacts in a scene with lots of people moving. Even I am in PAL land, I don't usually shoot on 25p, I don't like the motion when the camera moves. GH2 was never good in that mode I prefer 50i, 50p or 24p. I must say that 720p is way better than most cameras I have seen in Full HD format. The shot that I had the problem, was shot in f/5,6 and 1000 shutter speed with the 4/3 Olympus 70-300mm at about 200mm (Smooth -2,-1,0,-1), maybe that will help Nick Driftwood. If I have time, I will upload the MTS file later.

  • regarding spanning, why do we need it if exFAT system on sdcard can write larger than 4GB files,... >4GB?...exFAT is not limited to max 4GB, right?

  • dado- from what I've experienced, the gh2 won't allow exFAT- that would be nice! No more spanning to consider...

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