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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • Very funny, call me and my GH1s part of the early adopter crowd...

  • @DailyFilmFix

    BMC always sets new records, now it is preorders for items not even announced.

  • 2k killer w metabones speed booster omg! Ima start buyin' c-mount lenses like aint no tomorrow!

  • Is that the Panasonic 14mm or 20mm lens on it? Gosh, if it available for pre-order, I think I might click that button.

  • @lertavu - A removeable battery? That will never catch on.

  • @lertavu

    If possible set lower resolution for photos.

  • @lertavu cheers a ton for the picture.

    Just been looking for some c-mount glass, there certainly are some options, even to go wide. Any ideas what will be to avoid not to get vignetting?

  • @lertavu, how big is the camera?

  • that thing is awesome, I still think if gopro can squeeze 2k in a small package, BMD can also.

  • Features a removable lo-ion battery aswell as a v12 tap.

  • Never mind just handled one. Sd-card slot on me bottom. Feels great it's tiny.

    3264 x 2448 - 1M
  • There's a ton of C-mount 16mm Glass out there dirt cheap that can be adapted to this. It's an interesting prospect in that regard.

  • The super 16mm BMCC camera is going to slap Red, Sony and Panasonic. Btw, C-mount are some of the best, relatively cheap, and sharpest lenses. I'm using the Switar lenses on my Gh2, and the picture quality is astounding.

  • in the small print below, I think it says 1080.

  • @QuickHitRecord

    Right now no specs exist other than photo leak :-)

  • The title of the topic says "2K", but I don't see that anywhere on the banner. Can someone clarify?

  • Blackmagic will be on live show with chat questions (apparently?) here at 12pm pacific time:

  • I have no problem with manual lenses. I used a nice old m42 on my doc until I bought the Zuiko 45mm. The issue was maintaining focus and the legacy lenses have a little different color to them--my 50mm is a little yellowish. And the quality of the Bokeh varies--some of it is a little ugly.

    But I like the idea of an active 4/3 BMPC (pocket?). This will be critical to my decision. Also, what about shooting stills with it? I'd like to see the stills.

    The workflow for raw might be a pain as well. Will BM bundle the camera with some software that will help us with raw workflow?

  • @jakepowell @vitaliy_kiselev Manual glass will be very desirable. Focus-by-wire is a pain in the ass!

  • @Cde Ok, that sounds better. With x3 crop my preferred lenses would then be SLRMagic 12mm 1.6 (35mm), Nokton 17,5mm 0.95 (50mm) and a yet to be announced @SLRMagic 8mm 1.6 (24mm) Are you listening Andrew? :-)

  • Seems a B4 2/3" lens on this would be perfect for these.. we shall see what size the sensor really is.. and if BMD can crank these out... I can't wait to see some sample footage and compare to the tried and true hacked GH2.

  • @jakepowell

    Good business idea - collect good C mount lenses that can be converted and collect good manual glass :-)

  • @niGGo some super 16 lenses are actually quite cheap , zeiss 10 - 100 t2.8 goes for about £450 on ebay, other than s16's i agree the 12-35 and 7-14 pana lenses will be nice , i also think the voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 could be really nice on this....

  • Great!

  • So where is this picture taken from? Shell we expect some official announcement on their site or something? Really hope this one materializes soon and it is not just "smoke"...

    It is picture taken at NAB.