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Nikon D7100 topic
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  • I would be a little bit cautious with the d7100 if it shares the d5200 sensor. For outdoor daylight and controlled lighting environment I found the d5200 to have a beautiful image. But when shooting in lower light and not controlled environment it was harder to work with and I had to be very careful with picture profiles to keep the quite prominent noise patterns at bay. I think this is important to consider when looking at the d5200 and perhaps the d7100 if your shooting involves scenarios were the environment is given and not controlled, like f.ex. documentary work.

  • @eyenorth

    I've read in several places that the sensor on the D7100 is unique to the camera and to the entire Nikon lineup. Not sure whether no OLPF will be detrimental to video or not, but I suspect it will be pretty good.

  • @firstbase

    "I've read in several places that the sensor on the D7100 is unique to the camera and to the entire Nikon lineup."

    That could be good news :-)

  • Here is the initial first impressions of the Nikon D7100 from Moose Peterson's website. They have had photographers that have been using it for a few weeks in Costa Rica.

  • Ugh, rumors are that Amazon won't get these into preorder customers' hands until the middle of next month. Their customer service apparently isn't much help, either. I doubt I'd get it faster from any other place if I order now, either (but I'll give it a shot anyway! :D ). Might have to rent one for my vacation in 2.5 weeks, since I already sold my D7000. -_____-

    B&H is apparently the only major store that got their shipment on time, and is shipping the camera on time. Some other small camera stores also received theirs, but Adorama, Best Buy, and Amazon are still out. Though somehow, Amazon put around 10pcs up this morning for sale...

  • It could be a really good camera, if you think the power of the sensor for photography; if it has a decent video even in 720p its really considerable choice; the d7000 is one of the best(if it is not the best) aps-c camera for photography, with a decent video is just one of the best choices for a dslr worker or artist.

  • @BlueBomberTurbo,

    I wasn't going to sell my D7000 for the D7100 until reports of the amount of aliasing and moire from the lack of an OLPF in the D7100 started to show up on the web. I am also waiting to see if there will be any dust/oil issues that will show up like those in the D600.

  • Eh, moire couldn't be worse than on the D7000 already. I was never really satisfied with its video overall after the GH2. Had to "dumb down" the GH2's video a lot to match when using both. From the samples I've seen of the D5200, beyond moire, the level of detail has definitely improved, and the colors look smoother. Throw in LPowell's gamma settings, and it's a winner in comparison. And from what I've been reading today about the photo side, it's probably as big an upgrade as the D7000 was over the D90. Which only makes me even more impatient...

    As far as dust/oil, I've got some Sensor Swabs sitting next to me. ;) Run off a bunch of buffer test burst shots, and all the misc oil (if there even is any) should be gone. :D

  • I never really had any trouble with moire or aliasing with my D7000. I guess I just knew how to avoid it. The LPowell gamma settings are great for a better dynamic range, but "I Think" it adds a certain level of posterization to the image. here is a before(Left image) and after(Right image) image with a slight curve applied to the "After" photo, these clips are taken from a video capture. I believe I used the "Neutral Gamma 0.7 or 0.6 setting.

    Notice the posterization in the bottom right.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • I honestly don't think Moire is gonna be a problem with the D7100. We'll have to see, but i'm anxious about the Video IQ. I like so much about this camera overall already, but can't wait to see some real footage. As soon as they get one in my local store i'm gonna go try to test it.

  • There are users that have received their camera on Dpreview, but until now no footage. I am really annoyed by that until now Nikon did not show anything. Lets hope that we are not in for a bad surprise on the video side.

  • I also hope that they don't use a Sony sensor and instead use a modified toshiba sensor. Something with a similar picture quality, with little to no aliasing or moire, as in the D5200 but without the FPN that has been showing up in that camera.

  • @bleach551

    The LPowell gamma settings are great for a better dynamic range, but "I Think" it adds a certain level of posterization to the image.

    The unique advantage of Nikon Gamma Controls is the ability they give you to interactively dial in an optimal gamma setting for each take. Short of RAW cinema cameras, only Nikon DSLR's can currently provide this degree of video exposure control.

    If you are seeing posterization or banding in shadow or highlight details in a particular shot, it means that the gamma curve is compressed too tightly in that range. For finer shadow details, use a gamma in the 0.7-0.4 range. For finer highlight details, lower your overall exposure and/or use a gamma in the 1.0-0.7 range. In both cases, you'll want to expose the areas of interest closer to the middle of the camera's dynamic range. When grading in post, you always want to be pushing your shadow details toward black and your highlight details toward white. That will minimize banding and posterization.

  • Could be the first real nikon d7100 footage. Looks very sharp and no aliasing and moire in the camera strap and Man hat. The filming is a bit horrible but it shows some potential. It looks like the d5200 sensor because they are finding some banding in the deep shadows in photos at Dpreview.

  • He is stating that aperture change while in live view/film mode is not working. Sigh Nikon.

  • @LPowell,

    Thanks very much for the advice . I didn't want you to think that I didn't appreciate all your work on the Gamma settings. That scene above with the regular "Standard" custom setting, showed almost pure black with very little to no detail in the brick wall behind the stairs.

    I have imported your Gamma 1.0, 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, 0.6, and 0.5 gamma curves into the "Standard" custom preset and I am trying them out now.

  • It looks very interesting, I like the gamma flexibility and I have to say the color looks good from the limited samples I have seen.

  • well, not much to see regarding resolution (yt compression) but DR seems good.

  • No aperture control in liveview - see at about 5 min.:

  • Got mine on Monday, and really, the colors are amazing! In photos at least. And the sharpness will blow you away! A sharpened JPG actually came out to a bigger file size than its RAW image. :3

    I'll be doing video tests this weekend, but from what I can see, it's definitely better than the D7000, and I haven't seen much difference between 1080p, 720p, or interlaced/cropped versions as far as quality. Compression artifacts are still there, so you can't sharpen too much. I'll have to find the best in-camera Sharpness setting during testing.

    If anyone wants me to do any specific tests, let me know. Here's what i have set up to do right now, in no specific order:

    1. Moire test
    2. HD resolution tests
    3. Sharpness tests
    4. LPowell's gamma setting tests
    5. Jello test
    6. Codec stress test
    7. Low light test
    8. Contrast detection AF tests
  • I've found 1 sharpness to be the best setting on the D5200, any more than that and the edges start to look a bit artificial. I suspect the D7100 has the same Toshiba sensor without the OLPF.

    A lens cap ISO noise test would give me a better idea if it's the same sensor.

    We've measured the rolling shutter on the D5200 @ 22.4ms.

  • could someone run a test comparing 7100 to 5200 at least for sharpness?