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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • @artiswar, I think people are more weary of losing shots than the RMA process, though personally I had an extremely slow RMA with sandisk. They appologized, but it was something like 3 months if I remember correctly. Anyways bigger cards are better imho, so I am not knocking them, just saying I can understand why some would be cautious. Totally off topic but for the first time every I installed a video game (Flight Gear) on my 95mb/s card because my ssd was pretty full and I was just plain curious if this would work. Not only did it work, but it worked very well, the card doesn't even get warm. Bring on the 2tb cards!

  • Hi, everyone

    Just to add information: I've bought a SanDisk Extreme SDHC 32Gb 45Mb/s from Amazon - really supplied by Amazon since it's in their "Amazon Frustration-Free" package (it's a package made from cardboard instead fo a blister pack), with the Amazon and SanDisk logos.

    The SKU is SDSDX-032G-AFFP. The picture of the card is attached.

    Since I'm a newbie using hacks in GH2, I started with one that everybody says that it's stable and light - Sanity 5. Made a random video of my cats, just to test the spanning.

    No errors in the footage, but the card did not span - stopped the recording when the file reached 4Gb.

    Will try to reflash Sanity and see the results.

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  • Just an update: I was using 24H in my test, and after that Ralph alerted me that Sanity does not spans in this mode. In another test, the card spanned just fine.

  • I'm having an issue with my Sandisk 64GB SDXC 95MB/sec, just purchased, formatted on GH3, and connected to my 2009 Macbook Pro running OSX 10.5.8.

    It brings up toast, and the "drive" appears, although I can't mount, or fix, or do anything to access.

    Any suggestions? Is my computer not good enough? Do I need OSX 10.6+? Thx!

  • Help.

    I just tried to remove my data from my Sandisk 32gb Class 10 30mb/s off my memory card reader. The device doesn't appear. When I tried to transfer it from the GH2, my PC asked me to reformat the disk. I can still see the footage on the GH2 and play it back, but I can't transfer it. I tried another memory card reader and the result is the same. Is the card corrupt or is there a way to restore it?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • @g_sadamoto - Do you have access to another PC or a Mac to test?

  • @chenopup I tried it on 3 Macs and 2 PCs.

  • The SanDisk 128GB Extreme (45MB/s) and the SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro (95MB/s) are about the same price, and I'm here with a dilemma. Do I get the faster card that I know will work with everything, or do I go for more capacity and hope that the write-speed is enough?

    I shoot a lot of documentary-style videos, so I could definitely use the extra space. But if it doesn't span with the latest and greatest patches, I'd rather get the card that does. Has anyone had any luck spanning 100mbps+ on the 128GB Extreme? Would it be worth the loss of capacity to go with the faster card?

  • @dsavage You could order an inexpensive Sandisk 45MB/s card (maybe 8 GB) and test with the different hack settings (patches) you like to use. If they work, order up the 128GB....if not spring for the 95 MB/s. I use the 95 MB/s and haven't had any problems with AN Boom, AN Intravenus, and Moon.

  • Firstly, I want to apologise for my stupid username. I wish I could change it.

    After almost a year of happy GH2 HBR mode usage, I'm starting to do more serious projects and would therefore like to shoot at the highest possible quality.

    I've read about the issue with UHS-1 sd cards and that it's only really safe to buy the 95mb/s cards.

    Here in South Africa some shops are selling Sandisk ULTRA 30mb/s sdhc1 cards... I have no idea if they are newly released products or if they've been around for a while... here is a link to what I'm talking about:

    If you study the SD card carefully, you will notice that it does not have the UHS-1 logo on it, which looks something like this: (basically it's a U with a 1 inside).

    However, it says in the description of that Sandisk ULTRA 30mb/s 200x 32gb card that it is UHS-1 technology based. My question is thus: why does it not have the UHS-1 logo on it? Could anyone confirm whether this particular "ULTRA" card actually is UHS-1 or not and if it has a write speed that's fast enough for it to be used with, let's say, the Flow Motion v2.02 hack?

  • Ultra cards are slow. Stick with Exteme or Extreme Pro.

  • @jfilmmaker I think the Mac OS only started to support AVCHD previews in 10.7. OS 10.8.2 is out (only $20!) if your MBP supports it (and very good FWIW). I think you need to upgrade your OS.

    Also try using Movist v0.6.8 for smooth AVCHD playback ( a tip I read from @Driftwood) . It's an older program and working well in 10.7.5. I haven't tried it in 10.8.2.

    Also your 09 MBP is a bit dated (I have one too). I installed a SATA II SSD in January (removed optical drive and have 2 drives inside) and that helped breathe new life into it. I keep the OS and caches on the SSD and all the big files on the HDD. SATA III drives are supposed to run at SATA I speeds in my MBP 5,2. SATA II will run at the mother board max of SATA II. OWC has got some good guides for upgrading your Mac, although ordering from them is pricey. Newegg and Tiger Direct are better and are constantly having sales, good options if you're in the USA.

  • I just got a 64GB 95Mb/s card and it's bitchy in my Mac Mini (mid 2011) running Mountain Lion 10.8.2. Running Flowmotion or any Driftwood I-frame patch on my GH2, the clips won't play on the computer unless I play the clips in the camera first, and Finder will not show the AVCHD folder structure unless I jack with it by removing and remounting. My 16GB 45MB/s cards have no problem playing back, mounting to the Mac's file system or importing to FCPX.

    The 64GB card will span running Flowmotion or Driftwood Moon at their highest settings, but the card is so much of a hassle that I wish that I had stuck with the old cards running Flowmotion.

  • I just got my Sandisk 32gb 95MB/s today and tried spanning with Sedna A Q1 (24H) without success. Is this normal for Sedna or there is a problem with my card? (24L was spanning though)

  • Sedna A Q1 spanned on my 64GB 95MB/s card. Might be that the 32GB 95MB/s card is actually slower, despite having the same specs nominally, or that the GH2 handles it differently.

  • @Mr_Moore

    Yes. After furthur reading, I also think that's the case. I hope I can ask the store to change to 64 instead.

  • It sounds like the only cards that are safe to use with all 'safe' versions of the hack are 64gb 95 mb/s extreme pro. Can anyone confirm? I have had a couple of embarrassments lending out my GH2s to shoots where it kept locking up when used in 25p, though fine in 24p for me, so stopped using the hack. Can anyone confirm this is the case? Would sooner spend £100 on a card that works than on 2 that don't! Thanks.

  • check the early posts guys and gals.

    Simply put it is normal. 64gb 95 mb/s card plays nicest out of the cards that people on this forum have tested. There are some other cards that probably match them from other manufacturers, but they are more expensive so none bothers with them. Toshiba's cards are coming down in price fast, and their 90/30 cards are pretty fast. Haven't tried the 90/60 or higher cards yet.

  • The 95 MB/s 64 GB card is the fastest card around and the one least likely to cause write errors and spanning failures. (Though it will cause the "file number limit exceeded" error) But card speed is not the biggest factor in camera lock-ups. A lot of the hack settings out there are just not 100% stable in HBR mode. Try different hack settings.

  • Hi guys...just to make sure I order the right thing, I wonder if someone could confirm that this the correct 95MBs/64GB card (for GH2 in PAL land).

    Many thanks in advance, Lori

  • @lorilin if you meant the fastest card, yes- that's the one. Read also balazer's comment just before yours. If that error happens, just re-format the card & restart the camera. PAL or NTSC doesn't matter.

  • Thanks, tetakpatak!

    Any tips about the most stable card? I have to shoot something rather important next week, and it will be the first time I actually use my GH2 for anything more serious than filming my dog. I want to try to minimize the risk of embarrassing lockups and lost footage if possible.

    I love my GH2 so far, but am finding all the menus and settings kind of overwhelming...

  • Read card recommendations and about the "file number limit exceeded" error in the hack FAQ:

    Spanning is covered in the GH2 usage FAQ:

    The best choice of card depends on how you're shooting and what hack settings you're using. If all of your takes are short enough to not span, or you can work around the "file number limit exceeded" bug, the 64 GB 95 MB/s card is a fine choice. If you can't tolerate the bug and you need spanning, you should choose the 32 GB 95 MB/s card and use hack settings that will span with the smaller card.

  • Cool! Glad you guys picked one up in time. What a deal!

  • The amazon deal was delivered to my door. Look what I got!!! Supposedly Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB 95Mbps. So outrageous that it's funny. Amazon got terrible sense of humor.

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