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  • the Ex Tele Conv feature is unavailable while shooting 1920x1080/60p and/or using the slowed frame rates.

    It is stated in manual that is available online :-) as well as many times in all GH3 topics.

    This is good place to say that you think about such things -

  • @filmingart

    the first song reminds me of some old no limit records stuff lol

  • @gpcreative I think the candle light is hitting the under exposed shadow side of the face as a semi-red or orange, and that is causing your grain - the candlight is bleeding into the blacks. Not only that, the candle flame is moving, so that could add further complications. When we look at the shadows by the curtains, they don't appear to suffer the same level of grain as does the face. I think that would strongly explain your results.

  • "It is stated in manual that is available online :-) as well as many times in all GH3 topics. This is good place to say that you think about such things -"

    I'm not being pessimistic. I bought the GH3 before I even knew about personal-view and even if I did, I've never read anything that stated the tele conv does not work with 1920x1080/60fps. Nothing in the dozens of YouTube video reviews I watched, which included Panasonic's own sales video where they talked about it. They included the disclaimer that it only shoots jpeg in this mode but failed to say it didn't work with video recording at certain bitrates. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that they disclose this instead of expecting every customer to open up a 300+ page advanced user manual and go on a treasure hunt.

    You can understand how frustrating it is for me. I purchased the GH3 for the Wi-Fi and the tele conv only to find out that the wi-fi isn't live view while recording (making it practically redundant) and the tele conv. doesn't work in the format I want to record in. If Panasonic was more transparent in their sales literature people wouldn't be buying their products and getting pissed off after.

  • @jennifer2010

    I never even read the Manual and knew from EVERYWHERE that 1080 60fps does not work in Ex Tele mode.... How about you go buy a Canon t4i, 7d, 60d, 6d, 5d etc..... And use that feature, oh those cameras don't even have it.

    How about you look at life with the cup half of full instead of empty, if you need a longer range lens buy one.

  • @jennifer2010 ...or get an adapter for a non-m43-lens you already have, to continue FilmingArt's suggestions.

    What fun would it be if the GH3 was perfect right out-of-the-box? Hang around... Maybe we get to hack it. :)

  • @jennifer2010 why would you buy a camera for 2 features, and just like @filmingart said, why wouldn't you just buy a telephoto lens? extel KILLS the resolution. it's handy if you REALLY need it at that second, but to buy a gh3 just for that and wifi is pretty silly. also, I'm sure you must be upset about the fact that there isn't live view while using wifi.

  • Hello, I' ve just one question for vitally, I read anywhere which GH3's hack come, but do you work on one ? And if your answer is YES, what do you try to improve ?

  • jennifer2010 - They aren't going to be cheap if you want constant aperture. I can only recommend the Nikon (having used it) 70-200 f2.8 - It is prohibitively expensive. However, you can usually rent it for around $30-40/day. I love that lens. You won't get IS, though.

  • @jennifer2010 Here's a link to a discussion of video-friendly lenses for Panasonic Lumix cameras:

  • @surfculture

    It is wrong topic to ask this.

  • Shot video on Wednesday, and…

    the GH-3 is vastly superior on skin tones.


  • @jfilmmaker I agree. I also think the smoke from the candle is doing it.

  • Can someone verify that GH3's eyecup can be separated?

    If yes, can 3rd party eyecup like HoodEYE be installed easily?

    If yes, that would be fantastic.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @stonebat, yes eyecup can be separated. I have removed mine a few times. Don't have a 3rd party eyecup though.

  • @HillTop1 Can you please take a photo of the EVF after the eyecup is removed? Thanks~!

    If it looks like Canon/Nikon eyecup holder, I'm sure there will be 3rd party accessories available. With a good eyecup, it's possible to stabilize up to 40mm focal length in handheld.

  • On behalf of @HillTop1, here are the photos taken by him.

    I can't quite tell whether it fits to either Canon or Nikon. I'd be surprised if it is. Hopefully we see some 3rd party eyecup accessory at dirt cheap price!!!

    2592 x 1944 - 2M
    2592 x 1944 - 1M
  • Is it possible to record in slow motion modes and 1080/50p when an external monitor is connected thru hdmi to the gh3? I'm asking this because i know you can't record 720/50p with the gh2 when using an external monitor

  • I have a problem with Mov. 1080 50p in PPro. if I choose DSLR/1080/25p sequence settings, if i export with match sequence settinge, it is rending 0,7X time, but the file is 25p. If I choose H264/50p output, is 2,5X time. What I have to do in order to have a mov. 1080 50p file output?

  • @crisvpl In CS6, the easiest way to do this is to drag your MOV from the Project Window onto the New Item icon in the lower right corner. CS6 will then create a new sequence, based on that clip's properties.

  • Thank you! but where is the New Item icon? I am not druk, but I can t find it!... Ok, I reset my workspace and I find it! Thanks!...but the same export error(disk full)

  • @crisvpl @SuperSet

    Use proper topic for discussion or PM.

  • In the end - surely get out and shoot shit - believe me PMs don't look at aliasing - if you need to hone your skills hone em - as I sit here with the head of MTV having a kebab, he don't care what fringing you have on a lens - no really he doesn't - he cares what the post house delivers - cameras are sown up for our lifetime believe me.

  • Wow Panasonic, fuck you... thanks for the hopeless amount of GH3 bodies you have produced. Three months later and still there's only weak little drips of GH3s. Every store in Australia, plus the world, is saying end of Feb now. You must of know it was going to be a high sell camera. But still... I'll end up buying it and sure, when i finally have one i'll forget pretty quickly about the camera delay (can't imagine what the BMCC pre-order guys must be feeling like) Maybe I should of pre-ordered...

    But still, i feel like bitching.

    Ahhh.... that felt better :)