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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @Rambo It was indeed the frame limit, which was set too high.

    @driftwood Thanks for your interest. I haven't noticed any skewing of the B frames. As far as the 50fps FB2 buffer size, I remember setting that way back for stability in PAL (which was a real bitch to obtain with HBR in the mix). Since everything seems to be working, I'm not too keen to change it.

  • The following video was shot with Sanity 4. 30p, 24p, and 60p modes were used..

    Thanks for watching..

  • @Ralph_B To clarify my previous query. From what I understand, regular video mode crops and downsamples the sensor to 1920X1080P. ETC uses the center part of the sensor for the same pixels (about 2MP per frame) However, is there a way to get the uncompressed full 16MP 4X3 frame in AVCHD video mode for downsampling or cropping in post?

  • @Moviemaker In a word, no. Vitaliy's hack enables us to alter the H264 compression. It does not effect things further upstream.

  • @peternap , Thanks, I always enjoy boosts to my ego ;) This is the second video from day 1 of the event. It's not quite done, and the music needs to be completely redone as it sucks and I gave up half way through. I just realized I have too much on my plate for the weekend, and most of next week, so rather than leaving everyone waiting for more cute girls I figured I would play what the people want (cute anime girls). You may be well advised to turn off the volume and play your favorite anime theme song.

    @Ralph_B , I shot this with Sanity 5.1. Is it just me or does it use much less card?

  • @mee Sanity 5's bitrate is totally dependent on the content. It doesn't use any more bits than it needs. There is no waste in Sanity. So yes, sometimes the bitrate can be quite low, but don't let that fool you - the quality is always there.

  • @mee Just watched your video - great stuff and a real showcase for Sanity. I like how you nailed the sharpness. What lens and sharpness setting did you use?

  • Hey Ralph_B, first thanks for the compliments, second I misspoke, this was still with Sanity 5 as it's still from the first day of the event. I do have 5.1 stuff coming. As for Lens, it was a Nokton 17.5mm F0.95, and settings were 0000. around 4k color temp, and a slight shift to red and yellow? Also I wasn't worried about the bitrate, but it makes sense since I was shooting at F.95 most the day, so their would obviously be less information.

  • Here's a few shots of Sanity 5.1 (just loaded it yesterday...) while testing my new SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 Cine lens.

    So far, I love BOTH the lens AND the new Patch. Thanks again @Ralph_B for your efforts in perfecting this very economical and quality patch!


  • @tcarretti The lens looks real good. Look forward to seeing more footage!

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  • Here's a screen grab from my promo shoot in the Keys with Sanity 5.1. Saw this at sunset and couldn't believe it! Shot with the 20mm 1.7 at I believe 640 ISO wide open and straight from 5DtoRGB. Looks like a damn Corona Ad!

    Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 12.04.49 PM.png
    1036 x 555 - 622K
  • @Ralph_B Thanks a lot for your settings, I've had Sanity 5 on my 2 GH2's without problems, works better than stock! I wanted to update to Sanity 5.1 but was wondering if this settings include the Pasadena Pulse Audio hack. I know the settings I currently use mix Sanity 5 with this settings. If not, is there a way to merge them?

    Thanks again and keep up the excelent work!

  • Cheers @RalphB!

    May I ask you what matrices are you using in Sanity 5.1?


  • Just tested Sanity 5.1 in HBR, FSH and 24H mode (NTSC & Vibrant) with a Sandisc Extreme Pro 64GB 95MB/s card. What can I say? I'm keen on the tiny file size and HBR mode wins! The only thing I criticize is the jerking at edges (especially in FSH mode). That's the reason why I prefer HBR mode. Any ideas for that?

  • @simonhestermann You do realize that FSH is an interlaced mode? It won't look right unless it's de-interlaced on a TV, giving you 1080 60P. A few computer media players can properly de-interlace it, but many can't.

    As for the "jerking at edges", that's been discussed a zillion times in these forums. Try shooting with a slower shutter speed, 1/40th second or even 1/30th second, and see how that looks to you.

  • Our fly fishing club at its annual dinner/fund raising event last night. This is less than 2 minutes of the event shot on GH2 with sanity 5.1 and a GoPro hero3. I know some is shaky and is just a fly fishing club video! The GH2 was set on smooth -2 -2 0 -2 and the glass was Rokinon 35 and Helios 44m. Did not have much time to play with grading but did boost sat a pinch and boosted reds/skin tone a pinch. Had to get this up today. White balance on auto which may have been an error...

  • Here is mine video, almost entirely shot using Sanity 4 on GH2 and Vario 100-300

  • Hey Ralph_B, when you load sanity in ptools as is or do you increase increments or lower the gop? I'm tring to achieve film like motion. Thanks.

  • @alguti Load Sanity into ptools and simply save the firmware. Don't make any changes. As for "film like motion", the camera is what it is. The patches really don't affect motion. The biggest effect on how motion appears will be to change the shutter speed. Slower shutter speeds will produce smoother motion. Faster shutter speeds will produce more jittery motion. Shoot the same thing at shutter 1/30 sec and 1/250 sec, and you'll see what I mean.

  • Just edited some Sanity 5.1 footage in Final Cut Pro and according tot FCP the footage was 25i, is this normal ? Thanks for answering...

  • @jjay What mode did you shoot in? HBR mode would produce a 25i file.

  • Yes, in HBR, sorry didn't know that...

  • This is the video I was talking about...