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Non original, not Panasonic charger for GH2
  • my charger for my gh2 stopped working. i know you cant use third party batteries but can i use a third party charger with pansonic batteries? thanks seth

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  • I am travelling light and always use just one universal charger to charge camera, phone and dive light batteries, including the batteries for my GH2.

    I use this device: (which is sold in Germany starting at 22 €).

    Universal chargers like this can charge both original and 3rd party batteries - all the "dongling" that Panasonic implemented to keep away the competition is evaluated by the camera firmware, the "+" and "-" contacts of the batteries are not involved in that.

  • Did anybody experience problems (like shorter life) of original Panny batteries if charged with one of those cheap chargers (as sometimes bundled with non-original batteries)?

    My original charger stopped working too, but I still have one of those cheap ones around.

  • I experienced issues when using third party batteries on GH2. After a while, the 3 party ones confused the camera, so much it ended up not accepting my original batteries! I was getting warning dialogue boxes telling me the GH2 could not recognise the original bats. I think this could have also caused my camera to break down. Got it repaired at Panny HQ, they changed the entire circuit board, cost me $300. Now I just use all original bats.

  • Thank you, @kazuo.

    This time I'm more concerned about not ruining my original batteries with a non-Panny charger.