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Personal View Video Contest
  • New contest link


    1. You can submit any ONE video clip made by you personally using any camera. Just post it in this topic.
    2. Priority will be given to new videos, made specially for contest.
    3. Video themes with top priority: Christmas, videos about local firms making real products
    4. You clip must have some story to tell, not to be just pretty video.
    5. Clip must reside on vimeo or youtube video hostings and must have "personal-view contest" in description text (for contest time).

    Contest ended!

    Main prize for Black Magic owners - Skier Premium Cage for BMPCC


    Main prize for owners of other cameras - Varavon 1m SlideCam V medium slider


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  • I wish we´ll see much more stuff in the Stevens way. Love the theme, love the style - keep on shooting, at least for a while!

  • @vicharris @Tron As I watched the Gingerbread video I was sure it would be a hard task to beat that one ;o)

  • +1 Gingerbread Man was great!

  • Loved the Gingerbread man video too man.

  • As I said, soon we'll have new contest with very unsual terms. Will be fun.

  • Wow this is awesome! Thanks so much! I'm glad the gingerbread man had a new life here on PV after it was made so late in the Christmas season. Can't wait for the next video contest, it was great seeing so much good work pop up so quickly.

  • Congratulations to Steven and Grierdill! I enjoyed watching your videos. :) Kudos to everyone else for making some beautiful works! Thanks for the contest, Vitaliy! May your new year be filled with more cool videos!

  • Awesome! Thanks Vitaliy!

    I watched almost all of the videos as well; great work people. I wasn't sure how our style of video would be received.

    That slider is going to be put to great use. I've been wanting to add a slider to my limited arsenal of equipment for a while, so I can't wait to try it on our next video.

  • Congrats to winners and their humour and everybody participating =)

  • Results:

    Skier Premium Cage for BMPCC winner - @grierdill

    Varavon 1m SlideCam V medium slider winner - @StevenTrillberg

    Want to congratulate winners, and say big thanks to everyone else for their work and videos.
    I spent good time, watching most videos twice with pause between tries.
    Many good videos here. I tried to stick with contest terms as close as possible.
    Sorry if my choice failed your hopes.

  • I'll have time only on weekend, so winners will be announced here and will get PM approx on Monday.

    We must have new and very fun contest soon, btw :-)

  • Contest closed. It's take few days to watch all stuff and get winners.

  • I shot this with a GH2, GoPro, and Galaxy Note 3 for Boston's local beekeeping company.

  • I've been working on a video for this contest that is part of the investigative series "American Albatross" for Unfortunately I can't complete the video until tomorrow due to some confirmations we need... is there a chance I can get a 24hr extension to submit the work? We've been at this report for awhile but we can't get it out till tomorrow.

    If not, I'll submit this one that's part of the same investigative series but made over a month ago. [Shot on hacked GH2 & camcorders. We're picking up a BMPCC in Feb.]

  • This is my assignment for UCLA Extension class:

  • I made this one a couple days ago.

  • Here's mine about internet and everyday life.


  • Here is a trailer my bro and I made for a short film. Rose and water are full CGI in Blender.

  • I guarantee, this one was made just for this contest. Used GH2.

  • Might not win.. But I made one just in time ;) Done with Ecilop quadracopter and Lumix LX-7 showing a local company moving my garage to its new place

  • Hope I'm not too late.

    Created this music video for an English band called Glacials. Shot it on borrowed 5D Mark III and Zeiss cine lenses, and the time lapse on my GF1 with the 20mm, 7-14mm, and an old Jupiter-8. Did all the VFX myself.

    I purchased a BMPCC recently for my next music video, so this gear would be an amazing help.

  • Sit back, grab a glass of good old wine and dive into... the Life.

  • Here's a short Christmas-themed video I made personally for the contest with a hacked GH2 (Sanity 5.1).

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