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Aputure AL-528W LED Video Light Panels
  • Has anyone tested this panel ? I can't find any video reviews ?



    Available on deals at

    706 x 622 - 80K
    706 x 684 - 90K
    644 x 561 - 52K
    694 x 738 - 51K
    878 x 751 - 78K
    676 x 661 - 59K
    705 x 628 - 66K
    843 x 830 - 102K
    801 x 796 - 108K
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  • They are new.

    I have all the info from Aputure about them for quite a time.

    But as they are still available in very limited quantities did not posted it yet.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev , thank you. I'm curious on light quality etc as price is very affordable ...

  • I added some photos. Price is quite good, yep, as usual for Aputure.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev , thank you, hope soon we get it on PV- deals :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Will we see these on PV deals and if so can you estimate when? The 528-S Version seems very interesting with it's 25° angle throw.

  • @stip

    Yep, certainly.

    Right now production is very scarse, but we'll have it soon.

  • Thanks, great! :)

  • Em got his hands on all three models (wide, spot and bi-color). Video review at youtube.

  • These look great and I love the spot option instead of the flood.

  • are we close to seeing this on a PV deal soon? I'd like to try em out.

  • I would love to hear some more reviews but these might be exactly what I need for mobile interviews. I love the idea of a spot version and a wide to complement my 312 bicolour.

  • I have some clients paying up next week and think I will get one of the 528S Spotlight panels to add to my kit. Would love to know if I should hold out for a PV deal on these but it seems they are all over ebay at decent prices anyway.

  • how much are they?

  • I've seen the for about $180 plus free shipping from China or more local to me in Canada for $200.

  • @RatLabProductions

    Yep, you can get on ebay and make small review. I am sorry for deal delay as not all depends on me.

  • I'll do a quick review sometime in the next month when I get the light.

  • Just found the deal on Amazon too:

    Looking forward to more reviews.

  • I ended up gettting the wide one from ebay for $180 posted. was really on the fence between the wide and spot. if anyone gets a spot feel free to throw up a review.

  • I've got a spot version coming in next week. I'll be sure to let you guys know what I think.

  • @kevin_kirchman Your reviews will be very helpful :)

  • So I received two of the spot version Aputure 528 LED lights. One of them makes a nasty sound when turned on, way too loud to use it with any kind of audio recording. The other one makes the same noise but much less audible, yet it's still there. So one of the two lights I got is effectively unusable for me. I'll contact the seller to see what he can do.

    Anyone else has these lights and has that strange noise?

  • Hmm, it is sad.

  • i just recieved mine today, wide. it also makes a faint hi pitch sound on power. first thing I noticed too. I dont think it would be loud enough to get picked up far away on a light stand but it is there. I just hope it wears itself in and goes away.

  • I received my spot version a few days ago. It does have a very faint high pitch sound, but it doesn't seem like it would be a problem. I have to be within 2 feet of the light to actually hear it. It's present with both batteries only and AC power. However, the light is very useful. It's lightweight, can be portable with batteries and gives off some great light. Ill keep everyone posted on the whine too

  • This is a bummer. If you can hear it with your ears within two foot, a Sennheiser 416 is going to pick it up for sure. That thing picks up crickets having sex! How far is the useable throw with the spot?