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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @kavi Or the grammar police.

  • @jimmykorea maybe we could say he was 'liberally' crucified, but that might start an off-topic exchange!

  • @Chaos123x If that's true about 1 camera per dealer, that is unfortunate and a bit worrisome, especially based on track record. The shipping at end of July seems a bit misleading if what you say is accurate, as what it really means is that a select few will get access to cameras, which would allow BM to control the support side if any major problems are discovered.

    That's not a bad thing per se and would benefit everyone if they did indeed find some flaw in the first batch. But there should be some clarity in their press releases about the number to be shipped. I was told end of July as expected shipping by my dealer. To then get told it won't be until end of August or even September would be disappointing.

    Of course, I will do the right thing and wait for a statement directly from the horse's mouth. I try to only deal with facts as I find it is the best course for business.

    Hoping Blackmagic rolls this camera out in the right way and is transparent about it from the get go.

  • Guy's have you seen this video about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera yet? Us filmakers & Shooters won't see one until September if you preordered the same minute it was announced & the majority of us I'm thinking late OCT - NOV even DEC. The preorder #'s are just way too much so they will ship them out evenly to the different resellers in small quantities and ramp it up. Check it out for yourself.. don't think the wait will be as long as the BMC, but I think there will be some substantial waiting to get them.

  • @johnbrawley Hopefully you don't let a few detractors steal your enthusiasm for testing and subsequently sharing the results of those tests. People sometimes forget the time necessary to do these tests and that it takes you away from doing other things. The fact that you do it at all, which I assume cuts into time you could be doing paid gigs or cutting a new reel or anything else that would have more benefit to you personally, is a testament to your passion for filmmaking and wanting to share knowledge with others.

    It takes a thick skin sometimes when dealing with the gamut of personalities on forums like these. I like to believe that away from the internet most people are actually good people, some just don't have good forum etiquette. Constructive debate is healthy. I may disagree with someone's assessment about a particular camera, lens, etc but it's how I present that opposing viewpoint that either adds or detracts from the conversation.

    Anyway, hopefully we see more stuff from you in the future John. I find it worthwhile.

  • @Trackzillas If only someone had typed late Summer rather than July on the website.

    My wife is a last minute person, it drives me nuts, she says its much more fun to rush than be anywhere we need to go in plenty of time. I'm the opposite, I hate stress and want everything done early with plenty of time to spare. I guess BM is a bit like my wife....

  • @jimmykorea I feel you.. Yeah I guess that's how BM is. Did you order a BMPC last minute, or recently?

  • @Trackzillas Well that sucks. I'm thinking of cancelling this and just grabbing a BMC MFT mount and saying screw it. Kind of disappointed in BM for this. I get that things don't go as you plan but it does sound like most of us will not receive on till the end of the year.

  • @vicharris I know right.. are those available @ the moment? I was thinking the same thing Late OCT for some & end of the year for the rest of us. Let see how it pans-out, I was hoping on getting it this month to shoot one of my projects with it but from the looks of it won't happen. I'm now forced to look for other alternatives.

  • @TrackZillas Yep, you can order one right now. They are in stock at Adorama and B&H. Messed around with Kholis and Colliers a few weeks ago and the MFT mount versions are much more convenient.

  • Ok, i set myself a deadline until the end of the August: if the Pocket will ship everything will be ok..... If not, i will cancel my order and go Canon... will also sell all my cinelenses.... What i see from the MagicLantern hack amazes me..... So no tears from myside.... What a unprofessional company BM is...

  • @vicharris Wow!!! I'm gonna have to give them a call.

  • @Tungee78 My deadline is more like mid August if not I won't make my shoot date. Myself I'm looking @ the Canon 5D Mark II like the way the .Raw images look even better than the MkIII. Let's not bash BM they are a great company, and very innovative they just have a lateness problem.

  • Why does it seem like these guys don't really believe that deadlines are ever firm?

  • As far as the time and deadlines the BM have the snake oil business model going on...for sure with the 4k model they will face the consequences of many people just getting the readily available 5dIII plus ML.

  • Yep, I'm sure they're not happy about it either and realize the consequences of long delays. Bummer.

  • @luxis There is a way to stop black magic...if youre really upset.

  • Where's the stupid hitler rant video about the shipping delays?

  • @No_SuRReNDeR :) I have not pre ordered anything so I am just fine ;) Maybe BM should call this number right away so can make all the pre ordered cameras appear by tomorrow-last day of July or at least ask the fortune teller for a real date of arrival so people can rest assure.

  • Call me now!

  • LOL sorry had to break the tension... I am just going to wait patiently for mine and be pleasantly surprised when it does. :)

  • Well it's officially shipping finally!!!! BlackMagic just posted this on their twitter feed.

    "New Camera Utility 1.4 Software Update! Features support for now shipping Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Download now!"

    Lets hope the rumors of just one camera per retailer is not true.

  • Also check out the Blackmagic Pocket product page on

    It has changed from shipping in July to BUY NOW! (Just gives links to authorized dealers).

  • I'll wait 60 days, and take advantage of other's experience. Who knows. Maybe something else even better will be announced by then. Right now, my Panasonics and Canons are getting projects done just fine.

  • Oh...this Pocket little baby...

    Unfortunately, I was right regarding this company, right from the beginning of this thread (see page 2, April 8). Here are my comments as of April 8:

    "This pocket baby is just another marketing bullshit! Everything will change for sure (it'll be worse in some specs...)!!!" ------ For now we know that there will be no RAW in the "early shipments" :-)

    "If the members of PV remember, initial BMCC's "marketing" (whith Canon mount) started a long time ago. Where are all these orders now? Some pre-orders are still in the "pre-orders" status? A lot of orders are still in the process of delivery/manufacturing."

    "About a year ago they (BMCC team) promised us a non-active m4/3 version of BMCC? Where is it now?"

    "About a year ago they promised us an active m4/3 version of BMCC? Where is it now?"

    "This whole company reminds me of the RED Scarlet's marketing (initial price was $3000...). Everybody knows what happened then..."

    What a shame and disgrace that Blackmagic Design guys have FUCKED UP once again since the "wonderful" situation that happened to BMCC!!!!!!!!

    Actually, from the point of the shareholders of Blackmagic Design I would have fired CEO!!!! Or this man must retire!!!