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2K BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera, active m43, $995
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  • @kholi Images look nice - well done.

  • Indeed, looks great!

  • @kholi The screens look fantastic. I think it's safe to say you know what you're doing. ;)

  • This guy claims B&H is shipping today!

    Is this guy trustworthy?

  • @kholi - Nice one. Love your work.

  • @Chaos123x I don't think he's lying, but it may just be a review unit rather than an actual Pre-Order production unit. I've followed him for a while, he's not the type to BS it for publicity.

  • @kevin_kirchman

    Why would B&H send out review units and not blackmagic themselves?

  • @Chaos123x I wish I knew...I just got off the chat with BH and they are still saying they do not have any in stock.

  • Another attention whore?

  • Well thanks much fellers.


    Forgot to add this one to the stills which is just the balanced image in one node (Primaries and Saturation, Exposure in DNG tab), and also did a breakdown here (If it's okay to link):

    The other stills are at that link as well.

    I'm FAIRLY sure I'll be able to finish the ProRes versions and they should work on BPC ProRes, it seems largely the same. On the very pointed topic of BPC, though, I think SLRMagic could stand to beef up their line by a pair of lenses, OR, they should make a wide angle adapter specifically for BPC owners that fits the 12, then give us something to buy between the 12 and 25.

    12+Wide Angle Adapter (8.5mm), 15-18(Prime in this range), 25, 35

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • @kholi The 12mm plus a wide angle adapter would be great on this camera but I would be afraid of it going to soft with another piece of glass introduced. I think they would have to use a really nice piece of glass to avoid any problems and who knows what that would be. You know I love this lens but it is pretty dreamy already wide open and even closed down a little.

  • ..what about an 8-16mm sigma with the coming next month m43 to ef speed booster for going wide ? I think using the speed booster as a .7x adapter makes more sense than just using a century .7x

  • @kurth For me, that Sigma is too slow, plus if the speedbooster is used with it, things get crazy wide. Then there's the problem of not being able to put a filter on it and It looks like it might be kind of hard to use a mattebox with it for filters if you need em. Just my 2 cents though. I'm sure others will think it's fine.

    If I was going that route I would just stick with my two Tokinas and put the speedbooster on them. Problem solved but I think we were talking about more native mft glass.

  • DSLR Video Shooter confirmed it is a review unit on his FB page. At least BH has some in their warehouse. I wonder if they are just waiting for BMD to give them the OK.

  • If there's one thing we don't need right now is another review of the camera. Groan...

  • @jimmykorea Because there have been so many?

  • It's a rainless day in Korea Jimmy. Smile! More reviews, I mean someone make a review!

  • Yeah, I'd love to see some more footage. Any footage. Shitty or not.

  • @kholi Nice job man your grading is awesome keep up the great work. Now I can't wait for my BMPC to come.

  • @Quickhitrecord Maybe not official ones but is there honestly anything we dont already know about this camera? When i get the damn thing i expect the manual will instantly fly across the room toward the trashcan. :)

  • Hot Rod Camera says that all the big "select" dealers will only be getting one camera each in this first shipment. Yes they said ONE as in the number 1. lol

    I would say those are very limited quantities. They expect the first substantial shipment at the end of August.

  • @jimmykorea No one's had a camera to review yet, So there are no reviews....

    @vicharris I have plenty of shitty footage but I'm not up for the roasting if I release it. Too hard.


  • @johnbrawley Whats a review but someone using the camera and sharing their thoughts, info and footage. So its kind or funny its you of all people saying that. Plus the camera shares so much from the BMCC that I dont expect to be surprised at this point. I dont suspose its worth all of us
    doing a group PLEASE for you to release shitty footage, personaly I learn a lot from it. Thanks for your input.

    And can I be blunt. I know putting anything out in the public realm for creatives is often tough. But I would say mainly you recieve praise with only a minority of critisim. Plus you dont suffer fools easily yourself and can be pretty direct. When I think of how some guys like Bloom and La Floret etc were literaly crucified its amazing how unscathed from the mob you are honestly.

  • Phillip Bloom was literally crucified? Better call an ambulance.

  • @johnbrawley With order fulfillment supposedly right around the corner and several units already shipped out to reviewers, would you be able to share the uncompressed files from your marketplace and coastline videos?