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Adobe Premiere Pro CC and other CC Suite 2019 products
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  • The unsharp mask is a nice, subtle effect but it takes a long tome to render, at least on my system.

  • New things coming

  • Sharpening video

  • Our NAB interview about new features

  • Using warp stabilizer

  • Adobe PR

    AN JOSE, Calif. --- April 3, 2018 ---Ahead of the 2018 NAB Show, Adobe today announced a major update in Adobe Creative Cloud, giving video professionals new tools to automate and expedite time-consuming production tasks without sacrificing creative control. Available today, the updates include powerful new capabilities for refining color, creating graphics and crafting audio, along with enhanced VR tools, improved collaboration, integration with Adobe Stock and advanced artificial intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei.

    With the growing demand for video, the opportunity for content creators has never been greater, but video professionals are faced with new pressure to deliver more work in less time while ensuring content stands out and meets high audience expectations. In addition, creators must optimize for different platforms, ensure accessibility, meet required broadcast standards and deliver numerous versions of content across languages and regions. This tremendous shift in the way video professionals work requires more refined and streamlined workflows to reduce time to production, giving video creators more time to focus on their craft.

    "The demands and pace of video content creation are reaching levels we've never seen before. The time pressure on video professionals means the need for powerful and efficient creative tools has never been greater," said Steven Warner, vice president of digital video and audio at Adobe. "Adobe video apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects give them that power which, combined with the services available in Creative Cloud, provides broadcasters, media companies, filmmakers and YouTubers a complete ecosystem to bring their stories to screen faster than ever."

    Ranging from Hollywood to Sundance, feature films to premium television channels, a growing number of industry-leading professional editors are using Adobe Premiere Pro CC to bring their creative visions to life. Projects that premiered this year include The Florida ProjectThe SquareOnly the Brave and 6 Below; indie hits RBG, Clara's Ghost and Search; and award-winning series MINDHUNTER and Atlanta.

    Attendees at this year's NAB Show can get a closer look at the newly available features and hear from industry experts at the Adobe booth (#SL4010, South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center) and at over 140 partner booths from April 9--12.

    Video and Audio Workflows: Streamlined and Fine-Tuned

    New feature highlights include:

    • Edit more powerfully with color and light in Premiere Pro CC -- Powered by Adobe Sensei, Color Match two shots with one click, applying editable Lumetri adjustments from one clip to another to achieve visual consistency in scenes and across whole projects. Compare shots using the new split-view.
    • Create animation and graphics more quickly in After Effects CC -- Stacked behaviors and effects in combination with timeline-based animation now make the creative process more visual and intuitive. Apply changes to individual effects across multiple versions of a composition with a single adjustment using new Master Properties. Also, complex motions can be made to any surface mesh with the new Advanced Puppet tool.
    • Sound even better with Sensei-powered audio workflows -- Automatically adjust soundtrack audio around dialog, whether for a single clip or an entire project, with Sensei-enabled autoducking, now available in Adobe Premiere Pro.
    • Bring art to life faster with Character Animator -- Animate personas more quickly and efficiently with a library of behaviors and custom triggers. Drag layers from the Puppet panel into the Triggers panel to apply and refine existing behaviors or create new ones with intuitive new drop targets.
    • Add 360 degrees of creativity with improved tools for immersive content-- Adobe Immersive Environment is now available in After Effects CC, simplifying the immersive workflow to move more efficiently through clean-up and effects tasks. New support for the Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality platform offers a wider range of headsets to choose the best tools for the job.
    • Collaborate more easily in Team Projects -- For the ultimate in project collaboration, real-time presence shows when teammates are online and new badges indicate when a project has been updated.
    • Get content you need with Adobe Stock -- With direct access to millions of curated HD and 4K videos, select clips for establishing shots, fill in the final gaps in projects or enrich storytelling with visual variety. Add sophistication and polish to video content with professionally designed Motion Graphics templates, including animated titling and lower thirds graphics with editable effects and text.
    • Learn panel for new users -- Premiere Pro beginners now have a place to start with targeted tutorials that guide them through the foundational steps of video editing. The new Learn panel is just a click away whenever it's needed.

    Pricing and Availability

    The new features for Adobe Creative Cloud announced at NAB are now available with the latest version of Creative Cloud.

    For more information on pricing, visit

    Multiple subscription plans for Adobe Stock are available at

  • Clip matching promised so many times, so many fails, looking forward to trying it.

  • Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial

  • Green Screen in Adobe Premiere Pro

  • About coming Fall update.

    Make visually stunning videos with the industry-leading video editing software that offers powerful and efficient workflows for color, audio and graphics. The Fall 2017 update to Premiere Pro introduces deep collaboration features, immersive, end-to-end workflows for 360/VR, and Responsive Design time- and position-based controls for working with motion graphics.

    Powerful collaboration features

    Premiere Pro is the only NLE on the market that allows editors to work with multiple open projects concurrently while editing teams can work on a single project simultaneously over a closed or open network.

    Multiple Open Projects

    Work on episodic content without repeatedly having to open and close individual projects. With the ability to open and work in multiple projects simultaneously, you can break up a large production into individual projects per scene, eliminating the need to open and close multiple timelines by accessing individual scene timelines via a tab-based structure. Freely edit and copy portions of one project into another with ease.

    Project Locking

    When working with multiple editors or assistants simultaneously on a single project, lock projects to alert others when a project is currently being edited so other users cannot overwrite edits. Assign read-only access to those that need it for viewing purposes only.

    Cloud-based Collaboration with Adobe Team Projects

    With Team Projects, users of Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise can work more effectively when securing projects. Hosted in the cloud and integrated right into Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Prelude, store source files locally or share lightweight proxies to make it easy for remote editors to collaborate.

    New to this release is the ability to view the personal auto-save history, bring an asset from a previous auto-save into your current version, and create a new Team Project from an auto-save. Improved asset status badges let you know when edits are made by collaborators even before they share their changes. Collaborators also receive periodic reminders to share their changes and can access a more discoverable version history. Team Projects also supports the new Multiple Open Projects feature in Premiere Pro.

    Motion Graphics templates enhancements

    In the Spring of 2017, Adobe introduced a modern, intuitive way to create titles and motion graphics with the Essential Graphics panel and Motion Graphics templates. In this release, Premiere Pro introduces:

    Responsive Design

    The Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro now includes time- and position-based controls for building in Responsive Design to your motion graphics so that your graphics respond intelligently to changes in duration, aspect ratio, and frame size. For example, Responsive Design time-based controls give the ability to preserve the integrity of keyframes (e.g. an intro and outro) so they are not affected by changes made to the overall clip duration. Responsive Design position-based controls preserve the spatial relationship between layers and video frames when adding animation, changing the character count in a tile, or moving between different frame sizes or aspect ratios.

    Manipulate multiple graphic layers

    The graphics workflow in Premiere Pro also has been improved with the ability to select and manipulate multiple graphic layers simultaneously in the program monitor and Essential Graphics panel. A new font menu gives font previews and allows you to select favorites with filtering and improved search options.

    Motion Graphics templates in Adobe Stock

    Editors wanting to work with dynamic, professional graphics, or graphics packages created in After Effects such as titles, lower thirds, bumpers and closing credits, can now access Motion Graphics templates created by talented professionals in Adobe Stock. Access these templates through Creative Cloud Libraries right in Premiere Pro.

    And more…

    Get new format support such as Sony X-OCN and WAV files greater than 4GB. An enhanced getting started experience helps you be successful in Premiere Pro with new coach marks that walk you through a six-step editing process on start-up. Performance is optimized to allow you to access and implement in-camera look decisions directly from within the Lumetri Color panel. Eight additional color labels, as well as automatic gap removal, help you organize, navigate and make changes to your timeline faster. Adobe Media Encoder provides alerts for missing fonts, plug-ins and offline media.

  • Same bug on windows .

  • Today we’re releasing an update for Premiere Pro CC 2017. The 11.1.2 update contains important bug fixes as well as performance improvements. It also adds support for the 10-bit formats of the Panasonic GH5. This is a critical update which is highly recommended for all users.


    After updating Premiere on June 13th with the 11.1.2 update GH5 10 bit 4K files now play properly in Premiere, however, there is an issue when changing the playback resolution. If the playback resolution is set to anything other than full then the playback does a weird scaling thing once it has been initiated. For instance: if playback is set to 1/2 or 1/4 resolution as soon as you press play the viewer which is set to fit will change to playing only the left-hand corner of the 4K image at 100% size in the viewer. So you just see this one section of the video which is no longer playing as though fit to the viewers size. Then once you stop it from playing it reverts back to being fit into the viewer. I tried on both my Mac Pro as well as MacBook Pro and had the same issue.

    It is still Adobe.

  • There is a "new feature" in 2017.1 that has accidentally deleted a lot of people media files. look out Adobe users! Has anyone here had this problem? I was thinking of upgrading from CS6, but, wait...

    Adobe forum on the issue:

    Adobe response here:

  • Our NAB interview