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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100 Mbps Fast Action Performance - Series 2
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  • @DrDave (end of page 4)

    "Anyone test Flowmotion with a different GOP to see if it disappears the Digital Rain on CS6?"

    If you convert to ProRes before editing, it would fix the problem.

  • Shot with Flowmotion 2.02

  • Hi guys. Could someone please clear up how to run 80% 24H slow motion? My gh2 records 24fps in this mode. Shouldn't it be 50/60 fps? btw - are there any patches which changes name of movie mode eg. SH to 720p50?

  • 80% 24H is 30p slowed down 20% 30x0.8=24

  • This is a short documentary I've made with Flow motion 2.02. It is about a guy here in Stockholm who is called "The Magnetist" because he is obsessed with cassette tapes. I used Voigtlander 25mm and SLR Magic 12mm, a cheap chinese 35mm cctv lens and a vintage zoom lens in two shots. I also converted the files with 5D2RGB to get rid of the diagonal rain pattern in Premiere.

    I'm interested if anyone got any problems with playing the video in HD since I've used the 1080p Vimeo option. I wonder if it actually could be to heavy for some computers?

  • Really liking Flowmotion. All aerial shots in this clip taken with Flowmotion. Have also tried Sanity 5, which strangely seems to crash more frequently than Flowmotion (must be using wrong settings)

  • Has anyone done any extensive testing in 720 60p with high shutter speeds for slow motion? i.e 2000 to 4000 range

  • Hi! Flow Motion v2.02 Why the noise? This iso160. Help :(

    1920 x 1080 - 348K
  • @Botvinic, check for the iso bug on PV, there is a know bug where there is a lot of noise if you power up your gh2 on ISOs 160, 320, 640 and 1250, it also occurs when you select it directly, you must at first select a higher iso (for example 200) then go back to 160! if you can't shoot this again, go for neat video, it will completely kill the noise.

  • I shot a feature called ' True Story" on this hack when it first came out... worked brilliantly. Had zero issues except the noise bug a few times.- Id share but the director/producers screwed up the footage by trying to color grade and not knowing what the f-they were doing.

  • Hey guys, I'm a bit of a newbie to my gh2 and to the world of hacking. I've installed the flowmotion 2.2 firmware and, no matter what I shoot, it doesn't seem to want to go over 60mpbs - whether it's in HBR or 24p. Any ideas? Followed the guides down to a t!

  • Try to switch between 24H and 24L.

  • @liamrnr

    Shoot stuff with lots of color and motion. Sports events.

    Is it important to get high bit rate if you don't need it? If so use an "intra" type hack.

  • Flowmotion 2.02 24H standard color settings

  • Flow Motion 2.02

  • Hi All,

    I'm based in the UK and shoot most of my video in PAL 25p via HBR mode with FlowMotion v2.

    I understand that due to the AVCHD standard, 25p is stored in a 50i wrapper on the GH2.

    I use Vegas Pro 12 as my main editor, but when I add my video to the timeline (basing project settings on the first added video) it detects the video as: 1920 x 1080 x 32 25.000i.

    If I use mediainfo on the source MTS file it also shows 25i:

    Width : 1 920 pixels Height : 1 080 pixels Display aspect ratio : 16:9 Frame rate : 25.000 fps Scan type : Interlaced Scan order : Top Field First

    If I then go to properties on the clip and change the field order to "None (Progessive Scan)" the video looks terrible with motion jaggies that wern't there before.

    I'm not sure if this is a FlowMotion issue, a general GH2 issue, or more likely, a user configuration issue.

    Can anyone shed some light?

  • Stick with interlaced projects in that case. It's still a progressive image (in an interlaced wrapper) despite what your NLE is telling you.

  • Disable Resample if all the clips on the Vegas timeline. Right click, properties, disable Resample.

  • Just wanted to point out... this hack is one of the better ones I've used for weddings. I tried Driftwood's DREWnet, which is great... but chews through cards and doesn't span. Flowmotion's 24L spans well, and I just switch between 24L and 24H whenever I'm shooting long takes and b-roll.

    Also, great work on the 80% Slow-mo option... I recently discovered this has it's place in wedding videos. The quality is simply stunning.

    Thanks again!

  • Thank you @LPowell for the most wonderful patch! I have tried many others but always come back to Flow Motion v2: it really is unbeatable for look and reliability.

    In your personal rating (below), where do you rate 24fps:1080p 24L? I'm curious why you left it off.

    In terms of motion picture quality, here's my ranking of the video modes:

    1. 24fps: 1080p 24H mode
    2. 30fps: 1080p 24H 80% Slow-Motion (no sound)
    3. 25fps: 1080p HBR PAL mode
    4. 30fps: 1080p HBR NTSC mode
    5. 50fps: 720p SH PAL mode
    6. 60fps: 720p SH NTSC mode
    7. 25FPS: 1080i FSH PAL mode
    8. 30fps: 1080i FSH NTSC mode

    Thank you.

  • @Jacekk Thanks for the props, always glad to hear of shooters' success with FM2. I optimized the GH2's 24L mode for reliable long-take spanning across 4GB files, and it produces the highest bitrate that was compatible with spanning on standard 30MB/sec SD cards. If you have a 95MB/sec SD card, it should be able to span in any FM2 mode, including the 100Mbps 24H mode, but 24L will give you more recording time on any type of card. Of the 50Mbps FM2 modes, 24L has the highest image quality and for static, non-panning shots it's often hard to spot any perceptible differences between 24L and 24H.

  • If you live in the Asia Pacific part of the world watch out for this on Discovery TLC. Sorry the clip is just from an SD DVD, it's the only copy of the show I have at the moment. I shot it on 2 GH2's using the Flow Motion hack 1080p25. I have used Flow Motion for sometime now and it has proved itself to be entirely reliable. We normally shoot the show on a Canon XF305 but everyone is really pleased with the new look and style the GH2's have given us. I had 1 GH2 on a Glidecam and another that was rigged for shoulder and tripod use. We shot separate sound and sent a mono mix back to the cameras with a radio link for easy syncing in Pluraleyes. The GH2 on the Glidecam was very liberating and Ian, the presenter, loved how we could just go with his enthusiasm. The route to post was conversion to ProRes 422 using ClipWrap, offline on FCP and Online on Avid Symphony with a ProTools dub. Final delivery was on HDCAM SR. The programme duration is 46 mins without commercial breaks.

  • Looks really great @edgenumbers - thank you for sharing your film and experience!

    As a documentary maker myself. I am about to embark on a full length documentary using Flo Motion, which I have used for some time (not on a long form), so it is always reassuring that you had no issues with it through the workflow.

    As a matter of interest, did you deliver @ 25p on HDCAM SR for delivery to Discovery Asia? I live and work in the US and have so much conflicting information on international frame rates that my head is spinning, (I do intend to have international TV distribution - don't we all?), but have decided on 24p as it is camera native for me and more importantly the frame rate can be converted up much better than down.

    Your 2 cents worth on that would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

  • Thanks @Jacekk. Final delivery is 1080i50 so the 25p sits within that, it's termed PsF (Progressive segmented Frame). If you can deliver 23.98 then I think using the GH2 in that mode is a good idea. I think using SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC 95 MB/s cards is an important factor in the success of the hack. It always spanned perfectly.

  • Thank you very much @LPowell!

    I use standard standard Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC cards with Nikon lenses and all manual settings and find Flo Motion spans on all the Lumix movie settings except Motion JPEG HD. I do however tend to shoot in low light situations with fast primes and love the higher bit rate of 24p in the shadows.

    As a documentary filmmaker I do need the long interview times and had always avoided 24L for work because you never gave it a rating in your list (until, I thought to ask!). I had tried it and found it as you say indistinguishable in talking heads and the added running time is what am looking for.

    That is the reason Flo Motion is so great for my purposes - I get quality and spanning at every setting. When making any film for broadcast lengths of 24 minutes plus, storage running time and storage capacity become major issues to take into consideration. A long form documentary with several long interviews can take 10-20 SDHC cards and an equal number of TBs storage in an instant, and that not only eats into production budgets for us indie, self-financed types, but is also a media management nightmare.

    Thanks again.