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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100 Mbps Fast Action Performance - Series 2
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  • @tomw2 This hack, nor any other, doesn't in any way affect the actual programmed functionality of the camera.

    To shoot video in manual mode you should set the dial to the movie camera symbol with an m next to it. All the other modes are for photography and will default to whatever programme you have set.

    Pressing the red button whilst in m or s photo mode shoots video but makes all the other video functions automatic to whatever you have set.

    ISO auto is engaged because you have iso auto set in the Q menu.

    As the saying goes, 'RTFM' :)

  • The introduction to Flow Motion 2 on page one of the thread mentions access to PAL settings, where do we find this in the menu structure?

    press button MENU/SET, go to SETUP, then VIDEO OUT(page 3), select NTSC or PAL, enjoy

  • @TATZU Thank you very much for your support, comments like yours encourage me to continue this work in Spain but not paid well. ;)

  • For all those people that have to work around the "diagonal rain" problem with CS6 and CC 7.0: Today I tested Adobe PPro CC 7.2.1 and can happily say: IT'S GONE! Finally they've fixed it and I can keep on using Flowmotion without any workarounds.

    Is there a special thread for this problem where we can post this news?

  • I shot this short documentary using Flow Motion last summer in East L.A. It's about the second oldest Jewish cemetery in L.A. which has been heavily vandalized and the rabbi who has organized a campaign to restore it. Can't quite remember which lens I used, but most likely the the 12-35.

  • Too bad. I can see that ugly rain effect even on my cs5.5. Tried use 5DtoRGB first, then the issue solved. But it is troublesome for me. I have to use other patch now..

  • where can i find hbr mode menu?

  • @LPowell

    I've been having trouble finding information on this subject because most shooters only seem interested in 24p; What is the highest-quality option for 30p that will reliably span and why do 30p modes have more trouble spanning than 24p ones? I have a Sandisk 128gb 45mb/s Extreme card. I can span 100% of the time with Driftwood's moon T7 patch in 24p, which records at a much higher bitrate than Flowmotion at any setting, but all the high-bitrate HBR 30 patches I've tested won't span reliably. I thought your 24p 80% slow-motion mode would be a solution--that for whatever reason, the camera just functioned more reliably in that mode--but I cannot get past two spans when I push the camera. I would appreciate greatly any advice you have. Thank you!

  • @tormaid 25p and 30p HBR files are recorded and formatted exactly the same as 50i and 60i FSH files. Technically this is called PsF format and its GH2 implementation is not as robust as the 24P encoder. With Flow Motion 2.02, the 100Mbps HBR mode should span reliably with 95MB/sec Class 10 cards. Your 45MB/sec card will record HBR video reliably, but will probably not span across 4GB file boundaries. Unfortunately, since Panasonic did not implement a low-bitrate version of 25p and 30p HBR mode, FM2 cannot provide 60Mbps 25p and 30p modes that would span with your 45MB/sec SD card.

  • So far there is no stable HBR30p patch at all for me. Even 95MB/sec card does not help. Sometimes it stops. All other modes are fine for me (95MB/45MB Sandisk 64 GB). I think i'll try simple double bitrate patch

  • @Alex_K Look at settings/patches by user @bkmcwd. He focusses on stability as one of main goals of settings/patches he creates.

  • thx again @LPowell !!!!

    The Caserta Palace has been used as a filming location in a number of movie productions. In 1997 it served as a filming location for Star Wars when it was used as the setting for Queen Amidala's Royal Palace on Naboo in the 1999 film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It featured again in the 2002 film Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones as Queen Jamilla's palace.

  • @LPowell

    Wow! I am very impressed with your patch. I never really tried or compared your patch to any other patches but I must say very good job. It is very difficult to tell the difference between 24H and the HBR30p modes with Flowmotion 2.02, this in of itself is very impressive.

    What I was looking for is the best patch to use for HBR30p mode. After close analysis and controlled testing. I have come to the conclusion that this patch offers the best HBR30p performance out of all that patches that I have tested to date.

    The only thing that I did to your patch and all of the other patches was tweak it just a little to allow for reliable spanning in the HBR30p mode. This might not be totally fair because some of the tweaks that I made might have altered the IQ of the patch itself, however for the most part all I did was lower the bitrate in the patches to allow for reliable spanning. So I think it is a pretty fair test.

    I have been on a journey with the GH2 trying to find the best setting for 30p mode. First it was Cluster Nebula T-6, then it was Cake v2.3, after that it was a modified version of Moon T-4 and finally Flowmotion 2.02. So to summarize here is my list in order of best IQ and noise patterns for the HBR30p mode, of course this is subjective and people will undoubtedly have their own opinions but here is my 3 top picks.

    1. Flowmotion V2.02
    2. Moon T-4
    3. Cake V2.3

    Thank you Lee for making this patch and sharing your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us.

    Best Regards.

  • @Azo Thanks for your interest in Flow Motion v2. HBR 30p was one of the most challenging modes to optimize for reliable 100Mbps recording. Unfortunately, Panasonic did not see fit to include a low bitrate version of HBR mode, so I was unable to provide a 60Mbps 1080p30 option. If it suits your needs, you can safely lower the HBR bitrate to make 4GB file-spanning more reliable on slower SD cards. Unfortunately, you'll find that the bitrate of FHD mode will also be lowered since the two modes share several internal settings in common.

  • Flowmotion in the action again..... 720 60p, 1/125, 14-140 kit, shot from a jetski.

  • @Rambo Gorgeous shots, snappy pacing, and that techno beat... who's song is that? MusicID couldn't find it.

  • Deja Vu by Mumbai Science, I believe.

    As usual, I loved the video..particularly at the end with close ups of the "Senior" team. Inspiring indeed.

  • Interesting... for some reason Flowmotion seems to be the best patch to use for green screen. I tried Moon T4,T5, Cake V2.3 but had mixed results, the keys come out perfect with Flowmotion. Just drag and drop the keyer in Final Cut ProX and done. I thought that Moon T5 being All Intra would work best but this is not the case.

    Thanks again for this awesome patch.

  • Here's a short I made with flow motion v2 back in december. It's pretty lame until it's really tested in the middle during the dance sequence when I switched over to 720p 60fps with a shutter of 120.

  • Thanks JanH and LPowell.

  • Here's a short I did with Flow Motion (and a couple Nikon V1 4k clips!)

  • I'm new with flowmotion 2.02, but I must say that now my gh2 goes well on playback also. With the great moon T7 I used to get a "cannot play this motion picture" and had to turn off and back on the camera to play back the picture. With flowmotion, instead, I shot several clips and everything seems to work fine. I have a sandisk 95MB/s 64GB card.