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GH2 Digital Sharpening removable with hack?
  • I really would love to turn off digital sharpening in my GH2, it makes some white artifacts around small details that flashes when you move the camera... Will this be possible with future hacks ?
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  • could you please share an example of what you mean? In my experience -2 sharpening is perfectly fine and has never created any artifacts for me.
  • any small detail, I noticed it a lot on grass because I do low altitude aerial filming. -2 improves it but it's always on, just zoom 400% and you clearly see contrast artifacts on dark/bright edges
  • Some of those artifacts may also me macroblocking from the lower original compression. I'll be curious to see if you see them as clearly now with the hack.
  • Also turn off detail enchancer
  • Could he really be referring to aliasing?
  • they look exactly like when you apply sharpening in photoshop, to increase the sharpness perception the camera increase the light contrast around edges, good for a still but very bad in video, I see clearly a problem reduction with sharpness -2, but it should completely turned off. Detail enhancer is off already.. that also make things worst
  • @robbie75vr
    I am a die hard pixel peeper, but I don't experience the same problem. I really doubt that many people out there can see sharpening artifacts at -2, so the only way to help you is for you to show us visually what the issue is, or else we'll be going round in circles trying to describe something so discrete in words, leading to a pointless conversation.
    To answer your original question though, my understanding is that VK will move on to HDMI and film modes after encoder is improved enough, and will therefore, probably be able to give more flexibility in film mode settings including sharpening etc etc
  • yeah ok I will post something but my question was if we can turn off digital sharpening via firmware, not "what is the reason of this artifact".. I know well the sharpening problem and need no clarifications about it, it's something that if you don't know it you don't see it..

  • @robbie75vr
    "Detail enhancer is off already.. that also make things worst"

    Is 'detail enhancer' an actual menu setting in the GH2 or are you talking about your monitor?
  • no no, I meant Intelligent Resolution
  • which is an unsharp masking equivalent...
  • exactly.. all those "filters" are not improving anything in my opinion.. they (Pana) should give to users the options to turn all of them off. I hope Saint Vitaliy will implement this option soon
  • @robbie75vr I.resolution and I.dynamic both have an off mode.
  • yup I know that thanks, but I'm asking about sharpness anyway
  • Same here, I'd like to turn sharpening completely off.
  • +NR settings generally render less sharp, until now most posters recommend turning NR to -2 could turning it up help with this sharpness issue?
  • Not unless you want to kill detail.
  • Have we heard the final word. Is it possible to turn off all added "sharpness" enhancement in the GH2?
  • @proaudio4
    there's no final word yet as it hasn't been investigated yet since it' s 2nd priority along with HDMI after the encoder is reached at satisfactory level. If we want to talk probability, then it's most probably possible.
  • @proaudio4

    I don't know.
    I started looking at film modes stuff this weekend.
  • Thank you!
    Also, I agree with you stefanos. The ideal priority would first be bitrate improvements, HDMI, then other improvements.
  • @stefanos +1.

    -2 is fine with me when I use old legacy lenses. But m43 lenses gives aliasing even at -2 "sometimes". As stefanos said before, it really depends. Then I use a diffusion filter. I guess the body recognizes Lumix m43 lenses and applies some sort of sharpening. If artificial sharpness is a showstopper, use non-m43 lens.
  • @stonebat A definitive way to check that would be to tape over the lens' contacts and do a direct comparison to see if the is a sharpness difference. Would also be interesting to see if the distortion correction is visible. Will try it later...
  • Except, I would not use tape. You may fu*k up the contacts or cause another issue.
  • @Ptchaw Good luck with that. For those who hate the digital sharpening, better to use proven MF lenses. This had been discussed numerous times in some other forums. High bitrate hack boosts images from SLR lenses. Sometimes color grading helps little.

    Don't get me wrong. I like m43 zooms. Fast moving scene would mitigate the digital sharpening to some extent. Set it to AF-C and good to go.