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GH3 Wi-Fi Questions and Apps discussions
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  • Was able to transfer pictures to my mac (10.6.8) using the instructions found here:

    "On our Mac, running 10.6.8, we have set the shared folders to be accessible by the both the user and everyone, both having read and write access. SMB is enabled and is ticked for each user.

    From the DMC-GH3 select
    New Connection
    Send Images Stored in the Camera
    Manual Connection
    When the connection to the Mac has been made the display will then show searching and after this Manual Input
    at this stage enter the Computer name (do not enter the .local extension)
    you should then be given the option to select the destination folder
    next is a connected screen and then a prompt to select either single or multiple images."

  • I got it to work now with my MacBook pro 10.8.4 . Iam using 1.2 firmware version on my gh3. I used Henrys advice but i needed to choose on my Mac in the sharing settings smb-sharing enabled only. So i disabled afp-sharing and somehow i got it to work. My gh3 asked also after "manual input computer name" username and password. I wanted to get lightroom 5 to auto import the folder where the pictures are sent so i needed to put there my administrator username and password to get access to the folder and pictures in it. Now i can take photos and preview them in lightroom right away. And btw i am using full "read and write" access only with my administrator so you dont need to share it with everybody. And yeah i am not sending pictures stored in the camera but iam sending images while recording. However i got that to work also. It is still quite hard and slow to get the connection but at least it works.

  • So why is it that you cannot do liveview during recording on wifi on the GH3 but you can on the G6?

  • Odd - I can send files to my mac OSX 10.8.4 but the folder and all of the JPG images are set to "Sharing & Permissions" to "No Access". So I have to change the "Share Settings", for the Folder and Each JPG image or they do not open. Any ideas here? This is getting so old PANASONIC!

  • So why is it that you cannot do liveview during recording on wifi on the GH3 but you can on the G6?

    Maybe it was to CPU intensive for the high bitrate mode in the GH3, so they disable it for every video mode instead of allowing it for low bitrate modes

  • Anyone else have the issue where the files transfer but they are "sharing & permissions" locked on Mac OSX? Here is my most recent test.

    613 x 630 - 58K
  • Just received my GH3 and love it but I am also having pc connection issues. I am using windows 8 and manual connection method, just having trouble when it asked for username and password? It's a direct connection. Is it my pc name and windows password? I do not have a password on my pc. Also want to show my appreciation for personal view and this amazing community my first and only source of the best answers to all my questions. Thanks

  • @dtbow @benmaus and anyone still interested

    Though @Henry already pointed out, accurately, how to connect and transfer pictures stored in camera with mac 10.6.8. I'll contribute with the instructions for how to "Send Images While Recording" in a mac 10.6.8
    The drill is pretty much the same

    First create a folder where you want the pics to be sent, then type command+i and check the share box, make it Read&Write too. In System Preferences' "Sharing" you'll enable "File Sharing", on bottom left window you choose your "Shared Folder" and in "Users" make sure is Read&Write. Still in the "Options", check "Share folders using AFP" and "Share files and folders using SMB (Windows)", screengrabs follow

    Now through the camera, recap:

    From the GH3 select

    1. Wi-Fi
    2. Wi-Fi Function
    3. New Connection
    4. Send Images While Recording
    5. PC
    6. Direct
    7. Manual Connection

    Camera goes into an slomo "Searching" mode, then when "Select the PC" dialog appears you choose your computer name and when the "Select Destination" dialog you choose the folder to share, in my case GH3 folder. At this point the settings for sent images will appear, case you want to change them hurry up to press the "Display" button :P

    As soon you start shooting a folder (with the date by default) will be created inside your shared folder and inside will be the precious pictures that couldn't wait the public transport. Video... not possible


    A - In my experience I did notice that if photo quality settings is set to raw, you can only transfer raw. If it is the case you want to transfer say smaller Jpeg files, before the wifi connection you should change GH3 photo settings/quality to Jpeg or raw+jpeg

    B - To make this whole complicated process more bearable you can "Select destination from History" after step 2 and then register your computer as favorite; this way you'll jump some steps

    C - To avoid having to enter your password each time you move or erase the pictures stored in your shared folder, once you end up tethering, you can select the shared folder, type command + i and in the cogwheel button apply the read&write properties to "all enclosure items"

    D - If by any chance you are a Panasonic R&D spy pimp, give back the fucking tether with usb cable capability!!!


  • I use the above setting and the files transfer fine now. BUT they are set with "Permissions" not set correctly, so I have to go into each photo file in OSX and change the permission so I can see the photo files. Anyone have a fix for this?

  • @NMS my dear human being what do you mean by "they are set with "Permissions" not set correctly". It is very strange that you need to change permissions just to see the photos... did you try note c?

    C - To avoid having to enter your password each time you move or erase the pictures stored in your shared folder, once you end up tethering, you can select the shared folder, type command + i and in the cogwheel button apply the read&write properties to "all enclosure items"
  • Guys I need your advice. I am planning to buy an olympus 14-35 f/2.0 but I also need to be able to do my job, meaning, I shoot weddings and I don't have money to spend for a good wireless follow focus to use my gh3 on steady, so, do you know if you can control using lumix link the focus on a zuiko lens like you control it on panasonic lenses? Please, if someone has the 14-35 or 35-100 zuiko lens test it to answer me, please, because the cost is getting too high and I don't know what to do.

  • @maxr - Yes, I just tried the C method for setting "All Enclosure Items". It works for the items already in the folder, but when I shoot new photos they are still set with the Permissions set to Name: nobody Read & Write | Everyone No Access. Any other ideas how to fix this boss?

  • @NMS have a look at this article WIRELESS IMPORT DIRECT TO LIGHTROOM FROM THE PANASONIC GH3 even if not using Lightroom you may find some "patch"; since long time Jeffrey Friedl has been developing really cool plugins.

    BTW no boss here :P, if you're impelled to use the "b" word, I'll be fine with brother or bitch, depending on mood. All good

  • @maxr - much appreciation for the links above. Typically, I run a team for CES and big events using Aperture & Canon pro gear with their expensive WIFI units, but will test drive Adobe Lightroom.. We have to have super accurate metadata and perfect photos as we feed the press their photos for part of CES's massive event so I am trying not to reinvent the workflow.

    The workflow from Jeffrey Friedl is cool but alas it is for PCs so his files are not locked via Permissions. Note I did hear that this could be an Apple issue for security, but NO one Knows and I have spoken to many layers of Panasonic members, all who are nice, but still have yet to come correct with a fix.

    For the GH3 it is not quite up to production mode right now, so for my "art project" remixing live photos using Modul8 it would be nice not to have to bounce photos to my 55" monodpad touch screen Windows 7 computer and share a folder with my Mac to then remix live photos using Modul8. It is so cool when it works, but I can not haul around a PC to live VJ gigs.

    Right now I am stuck and very put off by Panasonic's lack of customer service for this and follow up. Also the fact that my local camera store does not really know the product. No camera stores I can find locally in Seattle have a clue. It's basically false advertising to say it works for Macs as I can not get it to work. But perhaps others have on OSX 10.8.5 and I am just missing something?

  • @NMS okay. Now I understand that the workflow you're aiming is quite more complex and bug-free dependable of anything I could have imagined. I'm afraid that it falls far beyond my knowledge or technical capacity

    GH3's crowded with bugs, IMHO these "issues" are specially serious regarding wifi, displays accuracy, menu's memory and TL tools.

    Among other product idiosyncrasies, it's just revolting how Panasonic managed to disable us of a professional workflow (read fast and reliable) regarding tether shooting; not even with a fuck^i^ng usb cable!

    Good luck, I'll keep me eyes open for answers

  • Thanks @maxr - Panasonic is broken as a company. I would buy 200 GH3s if they fixed two things. Instead, head is in the sand with poor customer support, camera stores basically "don't know". Leave customers to waste time in forums to find answers. Then you can not tether a GH3.. Fine. I will sell mine then never to return.

  • @NMS Friday shot an animation for a crowd funding video with 0 budget. 4 guys, 10 hours straight moving little objects; that part was super fun, what wasn't is that it took 5 attempts and 20 mins just to transfer a few pics in order to preview the images in the computer - as I had thought not to further move the camera and needed to check all small objects, framing, etc.

    I convinced myself it would be possible to trigger GH3 via wifi (smart phone or lenusible browser) and start animating... but after seeing the liability I was heading to, I decided to sacrifice the non-frictioness of remote tether; also 10 hours using wifi would get us too close to be out of juice. As a side effect, after some hours the process of repeatedly standing up, clicking and then going down to move objects was maddening uncomfortable.

    In the years I used cable tether cameras (digital and anal•logic) for studio work - mostly reproduction of objects, paintings, drawings and such - not one single fucking time did the tether stop working. It really disgusts me, not even because of the greediness, but the attitude of careless releasing half baked "pro"ducts and not fixing them via firmware updates (see fuji incredible commitment) that in the end it's no other that a lack of respect for our work, for the extra sweat people has to put into solving problems should had never existed

    Well, I really just had came here to say, I understand U :D • BTW, fuck you adobe & apple too!!!

  • ha i gave up on wifi tether on the gh3 ages ago trying to get it to connect with my pc. If i can't figure it out with 10mins then they have lost me. I mean if eyefi can work it out with a dongle.

  • The Panasonic Lumix Link app still leaves much to be desired. In fact, the last update to the App was in May and it is still missing quite a few of the basic functions of the GH3.

    • I'd like to see a Landscape mode so that the app is able to actually take advantage of more of the screen on the device. There is a ton of dead space currently being wasted. I personally have a nice new Google Nexus that I'd love to be able to use this app on, but without landscape mode, is off the table.

    • An option for intervalometer settings would be nice to have. This seems like a feature that should have been included with the initial launch of the application.

    • An option to easily incorporate GPS data would also be very handy. Also a very fundamental feature that should have been included on launch.

    • The fact that you can't actually see the video you are shooting is a little disheartening. Even if you had to view the video in a lower resolution on the device in order to utilize a feature like this, it would be worth it.

    All of this seems rather easy to accomplish being that there are 3rd party apps already in place for Canon and Nikon cameras that include all of the aforementioned features.

    I'm not suggesting that the app be a substitute for a full HD external monitor by any means. However, in the app's current state, it's pretty god damn useless.

    Here's to hoping Panasonic or a 3rd party step and make some changes soon.

  • Hi,

    Is the GH3 capable of streaming live Video Recording via WLAN, possibly within the app?

    Right now i can Only shoot photos, but video will Not be transmitted.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I want to use my Kindle Fire HDX as an external monitor and camera control for my GH3 using Lumix Link. The only way to do it is to "sideload" the Lumix Link "apk" file, because the Kindle does not allow downloads from the Android Play Store. But I cannot find the apk file anywhere. There are a number of links that I can find on Google, but they always refer me to the Google Play store.

    Does anyone know of a link to the Lumix Link apk file please?


  • Adding my request to do what Barry wants: use Kindle Fire HDX to control G6/GX-7. TIA, KL

  • It is possible to connect via wi-fi Gh3/Gm1/G6 to a pc running Windows to get live view monitoring?

  • Ive connected to my home network, entered the network password, and now it is asking for a username and password to continue. I tried the admin login to Windows which I always use (no password), and it fails. Is this what Im supposed to be using? What name/password is it referring to?

  • Well I found out that it was the Windows password protected sharing option. I disabled that and was able to connect. Doesnt matter though because the connection always fails when I try to send a photo.