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GH3 Wi-Fi Questions and Apps discussions
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  • Small update

    [Additional functions for GH3 in Version 2.1]

    • A manual focus function and video recording timer have been added to the Live View screen. Advanced recording settings such as aperture value, shutter speed and exposure compensation can be performed.
    • A function for automatically transmitting pictures recorded on the camera to your smartphone or tablet has been added.

    See at

  • does anyone manage to connect via wifi to a mac ? I still cant.... any idea would be welcome.

  • Anybody know if you can run an external monitor via hdmi and say an ipad simultaneously?

  • I tested HDMI and ipad at the same time on GH3 last night and it does not work. The HDMI feature works well when shooting as play back of the image is instant. I will test sending images over WIFI with HDMI plugged in tonight. Having some issues with WIFI connection now when it worked fine yesterday... Weird.

  • Hi guys, I just received my GH3 and i'm loving the heck out of it. But i cant seem to get it to transfer RAW to my ipad or iPhone. JPG works fine. When I get to that screen on the camera where we're supposed to change format and size, I can't get it to change from JPG to RAW. I don't know if anyone else is having this same issue or if i'm missing something.. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • @thebaz [edit name: @thehaz] - on page 208 in the user manual.

    Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 03.20.40.jpg
    509 x 247 - 49K
  • I wonder if it is possible to easily switch between my 2 GH3's without having to go to wifi settings everytime. As i use the ipad to control logic pro 9 on my mac too it is not very practical switching wifi-networks all the time. Would it be possible to connect to the gh3 via the local wifi?

    The app itself works fine and is a nice addition to an already great camera!

  • Hello i just received my GH3 and i am happy with it !! BUT when i try get LUMIX LINK from GOOGLE STORE or ITUNES i get error LUMIX Link is not supported in your country!!! ;((( What panasonic sells GH3s in my country but lumix link is not working ??? I live in Slovenia (Europe) and i read in other forums and youtube comments that some users from other countrys have same problems. So now i see comments why should i not contact panasonic and my store which sells me my GH3.. Yes is did contact and nothing happend!!

    Now iam asking for some kind ppl here IF there is someone who would send me lumix link app for android or ipad mini on my email Thanks alot

  • @pind Is it that your language isn't supported? Try downloading "English" version by changing language on play store.

  • @Henry it say my country is not supported... I try change language but it doesent help :((( ...

    Can some1 be so kind to upload ipad or android version for me ? or send to my mail i know its not big file its like 3-5 Mb .. Thank you

  • I think you can move your AppleID location to get the US App Store instead of your regional one.

  • @larsarus i did try from US App Store and when i press download or install i get dialog that telling me to switch to my Slovenian store and there is only OK button to press... so there is no way for me to get this app!! Get it? Instead of writing what should i do you can just send me that 5 Mb app ??

    thank you

  • Guys happy news some guy named Clement send me lumix link apk. on my mail. So happy :DD So i like to thank him and this forum that help me solve the problem!!

    No need to send me anymore :D


  • @pind you're welcome :).

    For those of you who'd like to run Lumix Link on a PC, I tried for several hours, without luck ...

    Lumix Link needs Wifi up and running on the device. The only way to have the Wifi working is to use android-x86 (virtual or emulate environments don't support Wifi, I tried both Android SDK and WindowsAndroid, Bluestacks don't recognize my video card, but I don't think it support Wifi anyway).

    I downloaded a LiveCD that works ok on my thinkpads (from here :, turn off the display sleep mode (because it doesn't wake up if it goes off), installed the Lumix Link apk, but it crashes at start (an older version of Link launches, but don't support GH3).

    If someone else want to give it a try, help yourself.

    My first goal was to be able to sniff the Wifi traffic to see what it looks like, but it must be using TLS anyway, an Android phone/tablet "rooted" should allow to do that with "shark for root", or a linux PC with Wireshark and a Wifi adapter that support monitor mode, but my Wifi card doesn't.

    The next step could be to use nmap on the GH3 to see if the TLS implementation has some known security weakness, or maybe a hack could give access to the GH3 private key.

  • Hello. My GH3 wifi is not broadcasting. When I first turned it on it showed up in my wifi connections and I connected quickly, then it went off completely and shows it is not in range. I thought I figured out the reason, as I moved it away from my computer (maybe causing interference I thought) and it seemed to work, but now is not working again, at all. The blue light is on on the camera but it does not show up in my Android (Nexus 4). I thought maybe it is my phone OS, but it is not showing up in my computer either, so the wifi is not broadcasting. I hope I don't have to send it to the service center. Any thoughts? Thank you.

  • @rubberbandito - have you tried to reset?

  • Ok, I just tried all the resets including wifi and then I tried to rename the SSID, nothing, not broadcasting. I bought on Amazon and got it to work after I bought it after it went off and on. Now the Amazon replacement guarantee over so I have to send back to Panasonic it looks like. I googled everywhere and no one lists the same problem I am having.

  • I have installed the new 1.1 firmware but still cannot send pictures to my macbook pro via wifi, even though the update was supposed to fix this. I have similar issues to @v10tdi: the gh3 says "connecting" but never does, requires a battery pull to terminate. Has anyone had success with this using the new 1.1 firmware? If so, can someone please post instructions. The manual is confusing on this issue. Thanks!

  • I was out doing my first attempts at shooting some hyper-lapse photography, and thought using Lumix Link as a remote trigger (I don't have a dedicated remote yet) would be brilliant. It was, while it was working. The iPhone was probably somewhere between 40% and 50% charge when I started. During the first 20 minutes the GH3-iPhone WIFI connection went down 3 times and I had to restart Lumix Link to be able to continue, and then my iPhone suddenly shut itself down and I had to continue on with 2s timer shooting instead. It seemed even though it was never more than 1m between the GH3 and the iPhone at all times, the WIFI really drained the iPhone fast. The temperature I was working in was probably -5C.

    Maybe a non-live-view remote trigger app can be developed - I bet the continuous live-view streaming was one of the things that caused the iPhone to shut down so fast. I will probably not need it though since I already ordered a dedicated remote a week ago for such purposes, but maybe in an emergency :)

  • Hi everyone, I'm actually "working" on a way to control the GH3 from any device (PC, MAC, Android, ...), I made good progress (see here :, but I would need someone knowledgeable in SOAP (and eventually uPnP protocol) to help me understand how I could receive the video stream.

    If someone can help, please contact me.

    @larsarus a non-live-view remote trigger app is exactly what you will find in the link I provided ...

  • @lasarus, "dedicated remote" where did you order this ? will this work for start/stop recording also ?

  • @feha I just ordered a Panasonic-compatible remote form DealExtreme ( This one if I'm not mistaken:

    It has not arrived yet, so I can't say anything about how well it works or if it starts and stops video (I guess it does). For hyper-lapse photography, a wired remote should work just as well (or better). I kind of lost faith in using Lumix Link as a remote out in the woods when I need wireless though, so I wanted an alternative wireless option that wouldn't use camera or phone battery.

    I will report back with a mini-review when it arrives...

  • @larsarus thank you, i just needed something as simple as this , to put on the rig handle :-)

  • @jasonmo no, firmware 1.1 doesn't solve the issue sending pictures to a Mac (and it has never promised). They only added connection to a PC by selecting a NetBIOS name. To send images to a Mac you still need at least one Windows PC on your network (see my previous post above or

  • I can't download Lumix link from my country. Is there any chance that I can get this app for android somewhere else? THanks