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Pure notebooks as tablets alternative
  • This discussion was created from comments split from: Acer presents 1080p W700 tablet with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

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  • I am dissapointed, I was going to grab one of the Acer W700 tablets. I wanted the thunderbolt for use with BMDCC and ultrascope.

    Acer announced they had dropped the thunderbolt from the specifications about a month before the release.

    I always lease my notebooks. So it was off to the Apple Shop for me.

  • I got a Macbook Pro today .. am on it now .. it's way funny (weird) but I am sure I can adjust. The price of getting thunderbolt NOW .. it has 2 graphic cards .. 2 thunderbolts .. and very nice screen.

    I am couldn't wait for thunderbolt to get to windows, I tried

  • @kavadni Which model did you grab?

  • @vicharris .. A1398 .. meaningless

    15" Retina 2880x1800, 2.3GHz, 8GB, 256GB SSD
    it has Intel HD4000 and Nvidia GT650M 1GB
    Also 2 x Thunderbolt, 2 x USB3, and HDMI out

    It's the second best one

    I think it will do everything I need for both BMD and shooting 3D

  • In part I managed to squeeze into the budget by getting Jane (the missus) a new ipad in the lease deal .. I also scored a new playstation 3 because lease was over $3000 .. putting that away for my son at xmas

  • Got it. Do you know if they'll have provide the Acer with Thunderbolt or has it been dropped all together?

  • I think that Thunderbolt will eventually be available on windows machines, I doubt that Acer will ever do it on the W700 .. it will be a new model.