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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • Hi Nick @driftwood! :-)

    I take care so that it may not become your obstacle, but how should I do?

  • sorry for the pic had to delete video do to privacy issues,the pic is of my homemade dolly I used in the deleted video.

    1024 x 576 - 213K
  • Cluster DREWnet (12/15 GOP) v9 Boom 12/01/2013


    • Driftwood Boom 4444 Matrix
    • 90Mbps Hi Bitrate Long GOP 1080p24/80% Mode
    • 32-38Mbps HBR/FSH
    • 48-50Mbps 720p
    • 2K MJPEG
    • QP16 Picture Quantiser for superior Quality
    • Pasadena Pulse Audio Patch V2 B2, by Per Lichtman
    • Superb 1080p24 mode for hi-quality LOW QP wide shots and ridiculously good low pass filtering for mid to tight shots.

    Cluster v9 'Nebula' 6 GOP 'Boom 4444 Matrix' variation with tighter i frames - Coming soon!

    Cluster v9 Boom '4444 Matrix'
  • Driftwood the GH2 'Low Rider' trial Setting and report back any findings. :-)

    With Low Rider we are using Quantisation to drive the bitrate and quantisation together with Chris Brandin's excellent AQ routines on top of a fairly mid-range lowpass frequency CQMatrice.

    The whole idea of Low Rider is to see how low we can get QP (and how to balance the CQM with Initial Q) for most sorts of pictures without introducing artefacts etc... Subsequently, the encoder resolves great picture detail at Low Rider's Intra modes (and 3 GOP on 720p) without neccesarily over taxing the encoder with an intensive matrix.

    The Low Rider matrix is tighter than stock levels but nowhere near as 'pushy' as some of the other Intra matrices of the past. I initially chose a IQ of 16 but felt 17 offered a more balanced overall picture quantisation without greater degrees of DC range.

    The result is macroblock QP ranges of 9 to 20 (often lower) for most pictures and perhaps the best overall Intra yet. However, you decide and test.

    Low Rider test 2 and 3 have been shelved and the research now forms part of the newer Cluster X series.

    Currently, Low Rider eats the following out of your precious (decent) SD card;-

    • Intra 24p eats around 100Mbps to 148Mbps
    • HBR/1080i around 90Mbps to 113Mbps
    • 720p 3 GOP modes at around 75Mbps to 84Mbps.

    Info for Testers:

    • We're still testing FSH (1080i) modes - unfinished
    • 80% Modes - unfinished
    • Rec Modes sometimes freeze.
    Low Rider -
  • Quantum GH3 Matrix Setting Test 2

    Recommended: Good for Intra documentary making.

    Low mem cost - Great quality 1080p24/25p/30p Intra utilising the .mov GH3 matrix scaling tables & deblocking simply inserted into the GH2. Plus 3 GOP PAL 50p and 6 GOP 60p 720 modes. cbrandin's AQ1 and AQ2 is back in use here providing avg 14-16 Q for 1080 modes and lower for 720p modes. Experimental Setting requires testing.

    • 24p =50-100Mbps avg
    • HBR 25p/30p = 50-88Mbps avg
    • 720 modes = 50Mbps avg

    Cluster 'DREWnet' GOP12/15 (LongGOP) Test 4 version of the GH3 Matrices. Including:-

    • 40M to 80M bitrates for 24p record modes
    • 40M HBR/1080i record modes
    • 50M+ 720p modes
    • The GH3's .mov scaling matrix on 24p mode
    • The GH3's AVCHD scaling matrix on1080i/HBR/720p modes
    • deblocking table from .mov All-I modes for 24p and AVCHD deblocking tables for everything else.

    Note: The GH2 does not employ adaptive 8x8 & 4x4 Transform as does the GH3.

    'Quantum' Intra GH3 Matrix TRIAL
    24p in motion grab - using just 75Mbps data rate of your sdcard via the new Quantum GH3 Matrix 2 setting.png
    2560 x 1440 - 6M
    GH3 4x4 Sclaing Matrix on the GH2.png
    1255 x 1026 - 101K
    GH3 4x4 Scaling Matrix HBR 25p Test on the GH2 - avg QP16.png
    2367 x 1225 - 137K
    Cluster 'DREWnetGH3' TEST4
  • *** NEW ***

    Cluster v8 'DREWnet' (12/15 Classic PAL/NTSC GOP) variation with cbrandin 'Cinema Smooth Matrix' Released 11/01/2013


    • cbrandin's hi-quality chroma/luma low pass filter 'Cinema Smooth Matrix'
    • 90Mbps Hi Bitrate Long GOP 1080p24/80% Mode
    • 38Mbps HBR/FSH
    • 50Mbps 720p
    • 2K MJPEG
    • QP16 Picture Quantiser for superior Quality
    • Pasadena Pulse Audio Patch V2 B2, by Per Lichtman
    • Outstanding 1080p24 mode for hi-quality LOW QP wide shots.

    Cluster v8 'Nebula' 6 GOP TBA

    cinema smooth matrix.png
    2435 x 259 - 31K
    Cluster v8 'DREWnet' 12 and 15 GOP - cinema smooth -
  • Apocalypse Now - Settings

    Apocalypse Now 'Intravenus' v2 With cbrandin 'Smooth Cinema' Matrix

    • Intra GOP1 24p & HBR/FSH +3/ 6 GOP 720p Modes - Released 29//12/2012

    Another experimental setting in the Apocalypse Now suite. Not really a version 2 but a variation utilising Chris Brandin's other low pass frequency matrix. There are subtle differences between 444 matrix (see Intravenus v1 on other thread) and this one.

    The main goal in tuning these settings was to achieve high PSNR (Peak signal to noise ratio) averaging around at least 50dbs on all modes whilst looking at ways of knocking out artefacts. We all know that PSNR shouldn't necessarily be used to judge picture quality, however, elecard's Q results continually prove that a high PSNR is fairly reflective of decent signal to noise whether or not human visual perception 'sees' not much difference. It certainly helps in the grade. A higher PSNR would normally indicate that the reconstruction is of higher quality.

    Once again this setting pushes things to the limit and you will need a decent hi-speed SD card to make use of not only very high Intra 24p but also 80Mbps+ averaging for HBR/1080i and 720p modes.

    Once again, a big thank you to @cbrandin in analysing and developing the 'Cinema Smooth' matrix.

    Driftwood Intravenus variation 2 - smooth cinema matrix -