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Black Magic: Official $1,995 raw cinema camera topic, series 2
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  • I just changed my order to m4/3 .. I am glad .. and sad .. will have to wait another 4 months

  • Anyway a 10mm S16 FOV is around 62° about the same as 30mm on FF ,that's not so wiiiiiide :s Back to scratch... :p

  • @kavadni Having no investment in EF, it's the right decision :-)

  • @kavadni - where did you order?

    B&H has no mention of the MFT version.

  • @rockroadpix, from a broadcast trade seller. (Vizcom in Western Australia).

    It's a email and telephone affair, they are 5kms away

  • Big news. Anyone know if this new version will work with MFT-adapted Lomo OCT-18s?

  • As long as the mount can be adapted to mft, anything fits, but its the image circle that will be in question. What's OCT's image circle? If you can fit it on Gh2 and get a reasonable image with little vignetting, then chances are BMC can take it as well. C mounts and the like were designed for 16mm film, which is much smaller than both GH2 and BMC sensors.

  • Blackmagic change it up with a passive m43 mount.

    This one deserve a new discussion thread. Finally ! I have been acting like a mad man on this from the time BMD camera was announced. That EF lens mount was/is stupid, considering the sensor size. Read the news here :

  • @010101 EF isn't stupid at all. There's tonnes of cinematographers out there that have invested in EF glass and the Canon system. The stupid decision was not to release both at the same time, but they've addressed that very quickly.

  • @itimjim It's all very good to call them "stupid" when they dind't know if they'd even make a succesful product before they announced. Hindsight is great when you're not the one risking millions on the launch.

    They wanted to dip their toe in the water. The launch was very successful and they've made a quick response to one of the main sticking points for those that were sitting on the fence.

    Canon have sold 80 million EF lenses. They wanted to appeal t the widest possible market and they saw this camera as a good alternative to a 5Dmk2 shooter who wanted something better in terms of DR and gradability.


  • Are there any 43 or M43 lenses wider than 10mm that are neither fisheye nor focus-by-wire? Or will the use of UWA lenses require an active mount?

    The passive M43 mount seems like great news for lens variety and fast lenses in particular, I was just hoping that we could get access to the even wider lenses (not fisheye) for the mount at the same time.

    Either way, this may be the tipping point for many buyers and I think BM will sell even more of them now.

  • @kazuo

    Thanks, I figured as such. They work great on the GH2 without vignetting. I'll just need to measure how far the rear element protrudes from the lens body and make sure that there is enough clearance. It's good news as I have invested some money in this set.

  • Well, B&H has it listed. Count me as being in!

  • OH HAPPY DAY!!!!! Man this is an amazing development. Now my collection of Minolta Rokkor X lenses will be able to have a new home on not just a GH3 but also a BMC MFT! This just made my next camera purchase that much harder. I was just thinking how a combo of GH3 and BMC would be a good tool kit, but this really made that even more of a compelling option.

  • December 30th? So essentially, January 2013. But, better than next Summer.

  • @johnbrawley Maybe I was being a bit flippant by echoing the previous 'stupid' assertion. I fully understand the need for EF, and I think it would have been madness not to release one. I thought it was a missed opportunity not to realise the appetite for a small flange distance mount, as it'll be the pros that fully endorse this product, and they need something that they can adapt PL to. I personally believe, BM's move into mFT will secure the commercial success of this platform.

    I've been a big fan/supporter of BMCC since it's announcement and was ready to put my order in. But, I thought I'd just put myself on hold until IBC, just in case. In fact, it's not paid off waiting, because BM have been so good about switching orders - which is incredible customer service, and why I'm happy to do business with these guys.

  • Looks like BMD concluded that the world of camera lenses boils down to one major choice: Canon vs Everyone Else. It kind of reminds me of the PC revolution in the early 80's when it was IBM vs Everyone Else, with Apple leading the insurgents. Back then, however, PC compatibility issues were the inverse of today's lens mount conumdrum - IBM's was the open standard vs Apple's proprietary OS. Most other ironies hold as well.

    The thing that puzzles me about the MFT standard is this: why haven't they openly documented and promoted the MFT electronic lens control protocols? I'd think this would give Panasonic and Olympus a major boost in third party support for the system. Of course, Canon hasn't done so either, but as was the case with IBM, Canon's huge market share has motivated third parties to reverse-engineer it on their own. What makes this an important issue is that the EF and MFT protocols have emerged as the two major competing standards for electronic lens control. (Nikon's F-mount is the odd man out, because it is a hybrid electro-mechanical system rather than all-electronic.)

    For me personally, I'd also be in the manual-focus camp, so the MFT BMC would suit my purposes just fine. Even if the BMC had electronic lens control, the AF100 would be a better choice for ENG-style use of auto-exposure/focus MFT servo lenses anyway. And for light-weight portible flexibility, nothing can beat the GH2 for its price. What the BMC competes against are the Canon 5DMkIII and Nikon D800. BMC wins because 12-bit RAW video is no doubt the wave of the future.

  • @LPowell BMC wins with just 10-bit ProRes 422 HQ, RAW is an incredible bonus.

  • pre-ordering is a bad idea. I didn't pre-order and i don't think I ever will after seeing this. cameras releasing new products without releasing previously released products. its getting ridiculous.
    I'll leave that up to the brainwashed consumers out there.

    edit: nevermind. i actually change my mind about this post. so ignore me.

  • @cls105 - after seeing what? :rolleyes:

  • @cls105 agreed, I'm no longer going to preorder, and pre-pay on a unit unless it is the exact specs that I want. I'm close, if not at the top of the line where I bought the EOS version of the camera from. I kinda wish I just kept that money in my pocket so I wouldn't be so annoyed about having to wait until December for a MFT mount.

  • @itimjim and @JohnBrawley, I never wanted to make the impression that EF mount is stupid. EF mount on this version of BMD was stupid. Who cares how many EF mounts Canon have sold. They are not a good match to this sensor size. Do you know how many high performance tires exist out there made for SUVs !? Would you consider it a good design decision if Ferrari put SUV tires under their latest fast car just because there are a lot of them out there !? It might work but definitely we will have some limitations.

    Any how - this is a wonderful news and there is no point for bickering on the past. I extend my true token of appreciation to John Brawley for all he has done for this community. Perhaps if he was not there, the BMDCC was not this awesome, history maker camera as it is now. Special thanks to Black Magic Design Cinema Camera team for all they have done.

  • I do not normally spend much time worrying about pixel pitch so can somebody help me out with this?

    If we compare a 1920x1080 crop from BMCC to the GH2 in 24H ETC mode, what is the difference in the crop factor relative to full frame? I have gotten used to shooting the moon with a 400mm lens in ETC mode on the GH2 and would like a sense for how much more magnification that will provide vs a similar crop on the BMCC.

  • I just pre-ordered on B&H. I'm not charged until it ships. You don't HAVE to pay up front. You can cancel the order before the ship date. Heck, you can return it to them within (I think) 15-30 days. Being someone that is paid to shoot, the parameters now are, "What camera(s) do you have?" What used to be more prevalent was, "We love your work, you're hired, what camera do you prefer?" I'm not getting locked out of work because I didn't to drop the change on what is less than what DVX100 was when it was all that. The second that someone uses the cam in a professional capacity and they love it, a LOT of clients will want to see what it is capable of doing. I'm going to guess that I'll recoup the body cost within months. That's 15 days of shooting if I'm at the average rate for Winter in the NYC area.