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Thinking about Glidetrack HD. Any suggestions?
  • I've been building up my technical capabilities lately. So now I'm thinking about Glidetrack HD ( . It's quite expensive so any opinions are welcome. What do You think about this particular model or any other alternatives? I like it because it looks like it could handle Sony Ex3 and vertical position is a great option.

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  • My understanding is that they claim reduced noise as the main plus.
    Some of the claims in descriptions are clearly not true. Adjustments of their plastic bearings are not faster or more easy compared with any good roller based slider.

    If you want something cheap, with exceptional quality - I suggest Varavon. They use only rollers. But they are very good.

  • It´s simply a Igus slider buyed my for about 200€

  • @Kihlian

    It is not Igus, check carefully. It uses same rails, but not same sliding base, as it has rollers.

  • I had a Glidetrack SD. It was quick to setup, portable and easy to mount on a tripod. It was also REALLY hard to get good shots with. Compared to using a Kessler (or similar dolly) with rollers, there's no contest. It's exactly like using friction based heads for panning and tilting vs. fluid heads (and by that I mean real fluid heads...), you just can't get it properly smooth with friction. I'd recommend a roller based slider. Don't know any brands there, but I think Konova is one.

  • You are right, on the IGUS you have to buy a motor, I´m going to do it, I bought the slider but is useless for now.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Varavon looks good, but can it do vertical movement or upside up?

  • Varavon looks good, but can it do vertical movement or upside up?

    I don't see any problems with both.

    But I strongly suggest properly tuning rollers and use something to smooth vertical movement (I think it is same for every slider).

    You can check V sliders at

    They are usually on deals once or twice per week.

  • Vitaliy, I found nothing here about konova sliders, they looks very similar to varavon sliders. Have you experience with these products?

  • I've used the Konova and it is a really well built and smooth product. I haven't used the Varavon but they look very similar in terms of quality and function.

  • I've A-B'd the Konova and Kessler. I give Kessler the slight nod but it wasn't too far. Konova is a great value and you get more stuff. But i would check out the Varavon S model which is above the Lite version. This is what i would get now for bang4buck (if you don't need a motor). I hope they produce a decent inexpensive motor for TL.

  • @pvjames I just purchased a Varavon Slidercam S (900mm) through Vitaliy's CatchIt Deals. I put together an Igus slider from parts (friction not roller version) a year ago and it's nearly impossible to get any kind of smooth consistent motion out of it. I'm sure the Varavon will be much better. I bought the S version as I think I should be more suited to motorisation than the smaller Lite version.

  • can the Varavon Slidercam S handle a Panasonic AF101 with 1.5 lb lens or would you need the next model up - the narrowness of track makes me feel it is meant for dslrs?

  • I also want to buy a cheap slider. Has anyone experience with the Konova K2? Want to buy the 60cm so I have something portable. These are roller bearings, but I'm hesitant, because they are one of the cheapest -- well, import directly from Korea, so plus import tax, etc.

    Maybe this is not the right thread to ask.

  • @ade4all

    Must be good. It has very sturdy steel rails, so you can use quite big weight.


    Konova is reseller, not manufacturer.
    So, just suggest Varavon 600 :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks. I now see that. So the Varavon Slidecam Lite 600. A good portable slider for GH2?

    Does anyone know a good European store that sells Varavon?

  • thanks for the info Vitaliy, am sorely tempted by that great deal you got going....its between this and the Digital Juice, which is a meatier more solid looking slider - more expensive too - they both have their merits - but if the Varavon can handle the af101 as smoothly then price and ease of travel make it a good choice

  • if you want cheap- buy the original industrial slider and drill the mounting hole yourself:

    its called DryLin by IGUS.

  • yes have tried a version of this & didnt get on with it really, am looking for a bearing type of slider

  • @fatpig The IGUS DryLin is friction based and is difficult to make smooth movements with. That's why most eventually upgrade to a bearing type slider. I have an IGUS and recently purchased a Varavon Slidercam S.

  • so how are you finding the Varavon then Pundit?

  • @ade4all I have Varavon S1200 and I have no need for anything else. It's good with EX3 and it does look good. One thing to think about is heavy tripod and/or two good stands to put slider on.

  • good to hear thanks janis, my mind is made up

  • I have a Drylin and a Kanova.. the Kanova is great, the Drylin I did a few mods to and its decent.. but there is a reason I have the Konova, its a better slider and I can usually get the shot first try , the Drylin I can get the shot but some times takes 3 attempts to get a perfect slide. Friction based is just harder to get a perfect smooth slide. one other option is a skater dolly.. if you have a nice smooth place to run it on .. or bring your own surface to run it .. you can make a nice track for it, with channeled aluminum.