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OBS exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail 161M-setting, CIBF-CBR
  • NEW setting OBS exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail 161M-setting; (download below) some info: Comment=OBS AQ4-Q8 161M-setting exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail, CIBF-CBR: 1080p24H, 720p50SH, HBR, 1080iFSH(50), 80%24L + Pasadena-Pulse-Audio-V2-Beta2; [tested with manual lens, (auto-lens check for yourself)] SD_Card=95Mbits/s recommended; tested with Sandisk SDHC 8GB 95Mbits/s Camera=OBS exTReme-KAYSERI GH2 v1.11 ptool v3.65d (setting see below as zip...)

    @rajamalik @thepalalias @Benibube thank you for the comments guys. @cjdincer

    rajamalik, @coors thanks for testing the setting(s) guys; rajamalik Congratulations for your little b...

    Releasing the setting, after very long time working on it, the name and some info see 1st alinea:

    I know it was/is a challenge (AQ4 and Q8 in the same setting) for most detailed and lower compression setting and want everything constant bitrate-style and rajamalik asking for the most detailed one every time but here is the release of the "OBS AQ4-Q8 161M-setting exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail" setting, the setting shows (due to using lower compression in the setting, but I believe so you see more), maybe say high ISO, a little bit more noise/maybe artifacts, I did not used 3rd party matrix, but the goal is to get every bit (in this situation pixel) what GH2 is seeing/recording, out of it and see everything yourself when playing back and in post too, and cbr-style bitrates too; (do the rest/editing in post).

    Okay it's logical to say when you have an very detailed and low compression setting, on high ISO you see some more noise/artifact etc. but you get everyhing out of the gh2 I believe. But I believe, if an "matrix master" can make a matrix especially for this or similar setting then we get an setting with some reduced noise/artifacts directly on the sd-card itself. But matrix by the way is a subjective matter therefor it is up to you to judge or not judge things by matrix way but settings way. And I did not used third party matrix for the setting.

    But, on the other hand: maybe there will be enthousiat users to get/shot/capture, you name it, this way and do rest in post, I think and believe it is maybe some personal taste and this setting is on paper very good for low detailed scenes or for someone always looking for it or exactly want details and seeing that little bit more.

    The setting gives you constant bitrate-style bitrates and for example 720p50 give you around 100Mbit-range bitrates, this is high in comparison with some other gop-1 720p50 settings/ and some of the other gop-1 720p setting are not working reported earlier by others I though. Don't forget 1080iFSH(50) is available too and also to try for slow motion with deinterlacing in post for 1080p50, maybe this setting is better then other 1080i also, who knows. (This is for some of you as a fan of deinterlacing 1080i to 1080p50 in post, instead of 720p50 give a try too.)

    Suggestion: Maybe, from scratch, a matrix master or a matrix maker can make a matrix to also temper some noise/artifacts, high ISO etc. especially for this setting, but also this setting is for people who get the most details out of gh2 and loves to do things in post...

    Setting itself, "OBS AQ4-Q8 161M-setting exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail":

    (for me unbelievable to let the setting work with AQ4 and Q8 in the same setting at the same time, "All to detail and low compression" at a such high setting, especially when you know that settings for some mode influences the other mode, but I've got them work together for:)

    • working (/or say, I tested) for the modes => 1080p24H, 720p50SH, HBR, 1080iFSH(50), 80%24L but, with such high bitrate setting it was not easy to get, all the modes above, working
    • for all the modes I've written above, constant i-frames-style (+ b-frames for 720p50), cibf-style, except for 80%24L though it has high i-frames between around 360KB to max around 780KB, average around 600KB, and constant bitrate-style, cbr-style, for all the modes I've written above too, (including for 80%24L mode)
    • tested with manual lens, (auto-lens check for yourself)
    • there is a time-limit 3:45min but every mode is working for me with my setup (sd card and manual lens), so recording and also in cam playback available for, maybe including but not limited to (does mean other modes such as 720p60 needs testing, test for your country, I tested the PAL), the modes from above
    • sandisk 8GB SDHC 95Mbits/s card

    some bitrates I've got during testing, setting for 1080p24 is high to the 150M range, but see others very good ones: - 720p50 100M (for slo-mo see 1080i fsh(50) mode too, for using deinterlacing in post) - 1080i FSH (50i) 100M (especially for people who want 1080p slow motion with deinterlacing) - HBR 100M (I think very good one for hbr) - 80% 24L 100M

    here is the setting as .zip file attached

    OBS AQ4-Q8 161M-setting exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail,
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  • Check streamparser.

  • @driftwood welcome sir.

    I used Sedna A AQ4 161mbit CBR Patch from obscura it's the same patch above the only thing diffrs is the matrix. In Sedna A AQ4 161mbit CBR - noise levels are instable. I can see noise starts from iso 800 it gets heavy around iso 1600. Iso 1600 looks like iso 2500 compared to other patches. we cannot use over Iso 1250 for sure. no doubt it is bad in low light.

    The details are very good sir.its sharp and punchy too.

    it is sharper and has more details than default Sedna A AQ1 but it sure looses low noise performance and filmic look.

    I realised after using this that Over sharp and over detailed shot may kill the smooth deep color film like looks in the footage.

    did u tried this patch?? any suggestion sir??

  • What Obscura must realise (cus Ive already been here with AQ4 on) is that the difference in Q wiill be massive between shadows and highlights and although you may get low Q in uppermost part of the picture from then on it will degrade massively. Apart from that I see no difference in what's gone before with my older 'pushy' Intra settings.

  • çemeni fazla geldi bu setting in ( I could not help it, have to say something) good work mate.

  • today's report this setting will get bad above iso 1000,...yes found more noise than usual above iso 1000. other driftwood setting can be taken upto iso 1600. but this one a big no. for low light this one is a very bad performer.

    we have few solutions to overcome. if you own a very good prime lens say below f1.8 you can shoot well. just keep your iso below 1250. thats all.

    details it has maximum detail i have ever seen. wow sharpness in f6.3 and above. tried f22 at day light. super sharpness and details. smooth -2-2-2-2 is the best one to keep up smoother filmic feel. you can do gradings well it seems. not tested yet in post production.

    but conditions are concluded

    condition 1. never shoot above iso 1000 2. dont shoot closeups above f8, because it captures face so sharp and rough. gets deep details. if your artist makeup is so good and if you are planning to soft it down in post go for it. 3. 720p fails most so dont ever take it up 4. very very good for outdoor shooting day light etc.... 5. better take canis majoris night for indoor. i feel this is a bit more effort to keep up without noise in artificial lights. 6.i dont have a nokton 0.95 but sure this will shoot so sharp on f0.95 (usually other patches needs f2.0 for a sharper one from nokton)because it captures up super details.

    thats all,...if anyone finds more of it please update.., will be much more useful to keep up tips abt every setting,...

    i will update this once i complete post production work.

  • This hack looks interesting... I'm gonna try it out!

  • @obscura Thanks! I am really excited to try out your setting!


  • correcting the typing mistake, from above:

    • working (/or say, I tested) for the modes => 1080p24H, 720p50SH, HBR, 1080iFSH(50), 80%24L but, with such high bitrate setting it was not easy to get, all the modes above, working

    (when starting the topic, did not see the edit button but after correcting now I see the button)

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