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Jittery conversion
  • I've been experimenting with 720p, to see the different patch effects. I made it to @Obscura 's "Sedna A Super Patches" and the setE settings, which give me a richness that I have not experienced with the other patches. Playing the mts files yields a very smooth video, but converting to mpeg4, mpeg2 and xvid4 all render a very jerky/jittery, skipped frames kind of look. This is the first time that I have experienced this. I've tried setting the timeline to HD 720p 30, HD 720p 60, HD 720p 29.94, etc., all with the same result. I uploaded the mts file to Vimeo and it's conversion is jittery, too:

    If someone could tell me what i'm doing wrong, that would be great! Vimeo states that the datarate is 133625kbps. Sony Vegas Pro 11 can't even deal with these mts files, i.e. cannot load them on the timeline. Both Kdenlive and Openshot act normally, but nothing renders smoothly.

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  • I installed WINFF and the converted 1080 clips, using this "Super A setE" patch, are not dropping frames, but the 720p-SH or 720p-H are both dropping even more frames than are rendered. All converted 720p clips look/behave identically regardless of software used to render. Is it possible that, even though I'm not getting any error messages, my slow Transcend 32gb Class10 card is just not able to write out each frame correctly? If so, then why do the .mts files play back perfectly?

  • @coors I do not know what is going on, but I checked that file was for testing I did not posted to any threads/topic, I thought rajamalik has posted on other topic, see attachment for the most detailed Sedna A 161M AQ4 mod it is all to detail setting, mainly for 1080p24... (name: "SEDNA A - OBS AQ4 161M-setting exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail")

    For most detailed low compression setting: (name: "OBS AQ4-Q8 161M-setting exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail, CIBF-CBR") I'll send you the link to the topic (or the file here), for the other setting, no mod but another setting for AQ4 and Q8 the same time 161Mbit setting, all the following modes 1080p24H, 720p50SH, HBR, 80%24L are working to the time limit 3:45min rec and playb in cam also available, and and (1080iFSH (50i) is available too)...

    but here "SEDNA A - OBS AQ4 161M-setting exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail" attached

    SEDNA A - OBS AQ4 161M-setting exTReme-KAYSERI

    above the link to the topic for the setting: OBS exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail 161M-setting

  • Thank you, for your reply, @obscura ! Ok, I didn't realize that the "Super A pack" was not ready for release, yet. I'll try out your latest 161bitrate, now.

  • @coors also the setting attached above was meant for rajamalik for test but I did some improvements from the early one, such as it was aq1, now aq4 - all to detail, but I've sent you saw you was using the earlier one, thank you, hope this helps...

    don't think that every new or old release is flawless, including but not limited, this sedna mod one and the mine. Otherwise, then there was only one setting so one best-one, but there is no. Don't forget some of the other best known settings has some reported 720p problems but I did the mods to see more details and better grading in post, and no matrix or whatsoever

    But, I believe with my mods and my own setting you see really what is going inside the gh2 (so, if there is a problem inside gh2 and you can see that or see better, only then you can correct it or find a solution

    rajamalik was everytime asking for the most detail, and my mod ones and my own setting, see link above, is for seeing the most what's going inside gh2 on your monitor also I believe, sedna a mod is aq4 because all to detail one, and my own setting Obs exTReme-KAYSERI A-GraDetail is aq4 + q8 all to detail plus lower compression (for me too, hard to believe get them working for different modes 1080p24, 720p50, HBR, 80%24L etc, read the description from the link above for that setting, so aq4 + q8 inside the same setting at the same time)

    Such as you there are some reports that my mod has some richness and so also mean availability to see more detail and better grading in post too, but due to detail-and-low-compression-setting you see "everything", so you may see little bit more noise/artifacts such as in high ISO, but the goal is getting truly what is inside gh2, on your monitor/computer and do some editing in post

    On the other hand there will be some persons to shoot that way and do the rest via editing via post, but testing for yourself and make decision is the best I think or maybe see your results of from others or maybe ask them for any video result

    But I believe or thinking so that my own setting see link from above with aq4 + q8 lets you see the most what gh2 is seeing/recording also to you, your monitor/computer

  • @obscura Edit: I'm going to do more testing before posting any of my thoughts, again. I was premature in my other version of this post. Thank you, for these patches. 1080p might be good in the GF2, but I can't get either Sony Vegas or Avidemux to open the 720p files. Only editors like Kdenlive or Openshot will open these files, but the render is dropping frames.

  • @coors (that setting is to see some more things going on inside gh2 and not cortecting somewhat with the use of an say a calibrated matrix) and what about the latest Sedna A aq4 mod vs earlier sedna a aq1 mods?

  • @obscura Here's a sample that I got with your OBS_Extreme-Kayseri A-GraDetail:

    It'sactually very good, especially for iso640, I think!

  • @coors good to hear that, if that is very good for that iso640, then I think it's good for that iso for 720p50, hbr and 80%24L also (and 1080i fsh50 available too)