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Media creators and war PR
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  • UPDATE: Gonzalo Lira is alive. Lira had been arrested on April 15 by the SBU, the Ukrainian security services, but is now at some private place in Kharkov under a kind of house arrest. He is not allowed to leave the city and they have confiscated his computer and phone. Despite this, he has a new twitter account and did a livestream not long after his reemergence.

    He has a bit of a sketchy background as an e-celeb, so staged or real?

  • @muddmanrich good to see balanced thinking still exists.

  • Mass graves story revisited by independent journalist Eva Bartlett-

  • I don't know if he got all his facts right, but it's nice to see someone a bit younger doing his best to dig for facts instead of spewing the latest propaganda or false narrative. @Vitaliy_Kiselev do you think he is heading in the right direction as far as his conclusion? I'm just trying to find some things to share with a younger generation that isnt someone like Gonzalo Lira aka Mr findawife screaming at a camera.

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  • Putin’s Private Army Accused of Raping New Moms on Maternity Ward

    Officials stationed in CAR’s military headquarters, but who keep an eye on the activities of so-called Russian “military instructors,” told The Daily Beast that the men forced themselves on women—a couple of whom had just given birth—who were receiving treatment in the infirmary's maternity ward.

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