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Media creators and war PR
  • The Post by Putler, our recently deleted user, got me thinking about all the emotional kill shots, the propaganda that's been used by the US and all governments to get the masses on their side. With lower IQs and attention spans now, it seems easier than ever to get that outrage. Since we are media enthusiasts, and content creators, shouldn't we be more discerning than the regular joe? So, if Vitaliy doesn't delete this post, I'm going to post the most recent ones from Ukraine and look back at previous military actions as well. It's something else to do besides constantly re-checking the GH6 post.


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  • This was one of the first ones. The Ghost of Kiev, sorry "Kyiv" featuring Sam Hyde, comedian from Adult Swim "Million Dollar Extreme" which fooled politician Adam Kinzinger


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  • For the past six years, the American people have been emotionally manipulated by what I call “manufactured waves of outrage”. Once the corporate media identifies a trigger, it will obsessively focus on it for weeks or months on end, and the narrative that develops will be echoed and magnified by millions upon millions of social media denizens. Before too long, much of the population is whipped up into an irrational emotional frenzy, and that frenzy is used to move certain agendas forward.

  • The photographers website


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  • Their hopes are that you stop with just the emotional response, "stunning and brave", "fight for freedom", but for indie media creators it should be the starting point. Evaluate and verify. image

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  • In reality, no weapon was ever used in the Ukrain, nobody ever got hurt.

    Or, all the weapons are that precise, that only the bad guys got hurt. We are in 2022 and not in 1913, the technical Evolution would never allow any collateral incidences.

    There is an army of men without sexual hormons, no soldier would ever think about having sex, hence rape is history…

  • @tida

    Please do not consume so much weed next time, ok?

  • @tida What are you talking about? People die and there is suffering. Just not the ones they parade in front of you. image

    We are in 2022, this is the most powerful media weapon in history and they are using the same methods that have increased the suffering of people all over the world, not just "your guys". They can censor entire networks, presidents and anyone who goes against the agenda. The only chance you have to find the truth is to use your head. That's all.

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, thanks for caring about my health.

    I'm happy about the new 10 million actors, soon spreading all over the world...

  • @Lincoln11 while the mainstream media IS utter bullshit and brainwashes the public with a false narrative, spreading false information such as this only harms, not helps. There was never an official dedicated CNN Afghan or CNN Ukraine Twitter account. Both accounts got suspended an only ever had a few hundred followers. Like you said, use your head to find the truth... not spew regurgitated sh*t.

  • That's the whole point isn't it? Whether it was up for an hour or up for a week, this is the state of information these days, create an emotional response and it's done it's work. So yeah thanks, but it is propaganda.

  • And along that line-


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  • A more conventional approach

    Celebrity culture has been waning in the last few decades, most of the stars these days don't have much staying power. Celebrity statements in the past were often a devastatingly effective tool, as Hollywood is how most people around the world see the US. Arnold is a global superstar to those over 40, and has been outspoken about the "insurrection" of Jan 6. Here is his personal video to the Russian people, the full nine minutes. He opens up with a personal story, that is touching and disarming.

    Following this, a young Russian girl, Maryana Naumova tells her own personal story of meeting Arnold when she was 15 at the Arnold Classic competition in 2015. She tells how she gave Arnold an envelope of letters from all the children in Donbass asking him for help from the continuous shelling of their homes and schools. She asks if he has ever read those letters, to see their side.

    Both are well written and emotional. This is the power of media today, where individuals armed with a digital camera and competent skillset can create content to tell their own stories, as well as on the ground reporting with a phone and telegram. These days as @muddmanrich said "the mainstream media IS utter bullshit and brainwashes the public", it seems our only chance at getting to the truth is through each other and sorting the shit out, whichever side you may be on, without the histrionic triggers.

    Arnold, being Arnold has 98,191 views. Maryana has 1308. It's still David vs. Goliath, but with a bigger rock and sling.

  • Behind Ukraine’s public relations effort is an army of foreign political strategists, Washington DC lobbyists, and a network of intelligence-linked media outlets. According to the anonymous figure, more than 150 public relations firms have joined the propaganda blitz.


    The international effort is spearheaded by public relations firm PR Network co-founder Nicky Regazzoni and Francis Ingham, a top public relations consultant with close ties to the UK’s government. Ingraham previously worked for Britain’s Conservative Party, sits on the UK Government Communication Service Strategy and Evaluation Council, is Chief Executive of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation, and leads the membership body for UK local government communicators, LG Comms.

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  • Ukraine 90210

  • Come to Przemysl, to the railway station. I invite you to Warsaw, to the central station. Ask all these tired people personally if their fate is a media scam. It's easy to be a symmetrist when you have a roof over your head and the barbaric hordes don't destroy your country. I understand that such symmetry is intended to justify Russian crimes?

  • @Mihuel

    "if their fate is a media scam"

    Of course it's not a scam...but this is just a pixel of what...maybe a 100 M...or maybe a gigapixel picture??? have a soul and a brain...just think for yourself.

  • 2 million refugees is Pixel? 2 million people is a part of what? Happiness? Russia brings joy and happiness? What am I supposed to think that some prick in Russian onuces wants an empire and that is why he orders his hordes to kill women and children? I invite you to an interview with people who fled from Ukraine.

  • @Mihuel

    I am with @Mihuel here as I know some of people from Ukraine who fled their homes, it is lots of them.

    Idea is to tell the truth, not to cover issues.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    In a sane world I would agree with you, but Russia was forced into this action because the other side does not acknowledge truth or evidence. They create their own reality and blast it non-stop on the "international community", triggering people's good nature to feel bad for suffering. This is a racket that they have been using since the end of WWII, and it overrides truth to the Western audience, giving way to irrational hatred of Russians. It is the "Mighty Wurlitzer" on wifi.

    I read a day ago that hatred for Russians has surpassed the hatred for Japanese in World War II. That is the truth now not an "issue".


    8 years of truth telling, pleading and Minsk agreements did not stop the shelling of civilians in Donetsk, 14,000 civilians dead. I have been watching this play out since 2014, and despite the truth, nobody gave a shit. I am amazed at how "humanitarian" everyone has become now that they are being programmed to be so.

    Why do people keep referring to Russia's actions to keep missiles and NATO off it's border as "some prick who wants an empire" with his "barbaric hordes" (subhumans)? That's the truth?

    It is not an "issue", it is the modus operandi of war mongers to impose death on the civilians of their choosing. Russia is just exercising the only option left to it in the world of reality. Reality has consequences.

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  • Kicking ass and takin' names? This guy says he's a small business owner from the States who is now fighting with the Ukrainian army. Claims to have "killed 200 Russian soldiers". It has a very boomer feel to it.

  • Objective coverage is more likely from news reporters abroad-

    Eva Bartlett, a Western journalist who exposed the White Helmets in Syria, is interviewed about humanitarian aid by a reporter on the ground for TeleSur.

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    Looking for all the connections emanating from these stories always ends up linking to a vast network of liberal world order NGOs, elites like George Soros, the CIA, and USAID, and where Ukraine is concerned, almost always to the Embassy of the United Kingdom.

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