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GF2 Stable Settings
  • Let's start from a scratch as GF2 seems different from GF1.

    I just did 2x on some basic settings, AQ4, and default GOP 15. The video bitrate was set up 32Mbps, and the result was 33Mbps.

    Hopefully we can start polishing it.

    1191 x 394 - 18K
    398 x 394 - 46K
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  • Ok here's the setting file. Let's start polishing together. Currently it has no adverse effect. No write error. No spanning error. No playback error.

    Edit (03/04/2012): doubled the AVCHD bitrates, AQ4, default GOP. 2 fps MJPEG setting from for taking timelapse.

    See for more info about the timelapse.

    Edit (3/28/2012): Not full manual control yet. The shutter speed can't be set to 1/2 second. So the MJPEG timelapse would look like photo captures instead of smooth timelapse blurs.

  • putting that setting file on my gf2 now, ill be testing it soon.

  • @stray created those files to test codec stressing.

    Just display it on the computer screen. Maximize it. Shoot the screen. Preferably use native m43 lenses with AF.

    1920 x 1080 - 5M
    1920 x 1224 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 5M
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • Should we move the camera about, while shooting the screens?

  • Just make it stable first.

    If it passes the test, try this. Use AFC instead of AFS. Try to wiggle the computer screen or a laptop screen a bit. Let the camera do AFC.

    Make sure to use @cbrandin's streamparser app to analyze the results.

  • something like this. hehe. $1.80 mini tripod is quite handy.


  • @kavadni : If it's not GOP1 you should. Otherwise the codec could take advantage of temporal redundancy. Linear motion is also relatively easy to be solved (since allmost all macroblocks will show similar motion), so the best way to stress it is either circular motion or zooming in and out.

    You can also use such an high ISO that noise ends up breaking that temporal redundancy.

  • I applied the ini .. I have not used streamparser .. I should get it. When right click for properties in windows, these settings produced a 24Mbs file .. previously my GF2s had never reported anything greater than 17Mbs


  • I get an error when i try to film 1080 60i FSH, im using a Sandisk 16gb extreme class 10 30mb/s.

  • @RyanHoj What does the error say?

  • @kavadni

    I'm happy with 32Mbps AQ4.

    If you have 2 GFs, can you test this out?

    Try the same chart test with one hacked and one unhacked. Capture a frame from each test.

    Try pixel peeping comparison on two pictures. If you can't, just upload'em to this thread. I will do then.

  • @kavadni it says "Motion recording was cancelled due to the write limitation of the writing speed of the card"

  • The card should be fast enough .. based on GH2 history. Try another card? Did you format the card before first use with hack?

  • Yeah i formatted it before use. Any setting I try with 1080/60i the same error comes up, and i didn't wiggle the screen at all.

  • Do you have another card? I believe not all cards are equal .. even if same brand

  • I have 2 of the same Sandisk 16gb class 10 cards, same error for both of them. I also have a class 10 transcend card and i get the same error. Im using the patch @stonebat posted above. 720/60p works fine though.

  • iA mode gave the best low lighting performance. See a snapshot from 14mm 2.5. 32Mbps GOP15 AQ4. A bit of color noise but not bad.

    No idea how much better than unhacked GF2, but it looks quite good enough for me. I'm ready to surprise my friends with this little great camera :)

    00030_Feb 19, 2012 12.05.03 AM.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • I will try this when I get up tomorrow.

    As mentioned on another thread I have it working at GOP-3 but that was without increasing bitrate or AQ settings. If I can get these settings working I will try playing with it some more.

  • That's a can of worms. I wouldn't touch low GOP with a ten foot pole :P

    I suggest you start using 32Mbps AQ4 GOP15 and see if it improves your final artifacts. That's what I'm going to do.

  • See the resolution comparison. Pixel peeping on one of the color charts.

    GF2 w/ 32Mbps GOP15 AQ4 on the left. GH2 w/ Quantum X v1 Intra HBR mode on the right.

    Screen shot 2012-02-19 at 3.26.07 AM.png
    1632 x 854 - 380K
  • GF2 vs GH2 Quantum X v1 Intra 24p

    Screen shot 2012-02-19 at 3.33.20 AM.png
    1643 x 848 - 377K
  • I get my GF2 next week from ebay so I'll try and give you guys a hand but it looks like Stonebat is doing a good job.

  • how to export settings ini file

  • 3GOP 720p PAL 48 Mbit without B-Frame

    gf2 48m.jpg
    1300 x 690 - 187K
  • ALL I-Frame gf2 48mbit

    GF2 I-FRAME.jpg
    1294 x 688 - 182K