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A knife and two bazookas to a gun fight
  • I was testing the Canon vs Tokina @ 16mm on two Scarlets today, and decided to throw a Quantum9'ed GH2 w/ Tokina in the mix for fun. I'll post some frames later, but, I gotta say that the hacked GH2 should not be embarrassed to be on the same bar.


    900 x 675 - 213K
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  • looking foward to this! :)

  • Definitely can't wait to see the comparison. What patch did you have loaded?

  • I want a monitor as slim as the RED Pro one... Apart from that... GH2 fine for me!

  • Great pic!

  • From GH2 with Quantum v9B (using histo exposure, untouched) image

    From Scarlet (right out of cam) image

    900 x 508 - 146K
    900 x 508 - 126K
  • Other than a flatter picture profile on the red, the difference is minimal.. (at least in this frame size!)

    Speaking of which, which picture profile did you use? No doubt it would be possible to attain a flatter image with filters, on the gh2.

    That said, gh2 intra holds up well for making flat pre-coloured footage in post.

  • Can you do Pngs at least? Jpgs are kinda crummy...

  • Is it possible to post the full 1080p frames? Also try -2 contrast with Smooth on the GH2 for a flatter image.

    Are you David Cole from Beampath 3D? Loved the GH1 3D rig.

  • Ok. Here are some big, honking PNGs. I cropped the last set, to align the views. These are just screen-grabs from Quicktime.

    GH2 (dynamic, 0,0,0,0). I'm SURE these settings can be improved upon AND an ND filter would have helped (Scarlets didn't have a filter either).


    Scarlet image

    This test was really to qualify the Tokina and Canon lenses for 3D shooting... I snuck the GH2 in. My Scarlets have to work most of the weekend, but, I'll try to get another test in with a flatter picture setting, -2 contrast and an ND filter.

    2318 x 1303 - 4M
    2560 x 1440 - 5M
  • ??Are you David Cole from Beampath 3D? Loved the GH1 3D rig.??

    Yes. it's me. You should see the GH2 rig! Actually, we're going to shoot some 3D with the GH2's side-by-side with the Scarlet rig (below). Should be interesting.


    600 x 632 - 95K
  • Really excited about this kind of stuff. Expect an email from me soon :)

    The Scarlet does seem to have more latitude but the GH2 is right there on resolution at 2k. Is that shot from the RED downscaled 4K or is it native 2K?

  • Dear David, thanks for the test. Can you please use smooth -2,-2,-2,-2 because dynamic is too contrasty and not making justice to the gh2 footage. The dynamic range is just too low with dynamic that the highlight are completely washedout and blown and the shadows are crushed.

  • Yeah, yeah... I'll set this up to give the GH2 it's best shot. Will take a day or so (as per my above post).

  • Thanks David really appreciate the effort, have fun :)

  • One thing I have to say from looking at the video (which I'll provide in a day or so).... the REDRAW wavelet codec is nothing short of amazing. The motion @ 24fps is smooth as silk. I'm totally stoked that the hacked GH2 holds up... but the Scarlet is an amazing motion picture camera.

  • @eoshd I notice your comments about codecs on your homepage.. And although raw is raw - the gh2 as it can be with driftwoods gop 1 patches is amazing for what it is. A well exposed shot is extremely flexible in post, certainly more so than any other dslr.. And judging from Bloom's shootout, it certainly stacks up with the "Pro" internal codecs.

  • The GH2 is a nice $800 camera and offers great resolution. But it does not have 13.5 stops, or up to 18 stops with HDRx of latitude, nor does it have 16-bit RAW processing. The AVCHD 8bit 420 codec lacks some much along with the GH2 sensor. In the right hands both can produce great images, but the GH2 still has a long way to go.

  • @rigs - isn't that a thought-lapse though? The GH2 has a long way to go? No, it's fucking useful as it is. It's a cheap camera. Who cares if it doesn't have the amount of latitude as cameras 20-30 times more expensive ones. It's besides the point, really. You don't always need 18 stops of latitude, nor even 13.5 stops. It would be downright embarrasing for the +20-30 times more expensive cameras if they didn't even have more latitude.

    But anyhow, I expect things to change.. the price of quality is dropping. Let's see where things stand at the end of the year!

    For a 3d rig I can really see the usefulness / availability of Scarlet. For extreme dynamic range I'd no doubt consider renting an f65..

  • lols, dynamic range rent an f65. true true.

    GH2 is rock solid for what it is, and what it costs. Comparing them to scarlet is a good thing. Im shure $800 against $15,000 (proper fully functioning scarlet) is a no brainer.

  • Sorry David and all. My mistake. I didn't mean to start a GH2 vs Scarlet debate. Lets keep this clean for him please everyone.

  • @RRRR "quality is getting cheaper". Well put.

    Thankfully, talent is never cheap and never diminished... Keep doing good stuff and that is what matters, not 4-2-2 and HDR.

  • @RRRR "No, it's fucking useful as it is. It's a cheap camera" Easy Man - its not an attack on the GH2 - I hate this fan boy shit!

    The GH2 is good for what it can do. But it does not compare to most of the higher end camera's. Some will be happy with what it can do and say its almost as good as x y or z and it only cost a fraction of the price WOW!. But some require a camera that offers a better codec and over all latitude and that comes at a hight price for now. I was just pointing out what the scarlet can produce out to the box, perhaps the GH2 or GH_ will someday get closer. For me its just another tool to work with where and when it can fit in. I use where needed as well as anything else out there that can get my work done, which doesn`t rely on only one camera for that matter.

  • "But it does not compare to most of the higher end camera's."

    Bad punctuation, and just plain wrong. Very, very few cameras could go head to head with the scarlet like this and like to tell the tale. What the GH2 is doing is amazing. Try putting the EX1 or 5d out there... it won't be pretty.

    No, Rigs, you sound exactly like a fanboy... but not a GH2 fanboy. Give it a rest.

  • "No, Rigs, you sound exactly like a fanboy... but not a GH2 fanboy. Give it a rest."

    I agree with Rigs, which probably automatically makes me a fanboy too, right?