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RJ Follow Focus, looks very good
  • Had been a hit leaving DFocus in the dust some time ago :-)

    Custom (not Huco!) gearbox.
    Gear drive can be mounted from either side.
    One universal lens gear included.




    Video reviews:

    Again - price is $156 shipped! This thing is selling fast!

    Preferably use this seller now (cheaper and free extra gear!) -

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  • Thanks for the tip - looks very good for the price! Would be nice if somebody could compare it against the dfocus 3 in real life. I'm quite happy with my dfocus, but this one seemes to be equally good..
  • DFocus is good, but it is between DIY and real product.
    This one is produced using high volume methods.
    Plus reversible gear make very big difference (at least for me).
  • Btw, just talked with one guy who know this market well.
    He tells that cost if it will be produced by UK manufacturer (and in UK!) for such focus could be about $600.
  • Would be nice to see one on actual camera.
  • >Would be nice to see one on actual camera.

    Ask the seller about this (it is too new to get detailed user reports).
    jinfinance is very good known among guys who buys Chinese camera related things.
  • $126.50 total. I'm not FF guy, but I will give a try. My first ever FF. I like cheap stuffs. Thanks!
  • Btw, this thing can be handy if you use 20mm or 14mm pancakes.
    You couldn't pull focus repeatedly (because of Panasonic implementation).
    But could use manual focus on the rig (slow pull why looking in EVF works).
  • ok... I held my breath for a few secs.
  • Any budget rails this would fit on? Would an old set of bellows do?
  • And what do you use to mount the rods to the camera body??
    Sorry for the stupid question...but looking for a cheap, markable FF unit. Like the price of this one, plus the carbon rods you showed link too.
  • >And what do you use to mount the rods to the camera body??

    Look for any cheap plate. IndieSystem - (they are selling them with cheap good carbon rods btw), Gini, etc.
  • Just talked to seller.
    We'll have special discounted price for additional lens gears for our forum members (you can buy as many as you wish with one FF).
    I'll post details soon.
  • Darn I just ordered in this morning.
  • >Darn I just ordered in this morning.

    It is ok.
    Contact seller, and ask for required gears (he'll make additional invoce if it is not shipped already).
    Mention this site name in your comment to seller (during checkout) and you'll get $12 per gear price, or $10 per gear is you order 10 or more. Original price is $15 per gear :-)
  • Thanks. I will contact the seller.
  • Just bought one. Keen on more of the lens gears.

  • They also tell that new products will come soon.
    So, producers of high price film gear, I have good news for ya.
    Be afraid, be very afraid. (c)
  • Very interested in this and very interested in the feel and the amount of actual backlash overall.
  • New products? New version of FF?
  • >New products? New version of FF?

    No, new here means other things :-)
  • You know... it is scary. Chinese manufacturers are getting smarter in marketing and distribution and customer supports. Total market dominance... coming soon.

    What do we have in the States? A bunch of middlemen... distributors... marketing people... not many making actual stuffs. Too bad. Chinese people wanna bake their cakes and eat'em too.
  • well, I've worked in design and manufacturing in the states for a decade now and can say that we have nobody to blame but ourselves. We let our companies lay good working people off in order to reap more profits from cheap labor overseas. We've lost our "quality" and gained quantity and cheap prices but we've also allowed ourselves to get in a position where we don't have the personal cash to support more expensive, but better quality, products, but we also don't have the salaries needed to support the higher costs because of corporate cost cutting and finally we don't have the jobs to support people who are currently out of work due to all of the above. So in short, as consumers, our pays have not risen in proportion to local costs because we've gotten used to the cheap foreign labor. Now that other countries like China have better products and better prices, we are now dependent on them to supply our goods because we can't afford to make them ourselves. Good job USA, good job.
  • >You know... it is scary. Chinese manufacturers are getting smarter in marketing and distribution and customer supports. Total market dominance... coming soon.

    It is interesting how this corresponds with modern theory of "design houses as foundation fo US leadership" :-)
  • As with the USA many years ago, china is going through an industrial and manufacturing revolution which brings in huge revenues and ignites many fortunes. But also like the USA, this boom in profits cannot last and eventually they will have to switch to cost cutting in order to maintain profits, which in itself cannot work either. Eventually any company will *have* to accept that they will reach a plateau in profit but they won't accept it. They will continue to attempt to cut costs into profitability. Unfortunately I've seen this many times at different companies and am experiencing this now at the one I work for.

    Anyway, back on topic. I'd love to see a review of this FF when someone gets it.