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Nikon D4. The new king with uncompressed HDMI output.
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  • If its going to have uncompressed output... then 6k is not that unreasonable. Looks like nikon is going to get my red scarlet money I've been saving.
  • The Nikon D3s was the high ISO champion for years, and now the D4 looks set to launch alongside the Canon EOS-1D X, both of them with extended ISOs reaching a full-stop further than the previous models and offering 1080P video modes.

    I don't know which one will end up being better in low-light this time around, but this is a big deal for low-light shooters and the prices are right in line with earlier models. I almost rented the D3s for a couple projects because of lowlight shooting needs, even though that model only outputs 720P.

    So, $6K is not at all outlandish for what these cameras are offering (and far less than an F3 or C300, neither of which extends their ISO ranges as far).
  • The leaked spec of this camera look good if it holds true. pixel to pixel 1080p and smooth aperture in video mode sound good. Whether it be D4, D800, or Canon 1Dx, it is time to start saving.
  • @proaudio4

    "$6k !


    Did I just hear someone say, never-mind?"

    To that I would address the following.

    GH2 maximum selectable ISO: 12,800
    D4 or EOS-1D X maximum selectable ISO: 204,800

    Maximum ISO would give 16 times as much light per second...

    GH2 body only in U.S. near launch: ca. $900
    Nikon D4 or Canon EOS-1D X body only in U.S. near launch: ca. $6,000

    ... for roughly 6.67 times the price of a GH2.

    For extreme lowlight shooters, that is one heck of a deal. If one can afford it.

  • How about spending $5,000 worth of lights!

  • @BrianLuce That`s great for many movie situations but does nothing to address my primary concern.

    That would be the ability to shoot in situations that are normally impossible through a portable, one-person setup that would need to be moved quickly and travel long distances.
  • @BrianLuce For people that are mainly shooting things close to them or can spend a lot of time setting up, lighting can be such a huge boon. But I`m often shooting things a mile or away or shooting night landscapes or interviewing in less than ideal surroundings where I can`t draw any attention. Lighting budgets don`t help those things so you have to find other solutions.
  • That's specialized stuff, for such exotic applications maybe a super ISO set up is the only option.
  • Although the specs on the camera may well prove to be correct, this press release seems a bit odd. There is a similar press release from the same source (Greg Tarr, who works for not IPTC) about the fuji X-pro1, dated and written in the same way. These releases are probably drafts or fakes, based on the speculation from rumour sites, which have been written early so they can be quickly edited and sent out once the camera is officially released. I wouldn't read too much into this.
    Edit: Forgot to mention, releasing press release like this with fanboy wish lists can sometimes drive up share price... maybe thats why it's on wells fargo investments page?
  • Looking in its context, for what it is the $ 6000 of the D4 is not exorbitant. The Pro sport/pj Nikon camera like the D3 was launched at about $ 5500. In the first it is a pro top of the line photo camera. Now for video what is interesting for me is if this tech will filter down to the lower line of camera. If it has no moire/aliasing, true hd resolution, a bit like gh2. If you add much better ISO, uncompressed hdmi (hopefully 10 bit) and much better rolling shutter it could another big step for dslr video. It would put the uncompressed hdmi output firmly as a hdslr feature, that will bring another level of competition.

    I think they will put it/sensor/technology in a D700 replacement at about $ 2500. I think the d800 is more a successor to the d3X as a studio/landscape camera. We will very so
  • The video section will record pixel-for-pixel Full-HD 1080p resolution with selections for 30p and 24p frame rates in this iteration, and 720p at up to 60p for slow-motion work. The camera now includes support for the H.264 B frame compression scheme


    Most probably compression chip is the same as D7000 and other cameras.
  • The problem is - seeing is believing.

    Nikon has never been in the high end video business. I am only hoping on how well it performs.

  • "HDMI output enabling output of uncompressed video" - What this exactly means?
    ( )
  • Who has Nikon got on hand to help redesign their imaging technology? It's not like Nikon has a rep for churning out video cameras. They dun even have a quarter of the kind of R&D that Panasonic or even Canon has invested in creating cameras for moving images.

    Nikon to displace GH2 and the rest of the biggies? Then pigs would fly
  • I think what @BrianLuce said in response to my comments is fair. If we look at the last generation of Canon and Nikon`s top of the line DSLRs, the video was not a headlining feature but the ISO performance was. These cameras get used a ton for journalism, sports photography, street photography, etc. and so even a "decent" video mode on them can be very useful if they at least take advantage of the large sensor and ISO combo. @kazuo They don`t have to "excel at video" gnerally to be winners, as long as they can excel in that specific area.

    But that does not mean it will translate into great resolving power in the video (which the GH2 excels at) or that you will magically have "cinematic lighitng", and there are many situations where another camera might be a better choice for reasons of price or other feautres.

    For the work I do, it`s 95% on location and available light only, and almost all of it at sunrise, sunset, twilight or at night. I take advantage of silhouettes, I make the most of "an edgy look" and I switch to black and white when I need to, to get the shot. Judging from a lot of the pictures and videos I`ve seen, I`m far from alone.
  • @ Vitaliy_Kiselev

    The article is no longer there. I wanted to read it.

    It's very telling that these investment sites keep linking stories to fan rumors or articles that are pure garbage, like the one below. (One of the most poorly informed tech-video articles I've read!)

    Easy to understand how the economies of the world are in the hole...
  • It seems that the rumored Nikon D4 is finally confirmed . It has been published I think 1 day too soon. On the video it translate like this

    full hd format in h.624, many framerate nd with some first like (entry in line, headphone, sound monitoring and vumeter, uncompressed hdmi that can e use by external recorder(or clean that can be recorded), transition to black...

    I don't know if the h.624 is not a typing error. Lets see what Nikon has for us. Apparently they have been investing in a big motorcycle advert in Chicago city center, where the emphasis was a lot on video.

  • @RockRoadPix I downloaded the HTML file yesterday. Here it is in a ZIP file.
  • @danyyyel Hmm, that link didn't work when I clicked it. Was there a typo or did they take it down really quickly?
  • @thepalalias if it does not work go on and you will see the article on the front page.
  • @danyyyel That one worked, thanks.
  • @thepalalias
    Do you film vampires for a living?
    Now, what in the h*ll is h624????
  • @brianluce That made me smile. :)

    No, but part of what I do is interviews with homeless people, some reportage work (police, natural disasters, etc.) and a lot of landscape and nature photography. I've had interviews interrupted by the sound of 5 consecutive gunshots and I've had to use my camera and telephoto lens in combination to check for a dead body. In that instance it turned out to be a suicide as opposed to gang violence, one of 5 or 6 in the last year on that block.

    I've done interviews in areas that were surrounded by violent hard drug users (where the interview had to be conducted at low volume and with an ear for footsteps) and I've had people threaten to break my equipment. In one lower intensity situation, I had to call the police.

    In all that time, I've only ever had to "book it" fast enough that equipment broke once, and luckily it was inexpensive equipment.