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YI 4K+ 4K 60fps camera official topic
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  • by using a usb 3 card reader i get 80MB/sec but i have to open the fragile door and remove the fragile microsd by using the supplied cable i usually get this:

    please help :( none of my other mobiles cameras etc have a problem transfer files via cable

  • @akaloith I have never had any problems copying files via the usb-c port to my computer's usb3 port. The average speed is 40 MB/s. Nor have I seen any complaints about this from others. Indeed, the Yi provides faster transfers than almost all available cameras.

    You claim that all your other devices do not have a problem - do any have a usb-c port? are you using a usb3 port on your computer? What speed are you getting from the Yi before it stops? What speed do you get when you use your card reader? When people ask for help they need to provide more details.

    Usually the holdup in reading is due to the computer, which is not able to keep up.

  • hi i have a problem. while trying to transfer videos from yi 4k plus to windows via the included usb type c cable it starts copying and later on pauses and have to wait a lot or stop it so i have to use a card reader and thats very annoying opening the door to write every video

    my other cameras, mobiles etc can copy files to the pc via usb very easily and never had problems i am very dissapointed with this, can someone help me? i have latest firmware installed

  • Slow motion, 4K, and low light:

    From 4K 60P. I used Neat Video to reduce the noise.

  • Thanks, @mark041. It's true, one could have both........ack.

  • I have both. You can clearly do more, except rain videos, with the Z. And it shoots real DCI 4K 24p. The Z is small enough for a smaller gimbal, is better in low light, has a true flat mode, and no lens distortion if one uses the right uwa lens (like the SLR magic 8mm).

    The Yi does have 4K 60P, which enables nice slow motion at high resolution and quality and can be used on a cell-phone gimbal.

    Each is so cheap, at the right sale, that it is not crazy to have both, given their different capabilities in small packages.

  • Anyone have a preference to get one of these or the Z Camera E1 Mini if you already have a wide angle lens?

  • There is a lot of lens distortion which is pretty standard for an action camera. The camera has an option to correct it in software. That helps a bit, but doesn't remove it completely.

  • Thanks, Mark. I thought the first bump in the bitrate made a tiny difference in the leaves on the ground but could just as easily have imagined it.
    Hard to get a feel for the lens distortion, but a lot of the samples look better than a lot of the GH5s samples floating around.

  • I agree with eatstoomuchjam that the elevated bitrate does not seem to make any visible difference. The full sensor 4K "HD" mode is at 120 Mbps (30P), so that is already high.

    @DrDave You definitely can power the camera externally - without even a battery inside. It's a standard usb-c port and it is 5 volts. No limit on recording time. I have yet to experience overheating issues either - neither shut down nor degradation of the picture.

    It is 23.976.

    And the camera now has optional grid lines (thirds)!

  • I hadn't realized before that the 4K "HD" mode would be full sensor / 12 megapixel either! Crazy! Thanks for posting that, @markr041!

    With the hack, you edit the file and set your bitrate. For what it's worth, though, I see only a little difference at 200 megabits/second on this camera vs the default - though I should try a couple of tests at 4000x3008 instead of 3840x2160. The default bitrate is already very good for standard 4k.

  • Also, does the hack give you a choice of bitrates or can you edit the file and set the bitrate to what you want?

  • @mark041 I'm considering this for a travel cam--
    Is the the 24p 23.976?
    Can you power it with an external power supply?

  • Zero post-processing. No noise, good color, and no smearing.

    My settings: 4K HD (4000 x 3008, 120 Mbps, 30p), AWB, auto shutter, medium sharpness, -1.5 EV, max ISO 800, Yi color.

  • Hi Mark041. Thanks for sharing. I am totally surprised that it can produce pretty very clean (low noise) 4K video. Its straight out the cam without post processing?

  • Night video could be very dim lighted street? Actually I am wondering if the Yi 4K+ able to capture the Northern lights if you are using the high bit rate hack mode or the normal mode should not have issues capturing it.

  • I just figured what the plus in 4K+ refers too. It can't be the 60p frame rate in 4K, because 4K is a resolution, not a frame rate. Well, it turns out that the camera can shoot in a resolution that is greater than 4K. It goes under the oxymoronic name of "4K HD". And the resolution is 4000 x 3008 - the full sensor. Frame rate is 30P and the bitrate is 120 Mbps.

    The advantage of this resolution is that you can choose your frame in post, some right-to-left and a lot of flexibility up and down with the 16:9 frame in 3840 x 2160. When shooting quick, it is very convenient to have to worry less about composition in the field.

    Night video coming soon. You will be surprised.

  • Yes, what night scene exactly do you have in mind?

  • @Bonn88 - could you clarify "the night?" That's a very different question if you're on a farm than if you're in a big city.

  • Hi Markr041, just wondering how does the Yi 4K+ perform in the night, do you have samples (either normal bitrate or the high bitrate hack) which you can post them? TIA.

  • and slow motion excerpts:

  • Action live now, with all discounts price is $255

  • hello i made this video:

    what is your guess as to why these cyan & magenta color block artifacts appear? the video is exported with DNXHR codec and directly uploaded to youtube for best quality, so this is not a youtube compression issue. it's also visible on the original files. to double check i also extracted frames with VLC and windows media player and all are showing these colors in the snow.