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Lensse S3 Dual Follow Focus A/B hard stop for $199
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  • Anyone have experience using this product before? Thanks!

  • @apix

    I do not see any feedback yet. For $199 you can try and tell us.

  • Pulled the trigger yesterday, I let you guys know, when it arrives.

  • Also interesting, what quality?

  • Hi Rerbreg I found something regarding to building quality in thei facebook page

    They says ````Some High Precision CNC Milled Metal Parts of 'Lensse S3 Dual Follow Focus'``

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  • I am going to pull trigger too :)

  • I got the unit. Just one side AB Stop the other side is Just a wheel however marking disc can be added additionally. Just noticed that !!! The knobs that fixes the wheels are so small. Pros Well build Smooth wheeling and zero backlash. Duel

  • I just received. looks very pro and well made and there is no play on the gear. , need hex key for assembling focus wheels due to the fasting knobs there are so small. Need to order 60t gear for small glasses .. anyway will have filming and see what is the performance on field...

  • I have been checking about Lensse S3 long time. just a wonder if anyone used with big cine lenses. I plan to use it with rokinon cine . I am not sure yet it is the right upgrade for me ? Any advice ?

  • No worries. It handles Zeiss CP 2 like a champ.

  • Thanks man. You think it would be a good upgrade on my current ff lanparte?

  • Before purchased I have searched online a lot but I could not find so many things just few people discussing to get or not and found some pictures and videos from Lensse. The price was so attractive, then I pulled the trigger. I already have purchased 5-6 ff units back in time. "Ok just one more. This is the last one" I promised to myself.

    Recently ; i've been using the Lensse s3 dual ff now for a week everyday filming and it has performed very well so far. Beginning I felt very weird about smaller focus wheels that makes me uchhhhh then I used to it in few hours of use. I realised that the smaller focus wheels are advantages most of the time since it provides bigger space on the rig since the unit is duel. ( about %10-15 smaller than others such us lanparte Tilta Fotga ) Also the assembling focus wheels with the hex key pisted me off as well. it is also not a big deal just let kissed rosettes, fix with small knobs and fasten with the hex.

    The unit factory medium dampened which almost assume zero backlash. There is a just a minimal amount of play just between gear and belt. However the ff itself totally zero backlash so far. The gear drives well, but would be good to have a little bigger gear to utilize the whole focus range of the large lenses. There is no Included lens belt but I already got a lot of good quality 0.8 belts long time ago which works very well with. The unit doesn't have the swing arm as most of the cine ff has. The main body slides in a small canal of the rod clamp left to right. It moves very smoothly and fasten easily and the gear can be positioned just right on the lens in seconds. ( very well machined, the unit slides in the canal better than all unit I had experienced)

    Before purchased this unit I have studied a lot all the options and other duel ff I recognised that oConnor's newest model just came out that almost same with lensse s3 and it doesn't come with swinging arms either. Thought, the additional transmission which is builded in arm causes some little backlash that my budy told me earlier about some high end brands. Also newest model OConnor doesn't have the swinging arm either.

    Back to the first sight.. Wow.. The product really make me love it that It comes with very cool carrying case all part focus wheels accommodated in nicely. At this price point most of the equipment comes with brown or color boxes. Usually this kind of carry cases comes with very professional equipments sometimes even pay a lot to get such as tool cases.

    They sell big gear , spread crank and additional marker ring optionally. I did not get either of them but I gonna buy a big gear since my big Fotga gear is not compatible. I would recommend to buy big 60t gear when buying ff and do not pay shipping fee later. Because they provides free shipping for additional parts together when purchase with ff together.

    I would wish that the unit also came with reverse feature. Unfortunately No... Come on!! Just 199 bucks already got a lot..

    A/B hard stops are very useful for most of the filmmakers but I am not used to using them. So I got screws off and put in my inventory. Position indicator is very solid and looks very good. Need very less power to rotate and set in any position. It helps a lot most of the times. The adjustable marking disk is great. It can be 360 rotates freely and set for any position. ( there is a small point on it that helps adjusting position with position indicator) The position indicator and this adjustable marker are just like the good buddies for me use them all the time. The making disks good quality and very easy to take off too. it can be marked and cleaned off easily.

    Another great feature that if you like to use single ff it can be a single. Just take one side off..

    Overall it is my first dual and a decent upgrade on my other ff units. By the way got it even cheaper. Not a bad deal..

    Cheers Josh MD

  • thanks Josh, i just ordered it...

  • Good Call Josh.. This is unbeatable at this price point.. Not a Arri or Occonor yet..

  • Just receive it. Looks good. Just one side comes with a/b hard stop and marker other side no. The wheels are smaller. Good for me.. i don't like big wheels, looks akward with my dslr camera. Check it more let you know guys..

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  • The price up to 249$ again

  • There is a coupon code for 50bucks off ' oldcustomer50 '

  • Thanks for the code!! I forwarded to my pal who plans to get it. I have been using the unit as a primary ff over a month. It is great except few things that though manufacturer already fixed. Anyways the unit works alright and it would be a great future products just need few small things to upgrade..

  • I got this as part of my order update yesterday: FYI V4.Improvements ** Smooth Handling ** New Metal Fastening Knobs ** Adjustable Dampening

    They have been very responsive to the feedback they got from the first buyers and they are shipping the updated units next week.

  • Very nice they are listening to feedback. I got my FF a few weeks ago, and everytime I have gone to use it I've just ended up putting it back in the box. The small fastening knobs were super annoying and fiddly, but if they improved those it will go a long way to make setup quick and easy.

  • Great improvements and needed!!!

  • They came out with new model. Looks rock...

  • @astirix30

    Do you have photo/specs?

  • They say the images are coming soon at online shop. This image from Lensse FB page. First look, main differences with S3 .. Main body, drive gear, metal fastining knobs and the feature I liked that metal knob which facing to us that should be a dampaning adjustment.. That is the dealmaker for me. I happy with my S3 however I already asked possibility upgrade my S3.

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