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Portable gimbals for GH4 / A7s cameras
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  • My gimbal arrived (with taxes) Good quality product, the pitch motor seems a bit too small, I cant find proper tuning for this axis. results are good with the 20mm panasonic, but a wider lightweight lens would be ideal.

  • after some more tuning and more importantly balancing i'm quite happy of the results, especially with the 14-42 II lens with IS. I had to unsolder the IMU to add some spacers to balance the pitch axis with a quick relase plate. The two control knobs work well but are quite sensitive, maybe some more tuning can solve that (ACC and angular velocity are programable on the controller) image

  • @Adam_Mercier, that gimbal supports a monitor or an additional tablet, which is the weight limit?

  • I have no idea of weight limit, with very carefull balancing the GH3+12-40mm olympus+ arca swiss style QR plate combo works, but I don't think if would work well with more weight. probably well suited to a a6000/6300 and lightweight lens. Some results with 14-42 OIS kit lens :

  • I'm digging the all new Pilotfly "Transformer" H2! :o

    Highlights are:

    . Weight appox. 1200g (including battery) / Dimension 370 x 190 x 190mm . High pay-load (brushless) motors (Max. motor payload up to 2.2kg) with integrated encoders . 32bit Alexmos with Triple-MCU technology . Tool-less design . Quick-release plate . 360° Yaw (no limitation; without having to worry about damaging the cables) . 4-way joystick . Detachable handle (detach the handle and easily exchange it to extend your operation time) . 3 x ¼“ screw holes (one on each side and at bottom of the handle; for mounting other devices, like an external display or a microphone) . 5 pre-configured profiles (Follow Mode, Pitch Lock, Full Lock, Follow Roll and Home Move) . Auto-Invert-Mode (all profiles can be also used in this condition) . Roll axis 180° turnable to mount cameras with flip screen ( :D YAY! ) . Integrated 4S Li-Po battery with an operation time up to 26h (14.8V 1800mAh) . Integrated Bluetooth module for remote control (RM-01 remote controller is coming soon)

    They've got -15% pre-orders going on, to be shipped end of the month. More on their FB: , sales site: and YouTube channel: .

    823 x 960 - 16K
    1587 x 1080 - 125K
    1080 x 1080 - 55K
    1587 x 1080 - 82K
  • Does look interesting but to late already bought a Beholder look forward to reviews. Of course it is a little heavier and more expensive so perhaps DS-1 is still a keeper.

  • @Adam_Mercier - very good find, especially at this price! Would you please explain the control knobs? Where are they placed and what is their purpose?

  • @Adam_Mercier - all right, I saw somewhere that knobs near the handles are for panning and tilting. I am going to buy that gimbal, but would like to hear about its motors - are they strong enough to hold GH3/4 rock steady? And is there Storm32 used? I've also sent you PM.

  • This one was $176 yesterday. Bumped to $236 today. Still a bargain if it's a fully operational pistol grip style 3 axis gimbal

  • Well

    And it was $159 recently.

    But I strongly advice to get something better like CAME.

  • Vitaliy,

    I hear you. But this is a pistol grip capable of carrying a BMPCC with 14mm/15mm/20mm Panny lens for less than $200 - - the B&H gimbal you posted is for GoPros and is a deal for that... just didn't expect an equivalent DSLR type gimbal to come in at the same price range.

  • @MadRiverMoCo

    My bad. I just saw phone on it.

    You better post it into March deals topic on top.

  • Make sure you can get your money back! They are showing 2 if not 3 different gimbals in there pictures. Some of those pictures are clearly the Beholder DS1 or MS1 (read Labels) and they don't sell that cheap. The other picture is for a cell phone gimbal so who really knows what you will get.

  • The other picture is for a cell phone gimbal so who really knows what you will get.

    Yep, strange.

    Also note that usually they sell extremely cheap things, it is not usual gear seller.

  • I dont get info about the Esmon Pro in english.

  • HG-3D (275$ carbon 3 axis gimbal photo on top of page) exemple of footage. Note it was super windy

    Footage of the esmon pro looks pretty damm good, but some shots seems post stabilised?

  • @Adam_Mercier any update on your HG3D? What is the max camera weight? Smooth?

  • I am trying to improve yaw axis response by tweaking pan mode (can be set by a few parameters...), I did not have time to test yet. But if you have someting interesting to shot (not as in above video) it works already well enough.

    GH3+Olympus 12-40 is max weight IMO (just below 1kg) Carbon parts are not rigid enough and are causing more vibration

  • Do we have a table consist info about all these smaller gimbal? In particular, a table which list gimbal with right pitch motor. It will give us info on which gimbal will allow us to connect hdmi etc and open the flip screen during recording.

  • @Adam_Mercier Any news with HG-3D gimbal? Did you manage to work with it more? Im thinking to get it for my GH4 ant to use it with 12-35 lens. Think it could handle it?

  • I've had good experiences with the Zhiyun Z1 (see PV offers), it's motors are strong enough (and processors fast enough) to handle minor shifts of balance from a Hyperthin HDMI cable or the screen of my A7 flipped to an angle.

    Can't say for the screen of a GH4 flipped sideways, though.

  • Feiyu MG V2 on flash sale at B&H for the next 11 hours $400 off at price of $369!!!

    Does anyone have experience with this gimbal?

    We don't seem to have much here on PV about it or the Feiyu brand. I read some mixed reviews on both B&H and Amazon

    One major drawback I can see is that the tilt motor seems to only be positioned on the camera left side, blocking the ability to use the GH camera's flip-out screen and perhaps the HDMI port. I haven't seen any images of the tilt motor positioned on the right side by the grip...

    Anyone have any experience with this one?

    Is it a good value at $369? I have zero gimbal experience and thought this might be a good entry point at this price...

    -Thanks in advance for any quick responses!

    Edit: I saw in a YT video they do recommend the tilt motor on the left, but it's possible to put it on the right and free up the flip-out screen on the GH cameras:


    Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.32.57 PM.jpg
    881 x 494 - 73K
  • Seems fine, for such price a steal.

    Just remember to learn usual soft