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GH2 Audio Hacks
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  • @thepalalias Do you have some values for ptools' (your first general purpose) volume indicator for inserting to older patches?

  • Okay, by request, I've put up the Pasadena Pulse Audio V2 Beta 2 settings up on my blog.

    @blackmzungo You can now get them at that link.

  • @thepalalias the download-link on your page is not working!

  • The link is fixed now.

  • Thanks for the brilliant work on audio guys, it's now included in all testing of Sedna matrix 'Orion' setting. Hopefully we'll have a release over the next day or so...

  • @driftwood i tested @thepalalias audio patch v2 beta 2 with orion v4b. it works well. i even tried this patch setting up my ac3 encoder to 448 kbps in ptool. it worked really well with no problem in sdxc 95m/s sandisk 64g card. used 14-140mm lens ... mic profile level 4.... i love the sensitivity of the internal mic now,...superb response and low noise. sir i would love to see this v2beta audio hack in sedna matrix.i read most posts abt sedna by u. it seems you reached the most extreme level of hack in video. congrat!! wish u all the best!!

  • @rajamalik Those are indeed the settings he means and thanks for the compliment.

  • I'm planning on editing @dirkvoorhoeve's summary and integrating it into the first post here and on my blog, with proper attribution. Would that be alright?

  • @thepalalias ya ya setting ;) he he,.. oops

  • @rajamalik I wasn't trying to correct you. :) I just wanted to clarify that he will be using the same ones that I sent you, which are the same ones now up on my site at (except yours had different video settings).

  • @thepalalias yep i understood,.. no problem u r my best friend,.. i dont mind,.. i just concluded that orion v4b does well with the v2beta audio setting even at 448kbps...i thought it would be useful to share the info that it is good and tested,..

  • @thepalalias

    I really suggest to move all this good work to our wiki section. So, people could edit this.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev That's a great idea. I'm not very familiar with the site's Wiki tools yet, but I'll give that a try. Any advice on getting started is appreciated.

  • @thepalalias please do use and edit my summary and use it in the initial post or on the wiki! Formatting can be done with Markdown I think.

  • I'll make a XLR to 2,5mm jack cable to test the inputs and metering.

    I was wondering: has anyone tested using a 4-ring (TRRS) 2,5mm jack to allow for mic input AND shutter control at the same time? I found here that it is using the resistance between the 2nd ring and sleeve for shutter and focus control (41K ohms to indicate presence of remote). This would leave tip (left channel) and 1st ring (right channel) together with sleeve (ground) for the audio signal.

    It has been tested on GH1 without success, because the GH1 didn't allow for 'hot' plugging the mic. The GH1 detected it as being a mic if the 2nd ring was grounded (without resistance) to the sleeve. Since I read that the GH2 does understand 'hot' unplugging the mic (it switches to internal mic), it might also behave different. Has this been tested yet?

    edit: I found the answer written by @_gl in the 3D forum here. I coudn't find any information about the hot-shoe: is it only for flash units?

  • Thanks @thepalalias for all your efforts. This info is of great help to me as I'm keen to get good audio off the GH2 and had to do a bit of testing myself to get somewhat (but not always) acceptable results.

    I regularly use two mics with the GH2, a Rode NTG-2 shotgun and Audio-Technica AT822 stereo mic. Both of these can be powered by an AA battery.

    I have a Sound Devices Mic Pre for my phantom power needs, but I found out when I ran the 'line out' from the preamp into the GH2 the levels were terribly over driven, even at '1'. Using battery powered mics with lower output signals however seems to work fine.

    This is a simple test using your 'Pasadena Pulse Audio V2 Beta 2' settings (in conjunction with 'cluster'), with my 2 different mics. Each setting runs for 10 seconds. The main thing I noticed was the sensitivity in levels between '4' and '3' was quite big compared to 3 > 2 > 1. The general ambience was not so loud however so this may not be an issue. Otherwise its much improved over the stock settings to my ears.

  • Actually @palalias I changed the settings myself in ptool (didn't use your patch). I only changed the Decimal Values and not the Hex Values.

    Still trying to get my head around this. I assume that I needed to change both Decimal and Hex settings? One doesn't automatically change the other, right?

    I take that question back... opened up ptool and see that when you adjust the Decimal value and the Hex changes with it. So my test with your settings is valid ;)

  • @MirrorMan Yes, the sensitivity difference between Mic Levels 3 and 4 is significantly larger than the other differences because level 4 is designed to get you maximum level when sounds are so quiet that you have no use for a wide dynamic range but do need a lot of level.

    The estimated level differences between mic levels are outlined on the blog for that setting at and may have been included in this thread as well.

    The increments have to be a compromise because there are only 4 mic levels across at least 38dB of gain difference.

  • @MirrorMan Glad you figured it out. :)

  • @thepalalias yes, I thought in cases like this, having 5 or 6 levels would be more practical, but oh well...

    Now that I more or less understand the Decimal sensitivity scale I'd like to make some slight adjustments for my own use and test them. Will get back to you on this. I also have other mics I'd like to test. If we get this up on the wiki, it would be good to have a list of good mics and settings for the GH2.

    I also realized that if someone wants to combine your audio settings with other video settings, they can click the preset, load your audio values and then click a second present and load those values. I noticed it keeps the first preset values for the audio settings. All you have to do is check the boxes in the audio section and turn them on.

    Not sure if @Vitaliy_Kiselev planned the preset system that way but it works. (I'm sure he did, he can do it all, right?!)

  • @MirrorMan Yes, that's the system I used to add the settings to Driftwood patches in the past. However, that method does not work on patches that already have audio values specified (for instance the values are already included in Sedna).

  • @thepalalias & @MirrorMan

    I believe they do. You load Pasadena Pulse Audio and then you "Alt+Click" to load your merger. The settings that are checked on Pasadena won't be imported from the merger. I do that a lot with my 24h Timebuster settings.

  • @MirrorMan to my ears the Rhode signal sounds out of phase.