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GH4 Issues topic
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  • Does all older GH4's (with first firmware) have this "buzz" problem? How do I make sure if my unit has it?

  • Sorry, i posted the wrong video. Here is the one with the buzz problem so you can check, if your GH4 has it as well:

  • On the GH4, in video mode, you are very limited in the range of ISO steps: 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400. With the GH3 you could use extended ISO steps in video mode; however, with the GH4 extended ISO is not available in video mode only in other modes such as manual stills. Is anyone else disappointed by this? It feels like a step backward from the GH3 & very awkward having to jump to ISO 800 when I know I could make do with a lower ISO. The new Fenchel & Janisch review of this camera points this out as well.

    Curious on everyone's thoughts.

  • @bluehabit Did you read your manual at all? You can set the camera to 1/3 stops ISO. Its in the menu.

    On my GH4 I have no issue going from 200 -3200 (I would never shoot higher than that) in 1/3 stops.

    Sounds like people making a big deal of something without a quick google to find out that they were wrong.

  • @RatLabProductions Yes I did read the manual, that is where I found out that extended ISO is not available in video mode. I do not see the option to enable 1/3 stops for ISO in video mode. Setting Extended ISO is not even an option in video mode as you can see from the manual.

  • Right now I have my GH4 in front of me in Manual Video mode and I can set it to 200, 250,320,400,500,640,800,1000,1250,1600 etc up to 6400.

    Are we talking about different video modes? I only see manual video mode on the dial.

  • Sadly, extented ISO is only available from 200 to 6400 and only in "Manual video" mode. It would be good to have a bitrate close to 100Mbits and 100-160 extented Iso like the fz1000 (almost two times cheaper).

  • For the 1/3 ISO increments, the option is weirdly located in the Photo mode and once you set that, it applies to the Movie Mode. 1. Go to Manual PHOTO mode. 2. Menu | Settings | Rec 3. Page 5. Change ISO increments from 1 EV to 1/3 EV 4. Return to Manual MOVIE mode.

  • Why in hell would anyone shoot the GH4 higher than 6400. it would look terrible unless your going black and white for the cheap security cam look.

  • @SuperSet That works, thank you! Yes that is rather obtuse to navigate through there. Out of curiosity have you or anyone else here had the chance to try the 1/3 stop ISO values? Are they a lot noisier than their native cousins: 200, 400, 800, 1600 etc? Either way I will test later.

  • @RatLabProductions I wouldn't shoot over 6400 but it would be really nice to be able to shoot at 100. I don't get why that isn't available in video.

  • Hey there, yesterday I shot some nightsky pictures and noticed some ugly bending and compression artifacts showing up on the display and viewfinder while I watched it. However, on my computer it's perfectly fine. Perhaps it's bad in camera playback compression or something? Does anyone have this same problem?

  • The GH4 has noise reduction processing in the camera after the shot is taken.

  • @AdamT

    I wouldn't shoot over 6400 but it would be really nice to be able to shoot at 100. I don't get why that isn't available in video.

    Because ISO 100 is not a real ISO in the GH4. Pulling it 1 stop in post processing is the same thing.

  • Unfortunately I think my Micro HDMI port is screwed up. I broke a cable in the jungle and then it went out filming last week around the city, so I assumed it was the cable, again. I ordered an ATMOS pro cable (which is amazing, by the way), but can only get a video signal into my evf if I wiggle the cable in the port and apply pressure. I'm hoping a gaffers tape or a cage that clamps it in might keep it mostly working for now, (not fun to try and service in Panama), but for never having any whacks or knocks and just pretty regular usage on a rig, I'm disappointed.

  • @kellar42 Sorry to hear...

    Yes, first thing I did when I got my cage, was to put tiny extension cables for microHDMI->full size HDMI female, same for and power. They're just hanging off the side, and then you connect legitimate cables to them. Thus no stress on camera's ports anymore.

    That is for my BMPCC, but same applies to any camera - like GH4 - without posilock connectors like LEMO/BNC etc... On my GH4 I still don't have the cage and am risking every time with the HDMI port...

    Which cage would you recommend for GH4?

  • @mo7ies - if you search for the gh4 cage thread, just about all of them are discussed there

  • Was the buzz fixed by Panasonic in new made GH4. Was it hardware or firmware problem?

  • has the lockport. I did not see it on their website, but they are supposed to have a specaial plate combination just for the GH4 micro HDMI port.

  • Can anyone else advise me on what to do regarding these stupid GH4 RAW files?!

    No matter what I do the highlights still turn bright pink, it's ruining my photos and there are no other cases of this happening besides on other cameras. THere are no fixes that I've found and I am at a total loss!

  • @tylerknight - can you make one of your RAW files available? I have LR5 and I can test to see if the problem appears in my environment (mac).

  • Thanks @v10tdi!

    I'm just uploading to dropbox now I will post the download link here for others to try as well. It happens randomly I will have 4 photos that are totally fine when I bring down the exposure/highlights and then 3 in a row that turn pink and then 10 in a row that are fine and then 5 that are pink etc. no rhyme or reason.

    My gh3 doesn't do it at all, and I use lightroom 6


    Download link for a raw file giving me the problems.

  • Looks normal to me. Are you sure you don't have your highlight clip warning activated. It is the triangle in the extreme upper left corner of the camera raw interface.

  • Here is an example of how bad it is.

    Obviously this is not how I would edit the photo, but even when I bring the exposure back up to proper, you can still see it.

    2000 x 1333 - 325K