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US: Jobs distribution
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  • No wonder that I can't find more peers at my age at work.

  • I can't imagine being 52+ and still thinking about having to work 8-5. Kind of takes away the purpose of life.

    Purpose of life is simple. Find food, warm place, get proper place and skill to feed your domination instinct and produce enough offsprings. If you can't work hard and get food, medication and other stuff, welcome to the grave. This is how nature works.

  • Male cats found out how to limit their role in that offspring-thing to the fun part, so they can enjoy their lifes while the females do the tedious evolutionary work :-)

    And some cats even managed to domesticate humans which they trained to provide food and a warm place :-)

  • More about the same:



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  • I don't get it. Why are old people getting jobs? Is that why I see old people working in Mcdonald's?

  • @brianluce

    It is because hiring old people are much more easy, you can offer much worse terms.

  • +1. So true. Also the baby boomers are getting old.

  • I don't think anybody is addressing the big elephant in the room... that the population-to-industry ratio is way out of balance. There's just no industry that demands the kind of labor the average-masses can do like in the industrial revolution. If we just "give jobs" to people, all were doing is devaluing the work, or causing inefficiency by putting the wrong people in positions. We just don't need the population we have now... and all the social programs we have, are just diverting more and more resources into a sink-hole that will cause collapse for everyone. If "everyone" had a equal opportunity, which they do to a degree, and everyone was educated to doctor or engineer level... there still wouldn't be enough positions for everyone. Not to mention, mathematically, if everyone had 100% unquestionable equal opportunity... we'd still get the same numbers of "intelligent" employees. This is just the nature of the bell-curve. So there's no point in diverting resources to these areas, as they don't "generate" anything in the end. It's a lost cause. We're simply just putting money into solutions that make us "feel good", thanks to the idiotic media. We'd probably have a second civil-war or at least riots if they were honest at this point.

    Cut all social welfare... give this to new-energy start-ups and research. Stop the nation building. Give 100% tax-breaks to manufacturing and new energy companies if they stay in the country. These are just a few big ones I can think of now. Now MOST people won't like this, but it's the everyone's best interest in the end.

  • If "everyone" had a equal opportunity, which they do to a degree

    Everyone has an equal opportunity? So the kid in a Watts housing project with no dad and mom on drugs has the same opportunity as a kid growing up in the Hamptons?

  • You sound like fuking sweatshop owners.

    I don't endorse this at all. You're just making straw-man arguments now...

    So the kid in a Watts housing project with no dad and mom on drugs has the same opportunity as a kid growing up in the Hamptons?

    Well, like I said... to a degree. But there are no laws, nor anyone, saying that "hey, because you CAME from Watts... you can't be a doctor". That would be wrong in my book. I'm totally against this. But, in reality, if you go back a generation or two, you'll simply find family lines that support education, earned good jobs, and pass that along to their children... and then you'll find some that have never given a crap. There are is no grand conspiracy here, nobody really cares about background and race anymore. There are just some cultures that value education/family more than others. There is nothing wrong with this. Trust me, if the evil-greedy corporations saw the "oppressed kid" from watts as having some amazing potential to generate more income for them... they would snatch these kids up in a heart beat. Remember, all they care about is profits and money right?

    I use to be believe in what you guys are talking about, that some people are purposefully downtrodden, that there are some vast conspiracies, but I've realized over the last few years that there's really no such thing. Things are pretty much exactly what they seem. The real "brain-washing" is that everyone is equally good at everything, competition is evil, and that rich people are rich because they "stole" something from everyone else. Nope. This is just propaganda that appeals to the upset masses. Things are very simple actually. Nobody gains anything from people being poor. The rich would be even richer if Watts and Harlem had amazing economies. That's probably the biggest misconception of them all... that wealth is zero-sum. It's not. It's just cognitive-dissonance as people don't really want to blame themselves for not achieving their definition of "wealth".

  • Everything is fine, trust in the pretty TV people.

  • As gov subsidies fade away, the education cost is raising faster than the inflation rate.

    Social security has a big issue. The inverted population pyramid.

    Everyone can apply for a job, but I don't call it equal opportunity. "It's all your fault that you are poor." is not a good argument. I can see a growing gap in learning progress among 3 years old kids. It's like taking a few seconds delay at 100m running game.

    Those old people getting job are smart people. Stashing more cash before sh!t starts hitting the fan. I can't blame them.

  • Welcome to the free market.


    So you think that's going to help New Jersey people in cold, and the gov regulation of gas price cap is a part of the grand scam, and we are just brainwashed?

    913 x 840 - 129K
  • Guys, no fighting.

    And do not derail topics, please. It is not topic about gas.

  • Ok back to the topic. I think more old people are getting jobs because they know they'd need more cash. Not much gain from passive investment. Rising food/energy/insurance cost. Also life expectancy is rising which is making early retirement more difficult.