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Hurricane Sandy is coming
  • I have a bad vibe about this particular storm.

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  • I rent in DC (well, just outside of DC). I am almost ashamed to admit that my biggest concern is my camera gear somehow getting damaged by flooding. It's not likely since I am on a hill and most of the valuable stuff is in Pelican cases, but it's on my mind. Talk about a first world problem...

  • This storm has a strange pattern. Currently south west of the eye has the strongest wind. Upon the landfall on NJ shores, the strongest wind might hit the south-west region that is toward Baltimore and DC. As it moves toward upward, north-east of the eye is expected to gain strength. That is toward NYC. I'm not sure if the rotation is clockwise or counter-clockwise. More damage possible if the rotation happens more slowly.

    Just in case... be alert and listen to news tomorrow.

  • We're spotters for the Weather Service and I've been following this storm for the last 24 hours. It's slowed down again. It has been interesting. I got rained on in Tappahannock and Norfolk and snowed on in Floyd. It should get exciting later today. The GoPro 3 blacks are getting a real test.

  • @QuickHitRecord In Maryland here, close to DC...and I'm thinking the same thing..."make sure the gear isn't close to the windows, in case the seals can't withstand this "perfect storm".

  • I'm up in the mountains in the eastern part of NC. We got about an inch and a half of snow last night with possible 8 inches or so by tomorrow. I wish our house had a woodstove.

  • wow, lot of mideastcoast people here. I'm in harrisonburg, everything's closed for the next two days for the storm, supposed to get real nasty

  • stay safe and don't forget to get your cameras out. cool things always happen during hurricanes.

  • I just got back from Tappahanock and Deltaville. The water is way up and rising, lots of chop and a couple of boats swamped. The wind was gusty and when I got back to Hanover the rain had increased and the wind was picking up. I have to load fresh batteries and move the video's over to the computer, then back out again.

  • I am in NJ, just outside of NYC and now at 14:00, the winds are getting stronger although the eye is still 200 n.m. from Atlantic City. There are lots of trees in my town and you can see them swinging hard. Last year, Irene bought down several trees and the neighborhood was out of electricity for 1 week (as well as Fios). Hopefully I do not need to use my Petzl ultra wide.

  • I'm right over the Queensboro bridge, looking at Manhattan I can't see much of it. Very strong winds and pounding rain. Public transit shut down yesterday at 7:00, lines for the grocery store were Apple-esque and wrapped around the block. I have no previous experience with hurricanes, but just based on what Sandy has done from out at sea, I wouldn't suggest messing around with her once she moseys inland.

  • I'm from Northern Virginia. Wind is picking up. It feels cold outside. The cold air is fueling the warm storm. The eye is expected to make a landfall around 6-7pm.

    Over the last weekend I saw a large flock of crows... I have never seen so many crows.

  • A couple of frame grabs of what's coming at you.

    1440 x 1080 - 849K
    1440 x 1080 - 513K
    1440 x 1080 - 1M
  • Brooklyn, nyc here, be safe everyone =)

  • Due to expected ice and snow we've canceled work until 12 noon tomorrow. Gonna try and get some 60p of the snowfall once it picks up.

  • have fun with the camera's! in holland the weather is crappy as always :)

  • I also live in the metro DC area. Just got off work!

    I'm watching the weather updates. A bit scary. Had a scary experience with a typhoon when I was back in the Philippines. This "typhoon" hit my hometown directly and it was the typhoons first landfall.

    It sounded like a fleet of planes were flying over! Hopefully this is a lot less worse.

  • A quick shot here in South Boston, just before Sandy hit..

    4608 x 3456 - 4M
  • Touch down...

  • Northern NJ here. I don't remember high winds like this for such a sustained period of time. I'm pretty sure, they've been 40+ (gusts around 70) for about 5.5 hours now! Trust me, I know wind. I grew up in OK.

  • NYC is greatly vulnerable to high tides. It was predicted in 1999 from The NYTimes.

    When researchers with the National Weather Service, working with the Army Corps, applied the model to New York City they discovered, to their great surprise, that the slope of the sea bed and the shape of the New York Bight, where the coasts of New York and New Jersey meet, could amplify a surge to a depth far greater than if the same surge had occurred elsewhere. The studies showed that a category 4 hurricane moving north-northwest at 40 to 60 miles an hour, and making landfall near Atlantic City -- which would drive the storm's most powerful right flank into Manhattan -- could create a storm surge of nearly 30 feet at the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. The water could rise as rapidly as 17 feet in one hour.
  • It was pretty much a non event in most of Va. The wind wasn't as bad as expected, the coast got some flooding, mountains got a little snow...but there were no massive power outages.

  • Production of 'Noah' has been halted because of Hurricane Sandy.

    Darren Aronofsky has cancelled all filming for the forthcoming movie - which is based on the biblical tale which sees the titular character build a huge ark to save everyone from a forthcoming flood - in New York City while cast members including Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Sir Anthony Hopkins weather out the violent storm currently tearing up the East Coast of America....

    Director Darren is worried about the fate of his two giant purpose-built arks, one inside a Brooklyn sound stage, the other moored in New York's Oyster Bay where flooding and wind gusts of up to 63 mph have been reported.

  • RedCross is taking donation to help out the victims of the storm. Another storm is looming around...