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Vocal processors and harmonizers
  • This thing is about things (hardware adn software) that allows to make your voice not so horrible.
    Poor grandmothers still will have heart attacks hearing it, technology didn't move so far to prevent it yet.
    But anyway.

    Ones that I know.

    TC Helicon VoiceWorks Plus, monster rack thing allowing to even change voice, with super cryptin interface
    But they also have much simpler pedals.

    Digitech Vocalist stuff, much more easy to use
    You can read something about tech behing them
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    From requriments: "PowerCore running version 2.0.2 or higher"
    What is this stuff?
    Looking at their site it looks like hardware.


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Powercore is a now discontinued dsp hardware/ software hybrid platform by TC Electronic. They still sell but development on the platform has ceased - presumably because native CPU power is now so dominant. Still very good with very high quality plugins developed for the platform. There were firewire, pci and Pci Express versions. Basically they coded all sorts of plugins that ran on the cards so that your CPU was not taxed by the computations involved.

    On eBay you can now find a few of the PCI express cards going for around £200 now and they sometimes have plugins on them like Harmony as people offload them in favour of i7 based computers. Grab them if you can because they are very high quality. They used to sell for over £800 new and they still have a place in a modern studio IMHO
  • Roland made a synth a few years back called a V synth that had an upgrade card called the vocal designer. It was the easiest and best sounding real time processors. Roland discontinued it and now it exists as a standalone product called a VP-7. This was some time ago and I have not followed vocal processors for a while but the move now is onto ipad apps. I think TC some of there stuff over to it.

    They really have not naled the technology for real time performance yet, you still need to be a good singer in order for any of this stuff to sound good. I used to cringe when people asked me about it because they expected it to make them sound like a good singer, it will not do that.

    Unless you want that auto-tune T-pain effect in which case you are 5 years too late.

    Now in postproduction melodine is the thing that will blow your socks off and make you sing perfectly in tune. You can add harmony ect.... I am in the don't over use it camp as it can suck all the life out of a performance but for sometimes you might want that effect.

  • I have a powercore card. It must be somewhere....It was good in its day, with dedicated DSP chips. But I always slightly preferred the hardware Lexicons, although I have used the Powercore for a few tracks. It's possible you can use it to run the high end TC plugins. We used to rent the System 6000 every now and then, it was expensive.
  • @bitcrusher

    I think for beginners who need more foundation and with not so good accuracy they can be very useful.
    As I said, Digitech Stuff are much more easy of use for normal people.
    You can just plug guitar or small midi keyboard, quickly set all voice effects, set pitch correction if you like and its amount, add extra harmonic voices and start playing and singing. Nothing extra is required.
  • @ Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I used to get some people into the cheaper TC helicon stuff to create a comfort mix. It can work well if you don't over do it. I would always have to check in the expectations of my customers, when I sold it or they would be disappointed. I think we should start seeing some better products soon! NAMM is in mid January and every year there has been constant improvement in this space.

  • I use liquid mix, duende, and uad card for all my digital vox processing. I want a poco so if drdave is willing to sell pm me
  • :P sorry i misread, but you may find it still informative, i was thinking about voice synths software...

    Vocaloid, a powerful software from yamaha, it can be loaded with several japanese singers, if you want to make something that sounds like an anime, or just have fun




    About what can make your voice prettier, i sometimes use Cubase, it comes with presets for voices singing in different genres, being the ballad the one i use the most

    853 x 1280 - 248K
    1165 x 868 - 273K
  • and i record via the samson co1u

    a flat condenser mic with usb output designed for pro podcasters
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    'You can just plug guitar or small midi keyboard, quickly set all voice effects, set pitch correction if you like and its amount, add extra harmonic voices and start playing and singing. Nothing extra is required'.

    You should try Vocalive
    It turns your iphone/ipad/ipod touch into a quite powerful vocal processor. Very easy to use as well.
  • @torq

    I am talking about different thing.
    It has some somple voice effects (reverb, de-esser, etc), but it is not the main thing.

    As for iPhone/iPod things I do not like them much. They are more for fun and small gigs.
  • Off topic ish but still on the voice tip - Im shortly selling 2 matched Urei 1176's from Electric Ladyland studios yes from that era, if anyones interested - although they're numerical pair they're v different - in a good way ! Possibly selling an 1178 also if anyones interested
  • One more option:


    KLON takes your voice and adds up to 16 different copies of your voice in realtime. This lays the ground for an impressive amount of applications like:

    • Choir generator
    • Harmonizer
    • Voice doubler
    • Change voice's gender
    • Pitch corrector
    • Extreme voice manipulation

  • Has anyone used vocaloid to create a song based on public domain music ?

  • Vocalist's Doubler produces a huge new vocal effect by revisiting the very concept of the doubling process. Vocalist applies normal doubling, but then expands your sound into a 3D space so you can hear both the width and the depth of your vocal tracks. This makes your vocal sounds clearer with a strength that can stand strong in any mix. If you are looking for a big impact - and great professional sounding vocal tracks - this feature is the killer!


    • Internal 64-bit floating point precision
    • Combines De-esser, EQ,Compressor, Doubler and Reverb for vocal, 5 Effects in 1
    • Special Designed Effect Units and Workflow for Vocal Processing
    • Innovative Mixer enables users to control all effects in a mixer.
    • Easy to operate EQ enables users to control basic frequency or brightness of the vocal using only one slider.
    • Innovative Doubler design provides a unique, impact sound and expand the sound in 3D sound field.
    • Special Designed High- Quality Reverb adds beautiful ambience to the vocal
    • Innovative AIR channel add more life the vocal sound
    • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution

    Pricing - €80 EUR

    More info -

  • Vocaloid looks interesting. Vocalign is a major part of the vocal-chain.

    Wish there were more alternatives with lining up vocal tracks. There is a plethora of vocal-tuning solutions.

  • iZotope Nectar 2


    • Add harmonies to vocal tracks with the new Harmonizer. Play with intelligent automatic settings or define your own with a MIDI controller.
    • Add space and character to vocals with the EMT 140-modeled Plate Reverb module, featuring a unique saturation control to emulate the original plate’s preamp.
    • Finesse vocal takes quickly with the new Pitch Editor and Breath Control plug-ins.
    • New FX module includes seven new creative effects.
    • Streamlined overview panel for simple adjustments, and added metering for visual feedback.
    • Over 150 new presets, in styles that range from classic to modern.