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Collective noun: a Stash, an Arsenal or a Hoard of Lenses?
  • I envy those who have a set of lenses. Mine are more like a clutter. I might even have to admit to having accumulated "an embarrassment of lenses".

    When I stack my most used ones together they look like a small city CBD. I would prefer a CBD of lenses to my current full postcode of lenses with its outlying trashy suburbs.

    OK, so we've got a Murder of Crows, a Huddle of Lawyers, a Splatch of Brochures on a hotel-room sideboard...

    What's an appropriate collective noun for a group of lenses?

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  • Girlfriend Deterrents

  • An anti-clutter lesson 101 in case we've forgotten.

  • I just call mine "my arsenal" or "artillery" because in a sense, we "shoot" things

  • "Stash" of Lenses, as in Lens Addiction.

  • LensBaby!!! AngelaBaby!!!

  • Retirement fund. :3

  • As Carlin would say - all the lenses are male toys and are made to look like dick.
    So, it is just "dick-fest"
    Btw, average lens length in collection is always in reverse proportion to actual dick length.
    Note, we have many pancakes owners here :-)

  • I know a female journalist who has her own Manhattan of lenses.

    Dr Freud would certainly have a term for all those women with a preference for the big zoom lens. ;-)

  • In German, they are often referred to as Scherben = shards.

  • What about a guy with a mirror lens?

    In German "dick" means "fat" ;-)

  • If you've got Nokton, Zeiss, Leica and Samyang Cine, how about:

    A bevy of lenses.

  • My selection: a "sharpness" of lenses.

  • @Vitaliy "Note, we have many pancakes owners here :-)"

    Come up and see my lens cap lens, baby. :-) It's even got a pinhole....

  • Mine are "A hoard of lenses"

  • @arknox

    Very clever pun. But also (ouch - touché !!)