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B4 lenses and mounting solutions
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  • What worries me about these is that on some other auctions, it says they removed the tripod foot because it's too weak:

    Same adapter as the one tonalt posted, just with a different alignment. They also direct you to the $300+ ones for "heavier" lenses. The Canon J13x9B4 I have is pretty damn hefty as is, heavier than my Nikkor 80-200mm F/2.8. With that mount, it'll be extremely front heavy with the featherweight GH2 on the opposite end.

    I just got the cheaper version of the adapter in tonalt's post yesterday:

    The only difference is the location of the indent that the lens aligns to . If you want to use the lens handheld only, you can remove the tiny stopper screw on the MFT mount side, and it gives you full rotation once it's inserted into the mount. You just need to drill a hole to align the lens release for whatever orientation you need. The lens will still mount without the hole, but the camera will not display anything with the lens release depressed.

    I was also thinking about just getting a random tripod collar and making a spacer to fit the B4 adapter. Super solid, vs 2 tiny screws on a removable tripod foot.

  • @BlueBomberTurbo I think your idea of a collar is excellent .. It would be good to be able to get something that fits a few adapters

  • I just picked up a super clamp with mounting holes at the end of each side:

    Thinking it might be able to clamp onto the adapter and mount to a QR plate. Arrives tomorrow. Chose this over a standard super clamp since it can mount directly to a tripod, instead of via a stud that can introduce play. I'll try both either way. Gonna give the lens a workout this weekend. :)

  • Another idea:

    I measured the adapter size, and it's just a hair over 2". Something like the above would work extremely well, since it's solid billet aluminum. Just need to tap the 6mm hole on bottom to a standard 3/8" to work.

  • Got the clamp from Amazon. Too small. Even if I used a longer bolt to extend the opening, it wouldn't get a good grip.

    In the meantime, got this as a backup, just in case:

    And it works really well! Used it for 7hrs straight yesterday on a monopod. The lens didn't slip a mm. I had to invert the silver post to get it to sit right on the QR plate, but the entire clamp is as solid as can be. Even has a mount up top for something like a mic. You might want to put a bit of rubber on the round part, since it'll scrape the finish off the adapter. The other side has rubber already.

    The video wasn't as steady as it could've been, being on a monopod, but I was shooting 720p60 at 1/500 for slow mo, so Warp Stabilizer should smooth it out nicely. I wanna try using it on a tripod, though I probably won't be able to use the zoom.

  • I ended up getting the ceicio adapter with the support, I can not fault it

  • I'm selling one that I purchased from calhounmonster on ebay. I've gotten more into the older FD lenses. It works incredible. I'm not a fan of the Extele mode or digital zoom. The lens I have has a doubler on it but it still lets great light in. Ebay = Youtube test with B4 lens =

  • @mapoff, I love Anberlin! Readyfuels! Question: Do you know if the adapter will work fine with 1/2" B4 lenses?

  • @mapoff what lens you have? is it for sale?

  • The 1/2" bayonet mount has a shorter flange focal distance than B4. A B4 adapter will not work, though I'm told that the only difference between the actual mounts is the size of the pin.

    Here is a 1/2" bayonet to m43 adapter:

  • I have the J15x9.5B Canon with the 2x extender. Its slightly out of focus on the edges as you can see in the previous video. Its great but I've gotten into the prime lenses and would get better use out of a 20mm. I did record a memorial recently with the B4 and it saved my day. I'm selling the adapter first. I don't want to sell the lens and then be stuck with an adapter.

    1/2" B4 lenses will not work with a 2/3" adapter. The lens needs to be closer to the sensor for that. If you look at the bayonet is almost even with the sensor side of the glass. 2/3" sticks out a little past the bayonet.

  • By the way, inside the helicopter, it was shaking bad. Probably normal, first time up. I couldn't help the shake. Its hard to manage a camera that is about 14" long in a heli that is shaking, so sorry for the puke factor in the video.

  • I have an old B4 fujinon and I was thinking about investing in one of the adapters for the gh2, those of you who have used an old SD lens on the GH2 are you generally happy with the quality you can achieve with these lenses...I guess what I'm asking is, I am aware that these lenses are as sharp as the still lenses I'm used to, but are they sharp enough?

  • Matticusmaximus. I like the look. It has a documentary look in my opinion, but its a very unique and special look that I really like. The fact that you have a constant f stop all the way through is an advantage. Because these SD lenses are out the door their price is low. You'll have to decide on your own if they are sharp enough. There are plenty examples in this forum alone and below is another. Make sure you select 1080 and full screen.

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm a happy user of GH1+ciecio adapter+J14ax8,5B4 lens (34-476mm f/3,4 equivalent with extender enabled)

    In my case, I bought ciecio7 adapter with tripod mount and I'm satisfied, although it has few minor problems. Worst problem is plate attach to tripod mount is too short for lenses with 2x extender, so I had to made a longest plate. Minor problem is that tripod mount is not rotable (camera mount yes) so you couldn't rotate grip (although is not in weird position).

    But with this adapter and lens, you could get something like this:


    This rig is very similar to a lightweight ENG cam. I needed to make a 12V+shutter adapter box (below gh1) and haven't got a H4N to cam link (GH3 could do :D), but it's very handy. I use uber-cheap 12V 6800mAh ebay battery, which seems like a little V-Mount battery :D.

    About quality, I'm recording weddings and other events with it without problems (2x extender enabled), although is not pinsharp definition. It seems more like HVX200 quality in 720p. It has some soft edges, because 2x extender is designed to 2/3" sensor. But it's very usable; GH2 users could use better. Here a example, extender enabled and 1600 ISO:

    My next upgrade will be a GH3 to enable ETC and maybe a YJ wide-angle lens, because 34mm sometimes is a bit short, but YJ lenses are about 3000€ second hand. This setup (GH1, lens, adapter, electronics) cost about 1300€, very affordable.


    800 x 512 - 40K
  • Hi! Could some body send b4 to m43 adapter dimension on Regards.

  • @Koitz_roller looks nice. The ciecio7 adapter tripod mount is same height as Panasonic AF100. How did you make the shutter box (tutorial video + shopping list would be great :). I guess it is the same for GH2

    What do you mean with tripod mount is not rotatable? You can't rotate the lens' motor on a normal ENG camera either so the grip is on the right place... Or do you mean something else?

  • @DirkVoorhoeve shutter box is really a B4 cable adapter, but in a box :P. I think in ourforums there are some schematics, but quickly explained:

    • Buy a 12-pin female Hirose connector, a GH1/2 remote shutter (or some resistances and one 4-pole jack) and a 5.5 mm female barrel connector.
    • Hirose pins are: 1-Ret button, 2-REC button, 3-Ground, 6- +12V
    • Solder Hirose pins: 1 to remote shutter's half press terminal; 2 to remote shutter's full press; 6 to barrel connector's center pin; 3 to remote shutter's common and barrel connector's shield.
    • You can present in many flavours: in a split cable, in a box, in a compact connector... :D

    You could buy an item like this and add the shutter cable. It worths, because Hirose connector is not cheap.

    I wanted to add some LM regulators to supply GH1 from 12V, send audio from H4N (but you couldn't use REC button, of course) and some tweaks, but with GH3 in mind and no time... Maybe to B4-box 2.0 I could make some tutorial ;).

    About rotation question, sorry about my explanation, I'm not native english speaker. What I said is that MFT mount could rotate, but tripod and B4 mount are fixed together, so it has no sense to rotate MFT mount to acomodate B4 grip to your hand, because when you put in a tripod, camera body won't be leveled. In case your B4 lens has grip in weird position, you couldn't use it without rotate MFT mount and detach tripod mount (because is useless). Maybe you could make a drill in B4 mount to rotate lens in right position.

  • Good thing GH3 has both mic input and remote plug.. I wanted to do the same thing you did with a GH2, remote starting the camera with the lens through a remote plug, but I also wanted to record audio onto the camera... On the GH3 we will be able to do that finally :)

    Then I can finally update my rig :D

  • And with the GH3 Fujinon A8.5x5.5 will not vignette severely as with the GH2. With the GH3 crop factor in 16:9 mode is 2.18x and thus fully (or almost fully) covered engaging the 1.7x extender on that lens. All the other lenses with 2x doubler will loose about 18% at wide end, though.

  • Anybody knows the outer size/diameter of the B4 mount?

  • @ valdi99 I think it's 42mm. Check the last photos of my ebay auction here:

  • @CFreak - thank you for such a speedy reply.

  • I made a couple of YouTube videos, one showing a spare zoom grip in action using an adapter and external 12V battery, and one showing a lens that I have for sale.

    The one about my lens shows the affect of the power zoom and also shows the resolution capabilities as I zoom in on one of my paintings to reveal the texture of the canvas.

    Hope they are informative!