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Music video for Argentinian synthpop band (with lyrics in English!)
  • Hi! This is the first material I share here. I shot it completely at 720p50 (I wanted 60p, but the band couldn't keep up, they had to play too fast!), with the GH2 of course. The hack was 88Mbps, but the 50p footage wasn't up to par, and ended up showing compression artifacts I had to get rid of.

    This was the first work I made with the GH2, only 4 days after it arrived! It was crazy. I used the kit lens for the few wide angle shots there are (the 14-42mm), the 20mm f1.7 and a Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f1.7, which I still have and love it (although I want to get a PG f1.4).

    The video was shot in a single day, kind of in a hurry. I actually like narrative stuff, just didn't have the chance to do it here, but I'll be showing a couple more videos I made that actually tell a story later.

    Please tell me what you think!

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  • That's utterly wonderful. I particularly love the beautiful composition in each shot, and the way you've varied them. And of course if you did it in 25/30p it would have taken twice as long! Seriously, I LOVE this.

  • Thanks a lot! Composition is very important to me, I take my time with it. We actually shot at 50 frames per second, and yeah, that's a little less than half the duration of the whole song. Like you said, we would have had to have to shooting days to finish this had I shot it in real time! haha I'm really glad you liked it that much. :)

  • This is really awesome. I absolutely love synthpop, and it's great to see artists still supporting the genre. And this video you produced is really excellent. Love the pace of the scenes, and the composition. Grading is well done too.

    If I may ask, so I am assuming you took the song and sped it up twice the normal speed, then had them play to that version. Then when editing you interpreted this footage back to the normal speed? Loved the results!

  • Thanks, kameraguy! haha I didn't play the song just in slow motion, or they wouldn't have synched, but close. If i was shooting at 50p and editing at 25p then yes, the song would have 50% of the original song's length. But since I edited at 23,976 the calculation is a bit different. In any given scenario, you should divide 100 (percent) by the number of frames you're recording at and multiply that by the framerate you'll edit in. In this case it was 100 / 50 x 23,976 (not 24, or there'd be a slight drift and the song would go out of sync... it happened to me before -.-).

    So I sped up the song by making it last 47,952% of the original song's length. Here's a small table in case you need it!

    23,976p -> 50p = 47,952% ó

    23,976p -> 60p = 39,96%

    24p -> 50p = 48%

    24p -> 60p = 40

    By the way, do your own tests to be sure how your sound editing program does the math. I had a few problems with Audition 1.5 but CS5.5 worked fine. And also: it may not seem like it, but it's damn hard to follow a song at that speed! Yet it's also fun, but make sure the band practices it before shooting!

  • Dios mio! This is your first work with the GH2? 110% pro! I love the pacing and compositions, grading, everything!!! Muy buen hecho! Gotta see it again :)

  • Thank you charlie_orozco, I am learning so this is very helpful! Very nice once again, looking forward to more :)

  • Production-wise: The drums, guitar pads and ambient sounds are epic and very much in the style of Depeche Mode/Apoptygma Berzerk/Recoil (but way too much AutoTune and his rather weak voice doesn't match his stunning looks). The Bridge/Chorus is spot on chilling :)

  • @oscillian Thanks! This was my first work with the GH2, but I went to a filmmaking school and had worked with the HV20, the 7D and the 60D for a long time, so it's not like I made this out of the blue. It was, however, quite risky to do a paid job without testing the camera first (in fact, I was just lucky to find out about the ISO bug the day before because of a small thing I shot at 640iso!). Thanks again. :) Oh, and about the music, it's not my cup of tea, but the songs were able to inspire me, so that's a good thing. And yeah, unfortunately the voice has it's quirks, but I think that all in all it suits the bands sound very well.

    @kameraguy You're welcome! Feel free to ask anything you need. :)