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EU: Fight for a first place
  • Umemployment in Greece reached 24.4%, unfortunately, Spain is still in lead with 25.1%. But in other nomination Greece performed better - youth unemployment is 55.4% versus 52.9% in Spain.

    Ye gods!

    We are all sure that competitors will go to new records next month, so fight is far from other.

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  • Regarding Spain, in some provinces such as Canary Islands the average unemployment is over 32% . I've just went to the unemployment office :-(

  • Around here in a region of Germany the official unemployment is 3-6%, including many so-called mini-jobs @ 400 EUR monthly with no benefits. Sub-contracting work is wide-spread, with some wages under 5 EUR an hour, and you have to pay your own transportation. Try to live off that, approaching working poor conditions in the US.